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Jennifer Aniston Catches Reese Witherspoon

Football season was underway and with the Rams moving back to L.A., many of the Hollywood stars were ready to hop on the sports bandwagon. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux used the opening game against the 49ers as a chance to invite a few friends over and show off their new luxurious Beverly Hills home. 'Friends' co-star Lisa Kudrow and husband Michael, Jason Sudakis and Oliva Wilde, Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim were the couples that gathered to watch the game.
There were two big screen TVs in the spacious living room, with a huge spread of food and plenty of drinks in the kitchen. Like most parties, the men gathered around the TV trying to outdo each other with their football knowledge while the women hung out in the kitchen sharing the latest gossip. Lisa commented that she hated football and didn't know anything about the game, which explained why she was wearing a Derek Jeter baseball jersey. Reese shared her sentiment, adding that the only good thing about it was she had Sundays to herself.
After nibbling on the veggies and assorted hors d'oeurves, the girls headed into the other room for the kickoff. It wasn't long before Lisa and Reese lost their interest and headed back to the kitchen. Soon Jennifer joined them, tying her best to be a gracious hostess. The conversation had changed from football to sex, with Lisa telling how lately Michael has had a foot fetish and was constantly kissing and massaging her feet, and couldn't get an erection without going through his little foot worship routine. This drew a few giggles from the other two and Jennifer answered, "You're lucky. Justin is infatuated with my ass, and has been begging me constantly to try anal."
"Oh my God!" was the response from Reese, who couldn't believe she even brought up such a taboo subject. "You haven't tried it though, have you?"
Jennifer quickly stated there was absolutely no buttfucking, but admitted that they dabbled with anilingus and she actually liked having Justin lick her back there. She said it's so sensitive that she's had an incredible orgasm every time they've experimented with the anal play so far. Lisa chimed in that they have anal sex once a year on Michael's birthday, and once again they all broke out laughing, trying their best to keep from being heard in the other room.
Jennifer said they should probably go join the others, but Reese whined that she was sick of football and asked if she could just take a little nap until the game was over. Jen said "No Problem!" and told her there were several rooms upstairs and she could help herself. Reese thanked her and apologized for being such a wet blanket, before excusing herself and heading upstairs. She entered the first room on the right, which had a king sized bed, a couch, a huge entertainment center and an adjoining bathroom. Reese hopped onto the bed to watch a little TV other than football. She looked around for the remote without any luck. She opened up the drawer on on the nightstand and found the remote along with another nice little surprise: a metallic gold vibrator!
She looked back at the door that was ajar, double checking to make sure no one else was around. Reese tiptoed over to the doorway, stuck her head out, and made sure every one was still downstairs watching the game. She quietly shut the door and returned to her new found secret and picked up the shiny toy, giving it a long inspection. Reese jumped when she accidentally turned it on, scared silly by the low buzzing sound. She regained her composure and ran it over her breast til her erect nipple started to poke itself out of her thin sky blue Rams t-shirt. Reese kicked off her khaki shorts to get a little more comfortable and laid back to try out the new toy. Again she looked over at the door to make sure it was safe, before turning the vibrator on and gently running it over her crotch through her skimpy white panties. She closed her eyes and stimulated her clitoris right through her undies, masturbating to the thought of Justin licking Jennifer's ass. Her little fantasy getaway came to a quick halt when she thought she heard someone outside the door, but realized it was just the guys yelling at the TV. Reese pulled back the covers and laid back again, reaching inside her panties and fingering her moist pussy. She tried to hold back her moans as she diddled her pussy, gnawing on her fist to help stifle herself. Again she grabbed the vibrator and was on the brink of orgasm when she heard a knock at the door.
Reese quickly pulled the covers up as Jennifer opened the door to check on her. The perky blonde was sitting up, out of breath, but looked at Jennifer silently, hoping she didn't see or hear anything when she opened the door. She saw Jennifer glance at the nightstand, and was horrified when she looked over and realized she left the drawer open. Jennifer shut the door behind her, walked in quietly and picked up Reese's shorts that were laying on the floor. Reese was frozen with embarrassment when Jennifer gave her a dirty, scolding look, "What's going on here?" "Are you…are you masturbating?"
Before Reese could mutter an answer, she answered it for her. She yanked the covers away to expose Reese with the toy and some very wet panties. Jennifer's scolding look suddenly changed as she was enjoying catching her friend in this embarrassing situation.
"Oh my God, you're soaking wet!" she teased as Reese just sat there silently, on the verge of tears. Jennifer sat down next to her and consoled the humiliated blonde, rubbing her on the thigh, before looking her in the eyes, "It's okay, it's totally natural, the human body is a very special thing." Jennifer then surprised her with a long passionate kiss, as Reese trembled with a mixture of fear and excitement.
Jennifer stood up and unzipped her blue jeans, shimmying out of them and kicking them off to the side. She then took off her sweatshirt and stood before Reese in her pink bra and panties, caressing herself with a devilish grin on her face.
"Why don't you take off your top" she suggested in a soft sexy tone, as she stood next to the bed fondling her breasts. Reese stumbled a bit and pulled off her t-shirt and sat back in her underwear. Jennifer smiled and reached behind, undoing her bra, letting it fall to the floor exposing her perfect breasts.
"Do you like what you see?" she teased, pinching a nipple with one hand while the other slid down inside of her pink panties. "I wanna make you cum."
Jennifer crawled up next to Reese and cupped her face, kissing her softly, trying to put the timid blonde at ease. She slowly slid down and focused her attention on Reese's wet panties, rubbing her crotch as made alluring eye contact. Jennifer leaned in and ran her tongue over the white undies causing Reese to let out a little squeal and dig her fingers into the pillows as she tried to contain her excitement. Jennifer pinched Reese's pussy lips through her damp white panties, causing the flustered blonde to twitch even more. Jennifer pulled the soaking wet panties down and off and flung them across the room. She leaned in and ran her tongue all over Reese's glistening bush, eliciting another high-pitched yelp from her friend. Jen found Reese's hidden pussy lips and began sucking on them as a little stream of juices ran down to the crack of her ass. Jennifer wiggled her way in and licked the little bead of cum just as it reached Reese's tight pink asshole. Reese bucked a little bit, as she had her ass licked for the first time. Jennifer giggled at her reaction and dabbed her tongue over Reese's bum once more. This put Reese over the edge and she had a convulsive orgasm, squirting several little spurts onto Jennifer's face. The gorgeous host was stunned and backed away with Reese's juices dripping from her chin. Jennifer laughed it off as Reese laid there exhausted. She didn't know what was more exciting, getting her friend off, or knowing that they were getting away with a little fun while everyone else was downstairs.
Then came a knock on the door, as it slowly creaked open…..

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