Jennifer Conclusion

We’ll need to change your shackles,’ the mistress said and went to a drawer and removed some more and came and held them out by Jennifer’s arm. First a solid black one, then a chrome one and finally a gold one. The mistress shook her head. She went back to the drawer and moved it’s contents around a bit before returning with a set of brass shackles.

She held them up and approved of the look. Then she set about the task of unbolting the shackles that Jennifer was wearing. Jennifer watched with interest as the bolts on the iron shackles were removed and the imprisonment device was removed. The brass one was put into it’s place and reattached. This time, however, the bolting mechanism was partially concealed in a countersunk hole. A long, hexagonal wrench was used to reach down in the hole and turn the bolt.
As the mistress let go of Jennifer’s right wrist she realized that the new shackles were nearly twice as heavy as what she had been wearing. It would take some effort on her part to get used to the extra weight. She remembered nearly a year ago when her mother had bolted the iron shackles on her, she had bumped everything that she was next to. She stood quietly as the whip mistress bolted on the rest of the shackle set. Finally her iron collar was replaced by a brass one. It was a bit looser than her old one and twisted around a bit.

The mistress stood back and looked and was satisified with Jennifer’s appearance. She then told Jennifer to remove the clothes and fold them neatly. Holding her new clothes she was led back to her stall. A meal tray was waiting for her.

The next morning the whip mistress came in very early, just after daybreak. Jennifer was led to the shower and washed again. Her hair was dried again and the mistress placed light pink ribbons in it just behind Jennier’s ears. The VIRGIN and FERTILE tags were removed from her ears and earings placed there. They were simple small brass balls. Jennifer was told to brush her teeth and then gargled with a mouthwash. The whip mistress then took a bottle of something that smelled very nice and wiped Jennifer’s vagina and ass with it. She was given a curry brush to comb out her tail again. Finally she was told to put on her clothes. The mistress then snapped a small brass chain between Jennifer’s wrist manacles. It was some twenty centimters long and attached with simple snaps. She could have easily undone it.
She was then led out of the compound into one of the buildings in which she had never gone before. Down a maze of hallways and into a room with a stage on it. Two more girls were already standing on the stage. She was placed beside them and the mistress departed. Three more girls were brought in. Jennifer looked at the way that each girl was dressed and paid attention to the adornments that each wore. One girl on the end was crying and tears streaked her face. After the last girl was brought in Jennifer could hear talking down the hall. It seemed to be moving in their direction. All of the girls wore shackles and all were attached at the wrists somehow. One girl had her ankles attached together.

As the talking approached Jennifer wondered what the man would be like. She wondered why he wanted an Alaytion slave since she had been told that Alaytions were nearly worthless. Several people came into the room. Two were whip mistresses that she recognized. One was a male guard that she also recognized. The other woman and the man she didn’t know and had never seen. The woman was explaining the procedure and paperwork necessary for the purchase of a slave by the man. Apparently this was the man.
Jennifer looked at him under her brow, her head slightly bowed. The man appeared to be human. He was in his early thirties and had thinning brown hair. He had green eyes and a moustache. He was well built and appeared to be nearly a hundred kilos in weight. He was at least two meters tall. He was sharply dressed in slacks and shirt.
One of the whip mistresses showed the girls to the man, having each one introduce herself by name. The girl on the end, the one crying was waved off immediately by the man. The other mistress led her out on a leash. The next girl, the one to Jennifer’s right introduced herself. Her voice was very uneven. The man looked at her and then picked up her left arm and felt it. He then moved on to Jennifer.
‘Introduce yourself,’ the mistress instructed.
‘I am Jennifer my lord,’ she said in a soft but strong voice and bowed her head.
The man then looked at her and ran his hand along her midriff. He then felt her left thigh from her knee up to just before her short skirt. Then, reaching behind her he grabbed her tail. He held it in his left hand and stroked it against the fur with his right. She wrapped it around his arm as he did so. He looked up at her and she smiled at him.
‘How old are you?’
‘I am twenty years of age my lord.’
He then released her tail and ran his hands over her chest, feeling her now erect nipples through her thin shirt.

Moving on to the next girl Jennifer thought that it had gone very well. The fifth girl was waved off after she backed away from his touch. Jennifer felt sure that she would be sorry later for doing that. The last girl looked at the man with a scowl which he apparently didn’t like. He then waved her off. That left only three. Jennfier was in the middle.
Next he had all three girls turn around and bend over. This, of course, exposed their butts beneath the short skirts that they were wearing. He looked at each one and told the mistress that the one on the right didn’t appear to be in as good of health. She was quickly removed.
That left Jennifer and the girl to her left, when she was turned around again to face the man. He looked at both girls and seemed to be thinking. He then lifted both of their skirts and examined their vaginas externally. His touch was warm, firm but gentle. The girl on the left had answered that she was twentytwo.
The two girls were then told to step off the stage. The man walked up to each one and wrapped his arms around her. Jennifer was surprised at how it felt since she had never before been hugged by anyone. She snuggled up against the man, feeling the comfortable feeling of being next to him. That must have decided it for him for he told the woman who appeared to be the boss of the school that he would take Jennifer.

The boss woman then told the man that Jennifer was a virgin and that she was fertile and he informed her that all Alaytions were that way. She then told him that Jennifer’s price was twelve thousand credits, whereupon he informed her that selling a such a young slave was strictly against the law and that he was willing to go as high as ten thousand. The woman readily agreed, realizing that Jennifer wasn’t even twenty-one yet.
Jennifer listened as the man told the woman that he wanted stainless steel shackles of a lighter design. The woman argued with him that it would be extra. The stated price was a thousand credits more. He balked at this price saying that it was too high. The woman was adamant about the price, hoping Jennifer thought, to make up the difference in the original selling price. The man said he would give her the thousand if she would throw in a nose ring of gold and two labia rings. The woman thought about it for a second and then agreed. The man said he wanted to approve the positioning of the rings before they were inserted. She agreed and told the mistress to arrange it and to come get the man from her office when she was ready.

Jennifer steeled herself for what she knew wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience. The whip mistress brought her down the hallway to a room and attached her shackles to chains hanging from the ceiling. She then removed Jennifer’s clothes and folded them neatly and laid them on a chair. She removed Jennifer’s earrings but left the ribbons. Jennifer’s ankle shackles were attached to rings in the floor.
The mistress left, leaving Jennifer hanging from the chains. She was standing flat footed and found that it was just barely enough height. Soon the mistress returned with the man. Another woman entered the room in a white nurse’s uniform. She went to the cabinet on one side of the room and removed some equipment. The whip mistress opened a display case and showed the man some rings. Jennifer could clearly see the selection.
The man picked up two rings and held them up against Jennifer’s nose. He looked this way and that. Then he exchanged one of the rings for a larger one. He then compared them again. Finally, unable to decide he asked Jennifer which she liked best.
‘The smaller one master.’
‘Good, then that will be the one we put in,’ he said, handing the ring to the whip mistress.
The nurse turned and looked at Jennifer. ‘Which side?’
‘Center mount, in the septum,’ the man said. The nurse made a mark inside of Jennifer’s left nostril on her septum with a pen. ‘Is that far enough?’
‘That’ll do,’ the man said.
‘Hold her head,’ the nurse instructed the whip mistress.
Jennfier braced herself as the evil looking device with it’s claws extended was inserted into her nose. It looked like a large hole punch, which in reality was what it was. The nurse clicked a trigger several times, building up spring tension and then Jennifer heard a loud snap accompanied by a severe pain in her nose. She tried to jerk back but the whip mistress held her head firmly.
The machine was removed and Jennifer’s nose hurt very badly. She felt something running down her upper lip. As she guessed, it was bl**d. The nurse set the instrument down and returned with a little white stick. She reached up and put it into Jennifer’s nose. Jennifer felt a pulling sensation followed by extreme burning in her nose. The nurse removed her hand and the stick remained. She then went to a cart and dragged it over by where Jennifer was hanging.

Jennifer began to cry from the pain in her nose. It felt worse than being punched in the face. The whip mistress released her head and she slumped forward. The nurse then took a piece of material and cut a small hole out of it with a pair of scissors. Jennifer looked at it with curiousity. She watched as the nurse held it up over her nose and adjusted the opening with the scissors. Then the nurse removed the white stick and set it on the cart. The man watched as all this was done, not saying a word.
‘Hold this,’ the nurse instructed the whip mistress. The material was placed over Jennifer’s face with her nose poking through. She had to breathe through her mouth since her nostrils were covered. The nurse moved some items around on the cart as Jennifer listened.
She felt something pulling at her nose then felt something very cold up against her skin. She could feel the ring being moved through the hole. Next she heard the nurse light something and could hear the flames. She felt the ring in her nose get very hot. The nurse wiggled it to and fro several times as it was getting hot. The smell of burning flesh permeated Jennifer’s olfactory sense. Just when she thought that it was going to get really bad the flame was shut off. The smell continued for a while as the ring was wiggled about in her nose. Finally the material was removed and she felt the hot ring dangle against her upper lip. She leaned her head forward to keep it from burning her lip. The smell of her own flesh burning where the ring passed through her nose made her slightly sick.
The nurse saw this and broke open an amonia capsule and waved it under Jennifer’s nose. The pungent smell made her lift her head back to get away. As expected the strong smell brought her back from the nausea.

Then the nurse proceed to crank the evil piercing tool again. She marked a spot on Jennifer’s outer labia about mid point on both left and right. ‘Is this where?’
‘No, I want the small lips. Give me the pen,’ the man said. The nurse gave him the pen and he kneeled down in front of Jennifer. She watched as he pulled her small, tender inner labia out of the fold of her vagina and marked a small dot on each one. The hole would be some six to seven millimeters from the edge.

The nurse looked down and pulled Jennifer’s lips down hard. She let out a yelp. The nurse pulled the left lip down and inserted it into the machine she then closed a small clamp with a hole in the middle down over the tender labia. She readjusted it, lining the pen dot up in the middle. The man examined it before the spring was released, sending waves of pain into Jennifer’s pussy. bl**d began to drip from the new hole as the nurse lined up on the right labia. Quickly enough it too was pierced.
Jennifer began to cry from the pain. When the white stick was worked into the holes she screamed from the burning sensation. The nurse then cut more material with a small slit and had the whip mistress hold it over Jennifer’s labia to keep from burning her with the torch. Jennifer watched, crying as the stick was removed and the man handed the nurse the small gold rings that would be placed into her pierced labia. The rings were inserted and fused together with the torch. The pain from the heat hurt nearly as bad as the piercing but not as bad as the little white stick which stopped the bleeding.
‘That’ll be quite sore for a few days,’ the nurse said as she put up the equipment. The whip mistress took a wet rag and wiped the bl**d from Jennifer’s face and chin. She then wiped carefully where some of the bl**d had dripped against Jennifer’s legs. Thankfully, she missed bumping against Jennifer’s now very sore pussy and nose.
‘That looks really good,’ the man complimented Jennifer on her new jewelry.
‘Thank you master.’
The whip mistress undid the couplings on Jennifer’s shackles and as she was finishing up with her ankles another mistress came in with new shackles. Setting the shackles down she retrieved a wrench from one of the drawers. The two mistresses exchanged Jennifer’s brass shackles for the stainless steel ones specified by her new master.
‘Anything else sir?’ one of the mistresses asked.
‘No, that will be all,’ he said, handing the receipt to the mistress to sign off on. The second mistress attached a leash to Jennifer’s collar and handed the end to the man.

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