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James the masseur

I enjoy providing my wife Jan with pleasurable surprises almost as much as she enjoys receiving them. Several times when I have noticed Jan having a bad week I have arranged for a masseuse to come to the house for a relaxing massage. Jan is relatively shy so I had always arranged for a female masseuse, but always fantasized watching a male rubbing her intoxicating, petite hard body. Jan always loved the massages so much and always rewarded me with a great night in bed for my thoughtfulness. I figured a male rubbing her would get the both of us especially horny.
I finally got up the nerve and found a male masseuse in the yellow pages and made an appointment for a Saturday afternoon. I told Jan of the appointment, but excluded the male part. She prepared herself by showering and dressing in a black thong that rode high on her hips and a bathrobe. I inquired why such sexy panties for a massage. She replied it was for uninterrupted rubbing of her ass, purely practical without any regard to sex. She finished "Do you think I want to turn on some other woman?"

I had closed the bedroom curtains except for a small slit to watch and left the window open to listen. When the doorbell rang I slipped out the back door thus making Jan answer the door. As she opened it she was taken aback by the tall muscular black man holding a folding masseuse table. She regained her composure and let him in. I could hear him introduce himself as James. James is about 6-4, maybe 180lbs, very lean but muscular. He had a shaved head and wore tight knit athletic shorts and a half-crop shirt exposing his washboard belly. This was more than I expected and my hardening cock verified that.

Jan led him to the bedroom as I moved to the bedroom window. I saw Jan lying facedown with a towel covering her ass. James came out of the bathroom and began pouring warm oil on her back. James' large hands almost completely covered her tiny back and narrow waist. She moaned in delight as James worked her muscles. What I couldn't tell was if the moans were from working the muscles or a turn on. James moved to Jan's feet and worked the toes, arch and ankles. He poured more oil on her calves and thighs. Watching James work the way up her thighs made my cock strain against my pants. Jan's moans and sighs increased in intensity and frequency.

James asked if she wanted "her backside rubbed." Jan replied "Yes, please." James' hands slid up under the towel and began massaging each cheek. I could hear Jan begin to breathe hard. James lifted the towel and poured more oil on her lovely ass. I could see the oil run down between her legs, Jan trembled and James resumed rubbing her ass. One of his hands moved down to her crotch as he rubbed up and down her large lips covered by the thin strip of cloth. I could see Jan's ass sway side to side and I released my cock to stroke it. This was much more than I expected but it was too good to stop.

All of a sudden Jan reached back grasping the wrist of James' inquisitive hand and pulled it away. Jan said "No, I don't want any of that." James apologized and said he misread her. He replaced the towel covering her from shoulders to her ass and said "Roll over so I can get the front of your legs and face. As Jan rolled James held the towel in place keeping her pert breasts covered. James stood toward the top and alongside the table. He massaged Jan's shoulders, arms and hands. Jan kept her hands at the top of the table as James massaged her face and head. While keeping one hand massaging her face, James placed another on her flat belly.

Then I saw her place one of her hands on James' bare belly and move down to his stiffened manhood. With the back of one finger she lightly stroked his growing cock as I began to stroke mine. Jan's chest was heaving under the towel. James moved his hand from her tummy to the inside of one thigh. Jan began wiggling in anticipation but James controlled himself. Soon Jan said "Oh God, rub my cunt." James slid a finger under the narrow fabric moving it aside. James' large index finger began spreading her juices up and down between her folds while Jan's hips squirmed in pleasure.

Jan grasped, ripped open the Velcro closure to his shorts and his massive dick popped out. Jan grasped his black tool and pulled it toward her turned head placing the head into her mouth. James began pumping her mouth while shoving his moistened finger into her sopping cunt. I exploded onto the bushes. My wife's new black stallion continued pumping two of her holes, Jan moving in time. Soon James pulled his hand from her box, grasped her head, let out a grunt as he shot his load into Jan's mouth. Jan swallowed but his cum still dribbled from both sides of her mouth.

Jan kept pumping James' cock which never seemed to shrink. Jan replaced James' hand with one of her own as she feverishly rubbed her clit. Jan pulled away and said "I need to be fucked." James replied, "Anything you want." Jan got off the table, slid her messy panties off and laid face up on the bed. James pulled his shirt and shorts off. As he crawled on the bed Jan pulled her knees up to her chest. James kneeled over her, holding his dick. He slid the head up and down teasing her. Jan tried to slide down to push his cock in her but James would pull away.

Jan pleaded "Please fuck me now, please, please, oh god I need your cock." James kept sliding his massive tool up and down her lips while replying "Why should I?" Jan told him "I need some cock now, please, I've been good to your cock, don't you want to fuck me?" Jan continued wiggling under James as he asked "Well Jan, will you keep being good to my cock?" Jan quickly answered "Yes, yes, anytime you want me, anyway you want me, anything you want, please fuck me!"

James slid his strong hands under Jan's ass grabbing a cheek each, in one fast thrust he slammed himself in her. Jan screamed while grasping the headboard. Jan gasped and said "Easy, oh you are so big". James reminded her "You said anyway I wanted it bitch, you want me to pull out?" Jan grabbed his ass and said "No, no, it's OK, go ahead."

James began pounding my wife in long hard strokes, Jan's entire body and hair bouncing. Jan began moaning, a sound familiar as she approaches orgasm. Her knees pointed toward the ceiling, legs wrapping around his waist. Jan began screaming and kicking as she came. James continued thrusting that black cock into my no longer innocent wife while sweat began forming on his back making his skin glisten like his cock covered with their juices. James gave Jan a series of rapid slams while grunting, expelling another load of spunk in another hole of my wife.

James rolled off Jan landing on his back, his cock dripping with his cum and my wife's lubricant. They both lay there, on our bed catching their breath. Soon Jan moved kneeling between James legs and began to clean his cock with her tongue. Jan commented "God your cum tastes good, mmmm, I love this big dick." James said "You keep being good to it and it will keep visiting you." Jan happily said "Good, I don't think any other cock will make me as happy as this one."

Soon James got dressed and left. Hours later I walked back into the house finding Jan sitting on the couch with a big smile on her face. I asked about the massage. She told me "It was fantastic, with this stressful job I think I'll need one every week." That night we fucked like rabbits, she was so stretched and sloppy and passionate.

She gets one or two massages a week now, never when I am home. I miss the action. She has never confessed that she fucks the masseuse. I plan to ask her if she would ever like to fuck another man in front of me, especially a black one. Maybe she will consider, that allowing me to watch what she thinks is my first time seeing her bang a black cock.

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