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Jennifer (Part 5)

Chapter 5

She felt her shackles being released and she was raised up off of the rack by the mistress. As she stood she saw the maid still twitching against the wall as the dildo pulsed inider of her. The maid continued to whimper ever time a pulse hit. The pain of the enema made it difficult for Jennifer to stand fully erect. As she tried to straighten the skin of her stomach stretched around her now round tummy. It was almost impossible to stand fully erect. The mistress watched for several seconds before leading Jennifer from the room. As she walked carefully down the hall, still full of enema, she wondered how long they would leave the maid connected to the electric dildo. As she begain to ascend the stairs, each step filled with pain from within she realized that the maid still held the painful soapy enema.

Jennifer awoke from another of the painful dreams and tested her shackles again. As before she had awakened because of the pain of the water inside of her. The whip mistress had led her to her stall the night before, still full of the enema and plugged up tight. She had been shackled to her bed face down so that her own weight pressed against her painfully stretched abdomen. She had tried rolling from side to side but only managed to slosh the water around more, causing it to go even higher up her young intestines.

Having already awakened several times in this predicament she tried desparetly to go back to sl**p. She knew that she had better sl**p all she could because with daylight her training would continue. In the morning a slave maid entered, a different one than before, and undid her shackles. It was just daybreak. Jennifer had to be helped from her bed by the maid. She was stiff from being in the same position all night and the water had caused her great pain. Once near the toilet the maid removed the plug which held in the painful contents of the night before. Jennifer gratefully sat and expelled the remainder of the four liter enema.
While the water was rushing out the maid deflated the catheter in Jennifer’s uretha and removed it. The whip mistress had placed it inside the night before to prevent Jennifer from wetting the bed. The end led down to the floor drain in her stall. She could hear her urine several times the night before as it exited the tube.
After picking up the devices the maid left and locked the door. Jennifer remained seated, allowing the enema to drain from her bowels. She felt empty inside as the pressure dropped. Once again the hunger pains returned as her abdominal muscles contracted, after having been stetched all night by the enema. Jennifer then realized that someone had mopped up the mess that she had made the night before.

Eventually she regained enough strength to wipe herself and return to the bed. She quickly fell asl**p. She was awakened by a whip mistress attaching a leash to her collar and pulling her from the bed. From the light outside Jennifer figured it must be nearly midday. She desparetly wanted to let the water out of her ass that had collected while she slept. She also had to urinate very badly. Not knowing what else to do she held it and walked somewhat bow leggedly.

She was led down to the third level this time and strapped to a wall. Before the whip mistress left she asked for permission to release her urine. The mistress told her that it would cost her ten lashes if she did. Judging the pain carefully Jennifer let the urine flow forth as well as letting her anal muscles relax. She was allowed to finish before receivng the promised ten lashes. The whip mistress gave her another twenty more with a bigger whip for having release the water from her ass. After it was over with Jennifer decided that it had been a good trade. The stinging in her butt soon subsided as she hung against her shackles in silence.
Eventually a woman came in and undid the shackle catches that held Jennifer to the wall. The woman wasn’t dressed as the whip mistresses had been. Indeed this one wore a very nice looking dress and moderate heels.

‘Sit on that stool,’ the woman said. It was a request more than a command. Jennifer complied and sat down gingerly, her ass still sore from her many whippings and enemas.
‘Now I will admister an intelligence test to you. Can you read English?’ she asked.
‘Yes mistress.’
‘Good,’ the woman handed Jennifer a clipboard and a pen. ‘You will answer all questions as best that you can. You have thirty minutes.’ The woman said and clicked a stopwatch. She then left the room and shut the door.

Jennifer looked around. Here she was, she thought, in a torture room by herself. Unsupervised and unshackled. She fought the impluse to look in all of the drawers and examine all of the things hanging on the wall. Instead she looked at the test that she had been given. She began to read and answer the questions. After she had reached the end of the fourth page she went back over them a second time before the woman returned. The clipboard and pen were taken from her and the woman left the room.
Jennifer had to fight the impulse to explore once again. She knew that someone could walk in at any moment. She instead sat in her chair and looked at the wall full of whips and paddles from a distance. She could see every kind she had ever known about and some that she didn’t recognize. Nearly a dracmar later the woman returned. Following her in was a whip mistress.

‘She is very bright for a slave. She answered 42 out of 48 questions correctly,’ the test woman told the whip mistress. Jennifer recognized the whip mistress as one of the ones that she had had before.
‘Good, it won’t take too long to correct her. I’m on break in half an hour.’ The whip mistress went over and began writing in a book. The test woman walked over to Jennifer and explained the missed questions.
After finishing the last one the test woman left. The perpetually naked Jennifer was then reconnected to the wall mounts by the whip mistress and given twenty wacks with a paddle for every question she had missed. Jennifer felt sorry for the dumb slaves as the whip mistress unconnected her and led her back to her stall, still crying from the painful paddling.

A maid came in and brought her some food which she gratefully ate. At least this last session hadn’t involved another enema she thought as she ate. She must be getting used to the whippings and paddlings she thought. She barely even felt the last one. Reaching around and feeling her scarred ass cheeks she could feel the heat though.
After eating and carefully licking the last of the food from the plate with her long tongue she sat the dishes carefully on the tray and put them on the shelf to the left of the door. She then went to the toilet and release more pent up water. After carefully wiping herself she began to wonder what was next. She lay in her bed and quickly fell asl**p.
Still groggy from sl**p a maid led her out of her stall. From the lack of light in the stable Jennifer knew that it was nighttime. She was led down to the first level and taken to a shower. Her shackles were removed and she was tied to a post in the middle of a small room. The maid then disrobed and turned on the water. She took a brush, rag and a bar of soap and washed Jennifer’s now scarred body. The soap burned as it entered the softening whip marks. Jennifer had to step up on her tip toes as the rough brush was dragged across her tender ass.
Afterwards the maid dried her with a towel and reattched Jennifer’s shackles. All this without a word said between the two girls. Jennifer made no attempt to get away, knowing that escape was impossible and any attempt would become a painful reminder. She was led quietly back to her stall. Surprisingly she slept very soundly that night, awakening sometime after sunrise. The comings and goings of the other slaves in the stable now became routine to her and she now longer listened to the cries and screams.

Along about mid morning Jennifer was fed something that resembled a breakfast. That afternoon a maid came in to remove the dishes. The maid first felt Jennifer’s still tender abdomen. Grunting the maid left with the dishes. She soon returned with an enema bag. Jennifer took a look at it and then got on the floor with her ass high in the air. The maid silently filled the small two liter bag and let the air out. She then inserted the ungreased tip into Jennifer’s tender asshole and let the solution flow in. It was a plesant temperature Jennifer thought as the pressure began to build. As the last of the water drained from the bag Jennifer was wondering if she would be given two bags full. She stayed hunched over with her ass in the air as the maid removed the equipment and rinsed it in the sink. Once done she left Jennifer’s stall.
After quite a while Jennifer got up and sat on her bed, moving ever so often to accomodate the pressure of the water in her intestines as it shifted to and fro. She began to wonder if she was supposed to let the water out. After what seemed like a dracmar she heard the bolt to her cell being opened. A whip mistress walked in carrying a bucket.
‘Let it out in here,’ she instructed as she sat the bucket on the floor.
Jennifer gratefully complied, squatting over the bucket to release the small enema. She let it flow for a while and worked the muscles in her stomach to help it pass. The mistress stood leaning against the wall and watched.
‘Is it all out?’ she asked.
‘No my mistress.’
Jennifer wondered if she should have said yes. The mistress stood and watched as the water came out in short squirts and dribbles. She looked into the bucket to see that the water was a dark brown.
‘How about now?’ the mistress asked after quite a time had passed with Jennifer straining to get it out without further success.
‘I think so my mistress.’
‘Go wipe yourself.’ the woman instructed. She then looked at the bucket, wrinkling her nose at the smell. She took out a small note pad and jotted something down. Presumably it was a measurement of how much Jennifer had managed to get out. Having wiped herself Jennifer stood meekly by the toilet with her head down. The mistress walked over and poked and prodded at her abdomen. Finally satisifed she said, ‘Good. Now get some sl**p.’

Jennifer stood where she was until the mistress had left. She then happily laid down, her stomach grumbling from the enema. Tonight she would sl**p on her back she thought as she pulled the cover up to stay warm against the damp night air of whatever planet it was that she was on.
Later that night Jennifer awoke to pee and could hear someone screaming from the torture chambers. Knowing the distance away that it was she knew that some poor girl was in great pain to be heard from this distance.
As she laid back down Jennifer found it hard to go back to sl**p as she listened to the girl scream. All of the stalls were very quiet tonight. Finally she fell off into a nightmare filled sl**p.

In the morning Jennifer awoke of her own accord and lay in bed, wondering if things were tapering off. In the last two days she had hardly been punished in comparison with the first few days that she was here. Soon a slave maid, the one whom she had watched being punished, came in and left her some food. The maid looked at her with contempt but didn’t say anything. Jennifer wondered what the maid was thinking but knew better than to say anything. From what she could tell the whip mistresses had ways of listening in on the stables.
Jennifer looked at the lunch. It looked fairly good. It was mashed potatoes and some sort of beans. And wonders of wonders it even included a small strip of meat. Not that Jennifer was much of a meat eater but she realized that this was a much better meal than she had had the whole time she was here. She ate everything, being empty from the previous night’s enema and sopped up the brown gravy with the roll. A cup of some sort of red liquid that was sweet completed the meal.
Jennifer sat in her cell on the bed and was somewhat startled by the maid that came in with more food. The maid then looked at the empty tray and left without leaving the second tray of food. Jennifer thought that they had obviously got confused. She doubted that she could eat more anyway since she was pretty full, her stomach grumbling to confirm that.
Soon the maid returned, still carrying the second tray of food. A whip mistress came in with her.
‘Where did you get this tray?’
‘A maid brought it mistress. I wasn’t told not to eat it so I ate it. I am sorry if I wasn’t supposed to mistress.’ Jennifer said as shyly as she knew how.
‘What maid?’
‘One of the maids my mistress.’
‘Was it the one who kicked you in the face several days ago?’ the mistress asked.
‘Yes my mistress.’
‘Damned bitch. I wonder what she has done. Come with me. You, bring that tray.’ the mistress instructed the maid to bring the now empty tray.
Jennifer complied, beginning to wonder what was going on. She was led out of the building across a compound. The sun felt good as it warmed her naked body. The compound was a lush tropically landscaped area between the several buildings. The mistress led the way with Jennifer behind her and the slave maid behind them, carrying the two trays.

Once inside one of the buildings the mistress led Jennifer and the maid into a room and told Jennifer to sit and for the maid to set the trays down and go and find the maid called ‘Trenka’.
The whip mistress left the room and soon returned with a man following her. She looked at Jennifer’s eyes and up her nose with instruments while the man put scr****gs of food samples from the empty tray into test tubes. He then placed the tubes into a machine and pressed buttons on it.
‘Did Trenka say anything to you when she brought you this?’ the mistress asked pointing to the empty tray.
‘No my mistress.’
‘Did she look at you?’
‘Yes my mistress.’
‘What kind of look did she give you?’
‘She looked mad my mistress.’
‘What kind of food was on the tray?’
‘There were mashed potatoes with brown gravy. Beans. A small piece of meat, two rolls and a glass of red juice. Mistress.’ Jennifer said.
‘Meat? What sort of meat?’
‘It was small, no longer than four centimeters in length and less than two wide. It was very thin. I don’t know what it was but it was not any type of bird or fish. It was very flavorful my mistress.’
‘Damned bitch. Bob, I say we pump her, the mistress said to the man who was studying the results of the machine.
‘I’ll have to agree with you there. Not knowing what the meat was I have no way of testing it. All the rest of this check out, including the cup,’ the man said.
‘Get up on that table and lie down, face up,’ the mistress instructed. She then strapped Jennifer down.

The man then took a hypodemic syringe and filled it from a small glass jar as Jennifer watched. She then felt a sting at her neck as the fluid was injected. Soon the room began to spin. She was vaguely aware of a light being shined in her face and something going into her mouth.
When Jennifer awoke she was in her stall. She had a funny taste in her mouth that confirmed that it was not a dream. She lay there, tired and her stomach hurting. Her stomach hurt very badly but not the kind of pain that she experienced with the enemas. It was more like that from eating improperly prepared food or when she had gone hungry for several days.
A maid came in and brought a meal to Jennifer which she was told to eat. Several hours later another tray of food was brought in and she was told to eat it. The next morning a large breakfast was provided. After clearing her plate Jennifer set the tray down on the shelf and sat on her bed.

Soon a maid entered and attached a leash to Jennifer’s collar and led her down to the fifth level of the torture chambers. She was led into a room where the whip mistress was waiting whom had brought her to the doctor. She was now sure that the man was a doctor and had correctly surmised that she had been poisoned by Trenka. As she entered the room she was instructed to sit on a chair in the corner. Her leash was attached to the wall. The maid departed. The whip mistress, Bragk, by the name on her badge that Jennifer could read, waited impatiently for something.
Jennifer looked meekly at Bragk wondering what was going to happen to her. Soon she heard a commotion coming down the hall. The door burst open and Trenka was dragged in by two large men. She had her hands cuffed behind her back and bl**d ran from her nose. She was cussing and screaming, kicking and trying to bite. The two men threw her over the rack in the room, one of the semi round ones, and tied Trenka’s legs to it. Bragk then uncuffed the still thrashing Trenka and attached her arms down low on the rack. The two men then departed the room.

To be continued…

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