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Joanna 'JoJo' Levensque Snowed In

“Shit, the flight's been canceled,” JoJo swore as the reader board changed to reflect the toll the snowstorm had taken on the airport.

“Should we find a hotel or stay here and hope things improve?” James Nixon, JoJo's drummer on this tour, asked her.

“I'll go see if they think the weather will improve,” JoJo volunteered.

“Fuck, I knew this wasn't a good idea,” Fred Williams, the guitarist, said when JoJo was out of earshot. “We should be at home playing with the band and playing music that actually means something. Instead, we're stuck in an airport in New York on our way to play teenybopper bullshit.”

“I know what you mean, but we're making more money on this tour than we ever would at home,” James pointed out. James was eighteen and far more levelheaded than the s*******n year old Fred, but that didn't seem to matter when Fred got into one his moods.

“So we're selling out. You're not making me feel any better,” Fred countered.

“We're not selling out,” James sighed. “It's a paycheck and there's nothing wrong with that. So what if we're not playing White Stripes covers, we're still playing.”

“It doesn't matter if you sold out or not, you're here,” James' little b*****r, Paul Nixon, butted in. “Like it or not, accept it and make the best of it.”

“It doesn't look like the weather is going to get any better, so we might as well find some place to stay for the night,” JoJo said when she came back to the group, unaware of the conversation that had taken place without her.

“Great, just great,” Fred muttered, still convinced that the snowstorm was God's way of smiting him for selling out.

“Come on, lets grab our stuff and catch a cab or something,” James said, jumping in before Fred could get on too much of a roll.

When JoJo had decided that she wanted to perform to a live band instead of to a prerecorded track, she'd stressed that she wanted people around her own age that she would feel more comfortable with. Her managers had balked at first, but conceded when they figured out that they could pay young, hungry musicians less.

Paul had been JoJo's first choice to play bass considering he had been an old friend of hers back home in Foxborough. Paul had jumped at the chance and convinced his b*****r James to come aboard and play drums. James, in turn, had recommended Fred from the band they had started to play guitar and round out the lineup.

Fred had accepted the gig at first, but the moment the tour had started he'd started in with his complaining. He liked the money but he was the typical tortured artist that felt it was wrong to make money if you weren't completely thrilled with the results.

+ * + * +

“Want to play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to sl**p on the floor?” James asked Paul and Fred as he closed the door of their hotel room.

The hotel had only had two rooms left, and JoJo, being the only girl, had gotten one of them to herself. The three guys found themselves in a room with only two beds and since none of them wanted to share, they were about ready to break into an argument over who got one of them.

“Make Paul sl**p on the floor since he's the youngest,” Fred suggested, putting his bag down on the bed closest to the door as if to mark his territory. “If he doesn't like it, he can go down the hall and see if his girlfriend will let him stay with her.”

“We're just friends,” Paul said, blushing at the intimation. He had, in fact, had a crush on JoJo for a couple years, but every time he'd gotten close to telling her, he'd chickened out. After a couple failed attempts, he'd just given up and decided to love her from afar instead.

“Could've fooled me the way you two are always disappearing at the same time,” Fred shrugged. “I always thought you two were off fucking each other senseless.”

“He likes her, but she thinks of him more as her girlfriend than anything else,” James said, taking the opportunity to give his little b*****r a bad time.

“Shut up,” Paul said, his face turning red with a mix of rage and embarrassment.

“I think we embarrassed the k**,” Fred said, tousling Paul's hair.

“He's easy to embarrass. I've been doing it for years,” James said.

“I'm out of here,” Paul said, tired of being the butt of their jokes.

“If you're going to find the boss take your stuff and see if she'll let you sl**p in her room tonight,” Fred advised Paul before he could leave. “Tell her we kicked you out and you need some place to stay.”

“That might work,” James said, tossing Paul his bag.

“Are you kicking me out?” Paul asked.

“That depends on what she says,” Fred replied. “If she lets you stay, then yes we are. If she doesn't, then we'll think about letting you sl**p here.”

“You'll think about it?” Paul asked, looking back and forth between Fred and his b*****r.

“Look at it this way, it would really make her feel sorry for you if she found you sl**ping in the hallway,” Fred pointed out.

“He does have a point,” James agreed. “She might take you back to her room and make it up to you.”

“Having to sl**p in the hall is a small price to pay if it gets you into her pants,” Fred concluded.

“I don't believe this,” Paul said, rolling his eyes. “You two are sick.”

“No we're not, we're just perverts that are trying to get you laid,” Fred countered. “James, your bother must be gay if he doesn't want to lay the pipe to a good looking girl like the boss.”

“I'm not gay,” Paul said defensively.

“Then prove it by going over there and getting some pussy,” Fred challenged him.

“He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to,” James chipped in. “There's nothing wrong with being gay after all.”

“I'm not gay,” Paul repeated, storming out of the room.

“He's going down in flames,” Fred mused when Paul had shut the door behind him.

“Like the plane in Final Destination,” James agreed.

+ * + * +

“They kicked you out?” JoJo asked Paul after Paul had relayed the story her, minus the bits about him getting into her pants of course.

“That was my reaction,” Paul said, nodding his head. “They told me to come here and stay with you.”

“I guess I do have an extra bed,” JoJo said, glancing over at the spare bed.

“You don't have to let me stay,” Paul said. “I can sl**p in the hall or something.”

“No, I can't let one of my best friends sl**p in the hall,” JoJo said, just as Fred and James had predicted she would. “I can't believe your b*****r would kick you out like that. Fred would do it in a heartbeat, but James is a nice guy.”

“I think he was willing to let me sl**p on the floor, but Fred said no,” Paul said, playing to her beliefs.

“Lets go talk to them,” JoJo said, grabbing Paul's hand and dragging him out the door.

On the way to the boys' room JoJo tried to reconcile the James she knew as a k** and the one she knew now. As a k** she'd had a bit of a crush on him, mostly because he was older seemed to know everything. Now she wasn't sure how she felt about him. He was still a good-looking guy, and he was an amazing guitarist, but he no longer held the same fascination for her that he had just a couple years ago.

She also wasn't quite sure how she felt about Paul. He'd been one of her best friends for what seemed like forever so it was hard to think of him as anything else, but recently she'd started seeing him in a different light. In many ways he had become what she'd always seen in James, she just couldn't seem to get past the idea that he was almost her b*****r.

Fred, on the other hand, was another matter altogether. He was a bit of bad boy, who appealed to something deep inside her, but she didn't really think twice about him as anything but a drummer. Maybe it was the fact that he made no secret of the fact he hated everything her music stood for and considered her career a joke. Maybe it was just that he couldn't compare to James or Paul, so she never gave him much thought. Either way, there was never any real hope that he might be anything other than some guy to pound on the drums for her.

“You brought her here?” Fred asked when he opened the door and found Paul and JoJo standing on the other side.

“It was her idea,” Paul responded.

“You might as well come in,” Fred said, pushing the door open wide enough to let them in. When they'd both walked through the door he closed it behind them. “Want anything to drink? We were just about to raid the mini bar.”

“No thanks,” JoJo said.

“You sure? We're stuck here with nothing else to do,” Fred said. “Or are you afraid to have some fun with someone other than Paula there?”

“My name's not Paula,” Paul snapped.

“Too bad, you would've made a cute chick,” Fred said, pinching Paul's cheek. “So how 'bout it, boss? Have a drink with us and we'll let Paul stay.”

“Fine,” JoJo sighed.

“Have you ever played I Never?” Fred asked her as he turned around and opened the mini bar.

“What's that?” JoJo asked, unsure where this was heading.

“Everyone gets something to drink,” Fred replied, pulling out four of the little bottles of liquor from the mini bar. “Which do you want?”

“Tequila,” JoJo replied, taking the bottle of yellow liquid from him.

“James likes vodka, so he can have that one. I'll take the whiskey and Paul can have the gin,” Fred said, distributing the bottles. “Okay, so the first person makes a statement about something they've never done and anyone that has done it has to take a drink. For instance I could say 'I've never owned a Backstreet Boys CD' and anyone that has owned one would have to take a drink.”

“I think I understand,” JoJo said, nodding her head.

“I'll go first,” Fred said as they got into a circle with Paul to his right, James on his left and JoJo across from him. “I've never worn a bra.”

Both James and Paul laughed as Fred smirked. None of them had ever worn a bra, but JoJo, being a girl, had been wearing one pretty much every day for a couple years so she opened her bottle and took a drink from it.

“I've never kissed a guy,” James said, taking his turn next.

“I'm beginning to think this isn't a fair game,” JoJo snorted as she took a drink. “I'm next aren't I? I've never worn a jock strap.”

James and Paul both took drinks because they'd played Little League baseball. Fred, on the other hand, had never gotten into sports so he abstained from drinking.

“I've never started my own band,” Paul said. Both James and Fred drank, but when JoJo didn't, Paul corrected her. “Technically we're in your band, so you did start one.”

“Shit, you're right,” JoJo groaned, grimacing as she tilted her bottle and let some more tequila enter her system. “What happens if one of us runs out before the others? Is the game over?”

“You can just take off clothing instead,” Fred suggested.

“I don't think so,” JoJo said.

“We'll vote on it,” Fred said. “Who votes that we can take off clothes instead of drinking?”

“Can I go put on more clothes?” JoJo asked when three hands shot into the air, and hers wasn't one of them.

“Not our fault you didn't plan ahead,” James said. “Your turn Fred.”

“I've never had sex with a guy,” Fred said, looking right at JoJo when he said it. When she hesitated, he grinned. “We all know you have, so drink or take something off.”

“How do you know I have?” JoJo challenged him.

“Paul's got a big mouth,” James replied.

“You told them?” JoJo asked Paul before taking her drink.

“No, but you just did,” Paul said, shaking his head in disbelief at the way they'd tricked her.

“What?” JoJo asked. When she saw the smirks James and Fred had on their faces she realized what they'd done. “I'll get you for that.”

“Yeah, uh huh, sure,” Fred sarcastically said, rolling his eyes. “So, how many guys have you slept with?”

“I don't think so,” JoJo said, waving the question off.

“We just want to get to know you better,” Fred pressed. “You know, becomes friends and that stuff.”

“Fine, two,” JoJo said, not quite believing that she was actually telling them.

“That sounds about right,” Fred said, looking her over in her almost knee length skirt and seemingly trademark tank top.

“Whose turn is it?” JoJo asked, trying to change the topic.

“Mine,” James said. “I've never been to an Usher contest.”

“Does it count as going if I was performing?” JoJo asked.

“Drink,” Fred instructed.

“I need a new one,” JoJo said, shaking her empty bottle.

“Okay,” Fred said, turning around to open the fridge. After pulling the remaining bottles, he turned back around and placed them in the middle of the circle.

They kept going around, Fred and James asking loaded questions they knew had a pretty good chance of making JoJo drink. Paul at least tried to do halfway fair questions, but JoJo still wound up drinking at least twice as much as the guys.

“I've never met Bill Cosby,” James said.

“I'm out,” JoJo said, slurring her words slightly as she held up her empty bottle.

“Then take something off because there aren't any more bottles,” Fred told her.

“I never agreed to that,” JoJo said.

“We voted on it democratically,” Fred pointed out. “You went along with the vote, so you're stuck.”

“Fine,” JoJo said, kicking off her sandals. She'd been wearing running shoes earlier but she'd taken them off and put sandals on once she'd gotten to her room. Now she wished she'd kept her shoes and socks, and even her parka, on to give her a little extra to take off.

“Nice ankles,” James told her. He'd always had a bit of a thing for legs, so it was natural for him to notice her shapely stems.

“Thanks,” JoJo said, blushing at the odd compliment. “I've never had sex with a girl.”

James and Fred both took drinks but Paul blushed when he had to keep his bottle still. JoJo knew he was still a virgin, and both James and Fred figured he was, but it was still a little embarrassing to have to admit it like that.

“Okay Virgin Mary, your turn,” Fred told Paul.

“I think it's great that he hasn't had sex yet,” JoJo said, glaring at Fred for his comment.

“I've never lost my virginity to a fat chick,” Paul said, knowing that Fred would be the only one to drink.

“I've never followed the boss here around like a love sick puppy,” Fred snapped, forcing Paul to drink.

“I've never had a crush on anyone in this room,” James said, forcing Paul to drink.

JoJo hesitated a moment before pulling off her shirt. Paul knew she'd had a crush on James so she knew she couldn't get out of it. He was too much a stickler for honesty that if she had tried to bluff he would've called her on it.

“You think she's got cute ankles, but those are the real attraction at her shows,” Fred told James as he stared at JoJo's bra covered tits.

Hearing Fred's comments, JoJo crossed her arms over her chest to block their view. Part of her was humiliated, but part of her was also exhilarated. It was hard to believe, but having three sets of eyes focused on her was actually turning her on.

“I've never seen the big deal about Led Zeppelin,” JoJo said, smirking as all three guys took drinks.

“I've never had sex with a groupie,” Paul said, making both James and Fred drink.

“Groupies are one of the perks of playing music,” James said, defending himself even though no one, not even JoJo, was judging him for it.

“I've never had anything put up my ass,” Fred said.

“I think I'm going to call it a night,” JoJo suddenly announced. She reached for her shirt, but the alcohol slowed her and James got to it first.

“Trying to dodge the question?” Fred asked her.

“Can I have my shirt?” JoJo asked James as she struggled to her feet.

“Answer the question and you can have it back,” Fred told her.

“No, give her the shirt,” Paul said.

“We will when she answers the question,” Fred said.

“She hasn't, okay?” Paul said.

“I have,” JoJo sheepishly admitted, bending over to take her shirt away from James.

“What?” Paul asked her, shocked at her admission.

“Since you don't have anything left to drink, take something off and then you can go,” Fred told JoJo.

“No, she can drink from mine,” Paul said.

“Okay, but she has to finish the rest,” Fred responded. “That sounds good, doesn't it James?”

“That works,” James agreed.

“She's had enough already,” Paul said.

“Then she can use that body of hers and work it off another way,” Fred said. “She owes us something, and she's not leaving until we get it.”

“Here,” JoJo said, taking Paul's bottle. Like a pro, she tilted it back and let the almost full bottle drain down her throat.

“I'm taking her to her room,” Paul said, hooking his arm around her waist to support her.

“We'll help,” James said.

“I'm not. I'm staying here. I don't care if she gets lost or something. Good fucking riddance,” Fred snorted.

“Don't be an asshole. We got her d***k. The least we can do is make sure she gets back okay,” James said.

“Whatever,” Fred said, getting to his feet. “But it's not my fault she can't hold her alcohol.”

“Objection noted,” James said. “Now lets go.”

“If we're going to do this, then we need to do it right,” Fred said as Paul carelessly led JoJo out into the hall. “She's a fucking minor d***k out of her skull and you go parading her around for all to see? Do you want someone to call the cops on us?”

“He's right,” James agreed. “We should at least try to make sure no one catches her like this.”

“What do you want me to do?” Paul demanded.

“Look around a corner to make sure the coast is clear before turning it. If there's someone around it, you don't want to be leading a d***k teenager right past them,” James replied.

“Fine,” Paul said, conceding to their logic.

“We'll walk ahead of you. If you hear one of us say the word 'snowstorm' after we turn the corner, then you know someone is on the other side and hide her,” James instructed.

Before Paul could answer, James and Fred pushed past him and rounded the corner. He made sure JoJo was fine before following them.

“That's one hell of a snowstorm going out there, isn't it?” James asked Fred just after they'd turned the corner leading to JoJo's room and saw a tall man in a dark blue business suit walking toward them.

Hearing the keyword, Paul peeked around the corner. Seeing someone coming right toward him, he looked for some place to put JoJo. Not seeing any, the only thing he could think of was to push her against the wall and kiss her.

“He's gone,” James hissed, his head poking around the corner.

“You sure?” Paul asked him.

As they continued toward JoJo's room, James had to give it to his b*****r. He thought quickly and got a little action out of it as well. All in all, it was amazing the k** hadn't talked some girl out of her panties yet.

For JoJo, the kiss helped her decide how she felt about Paul. He had always been one of her closest friends but the hunger in his lips set her body on fire. It also helped fire the synapses in her brain and clear a little of the alcohol-induced haze from her brain.

“Where's your key?” Paul asked JoJo when they were standing in front of her door.

“In my pocket,” JoJo answered, trying to retrieve it. Even though she was thinking a little clearer, her coordination was still dulled and after several failed attempts Paul finally pushed her hand away and pulled it out for her. “Thanks.”

Rather than let her try to unlock the door, he put the keycard in the lock himself and pushed the door open. Paul ushered her through the door and left the door open for James and Paul to close.

“Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide. Sometimes I'm scared of you, but all I really want is to hold you tight,” JoJo d***kenly sang, turning around and throwing her arms around Paul.

“When you start singing Britney, it's time for you to go to bed,” Paul told her.

“Want to come to bed with me?” JoJo asked him, staring up expectantly.

“Not tonight,” Paul replied, pulling away from her.

“Come on, I know you want to,” JoJo said, pouting as she seductively pulled her tank top up her stomach. When it reached her shoulders, she pulled it off over her head and hung across Paul's face.

“No I don't,” Paul replied, brushing the shirt off his face. The problem was that he really did want to take her to bed and his cock lurched at the sight of bra. He just would rather her to be sober at the time instead of doing it because she was d***k out of her mind.

“I'm telling you your b*****r is gay,” Fred muttered to James from just inside the doorway.

“She's d***k,” James replied. “I can understand it.”

“My rule is if she's not passed out, then she's fair game,” Fred said.

Hearing James and Fred, JoJo suddenly remembered that there were other people in the room and spun around. When Fred broke into a grin she blushed and tried to cover herself. Just as before though, she found she kind of liked being half-naked in front of them.

“Shit, if he's not going to do it, I will,” Fred said, stepping forward.

“No,” Paul said, stepping between JoJo and Fred. Even if he didn't want to do anything with her, he sure as hell wasn't going to let anyone else. Not only because she was d***k but also because he didn't want anyone touching her period.

“I think we made him jealous,” Fred whispered to JoJo, who giggled.

“I'm not jealous,” Paul said through gritted teeth. He was jealous, and it was obvious to all involved, but he wasn't going to admit it.

“James, will you get your b*****r out of my way before I hurt him?” Fred said, turning to look at James.

“I don't think so,” James said, moving to Paul's side. “But I think I will do what he won't do.”

“What?” Paul asked in disbelief as his b*****r picked JoJo up and moved her to the bed.

“Oh James,” JoJo moaned for Paul's benefit as she was laid across the bed. She really only wanted Paul, but she needed some relief and if he wasn't going to give it to her then James was a great option.

“Come on, k**, lets go sit over there and wait our turn,” Fred said, pushing an enraged Paul over toward the other bed and pushing him onto it. “Don't worry, we won't hurt her. She looks like she's enjoying it to me.”

JoJo was in fact enjoying herself. James had begun kissing his way up her legs with his hands massaging them as he went. At 5'1″ she'd always considered her legs too short and stumpy, but James seemed to love them and the worship he was lavishing on them was getting her even more excited.

When James reached the hem of her skirt, he pushed it higher until his hand found the waistband of her panties. He quickly flipped it up to her waist, revealing a pair of white cotton panties with a single pair of cherries right over her pussy.

“You evil temptress,” James groaned when he saw her panties. JoJo giggled at his reaction, but it rapidly turned to a moan when his tongue traced the outline of the cherries.

His fingertips traced along the outsides of her thighs down to her knees before reversing course and he dragged his fingernails back up to the waistband of her panties. Hooking his fingers into the waistband, he started pulling them down, bringing a light mat of brown hair into view. As he continued to pull them down, he kissed, licked, and nibbled on the skin of her leg just ahead of her panties. When he reached the end, he gave her a little love bite on the ball of her ankle before finally pulling them the rest of the way off. After tossing them on the ground he moved over to the other leg and began working his way back up the same way he'd come down.

“Please,” JoJo squeaked, throat too dry to speak louder. Her mind was buzzing with anticipation as she felt James' hot breath against her bare pussy.

At her request, James stuck out his tongue and lightly dragged the tip the length of her slit, collecting some of the moisture that was collecting there. Using his fingers to open her up a bit more, he dig his tongue into her hole before licking upward with more f***e.

“Uhh,” JoJo grunted, her hands grabbing her skirt.

Seeing her clit starting to peek out from under its hood, James flicked it with his tongue, drawing a loud gasp from JoJo. When it popped free, he swirled his tongue around it, bathing it in his saliva.

“Ohh,” JoJo moaned, her body going rigid as shock waves started at her clit and coursed through her little body. Her arms straightened and locked, holding her skirt over James' head as he worked her over.

Noting her reaction, James dropped his tongue down to her opening. Collecting some of her juices he moved back up and used them to lubricate her clit some more. When he grazed her clit with his teeth she arched her back and it almost looked like she was levitating above the bed.

“Oh God,” JoJo panted. Of the two guys she'd had sex with, only one had gone down on her, and that had been a rather inept attempt that didn't last very long. Her body certainly hadn't reacted the way it currently was.

Sensing that her climax was approaching, James slipped a finger into her pussy. Sucking her clit into his mouth, he let his tongue caress it while he worked the finger in out of her. After a few more seconds, JoJo virtually screamed and her already tight pussy clamped down on his finger and held it in a death grip.

“Oh fuck,” JoJo gasped, struggling to suck in enough air as her orgasm hit her. “Fuck me, oh fuck.”

James slowed down his ministrations, but didn't stop completely. He continued to slowly finger fuck her pussy until her body had stopped trembling before breaking contact with her completely.

“You heard her,” Fred said, standing up and working on his belt. “She said to fuck her, so lets fuck her.”

“Wait,” James said, standing up. “Paul should go first.”

“Yeah, Paul,” JoJo said, her mind still clouded by her orgasm. “Wait, first?”

“All or nothing, babe,” Fred informed her before pulling Paul up off the other bed. “Get in there and make us proud. Or at least don't blow your load in the first five seconds.”

“Come on, Paul. Fuck me,” JoJo said.

When he didn't comply, she rolled over onto her stomach. Getting up on her hands and knees, she reached out and grabbed the waist of his pants. After pulling him closer, she unbuttoned his pants. When she had his pants completely undone, she yanked them and they came down along with his boxers.

“I said, fuck me,” JoJo snarled, grabbing Paul's cock and tugging on it until he fell onto the bed beside her. She shifted around and threw her leg over his waist to pin him to the bed.

With her hot pussy pressed against his bare cock, Paul stopped fighting. Reaching up, his hands molded themselves to her breasts through her bra.

A moan escaped JoJo's lips and she sat up. Grinding her pussy against his cock as it was pinned between them, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Pushing the straps down her arms, she leaned back and let the bra come away in his hands.

“Want to fuck me now?” JoJo asked Paul, leaning down to whisper in his ear.

When he nodded, she reached back and grabbed the base of his cock. She slid forward until she felt the head press against her opening. With a grunt, she pushed herself back, slowly impaling herself on his manhood.

As inch after inch of his cock disappeared into her snatch, Paul couldn't believe the tightness. Her pussy squeezed him like an anaconda and it was driving him nuts. He didn't have any point of comparison, but he was sure that she was tighter than most women were. On top of all that, the muscles inside her pussy pulsed and milked him, as if trying to pull him in even deeper.

“Mmm,” JoJo purred when she finally had as much of him inside her as she could get.

After taking a moment to enjoy the penetration, JoJo put her hands on Paul's chest. She used her hands to push herself into a sitting position on top of him and smiled down at him. Putting her weight against Paul's chest, she slowly lifted herself up until about half of his cock had pulled out before dropping back down.

As JoJo began to slowly fuck him, Paul's eyes were fixed on her tits. They had already been quite a nice size for her age, but her arms had pressed them together and with her back arched slightly they looked even bigger. They looked good enough to nibble on as far as he was concerned.

“It's like watching the fucking Spice Channel,” Fred said as he watched the two of them fuck. JoJo's skirt had fallen down and was currently blocking their view. All they were seeing was their legs and JoJo's back as she rode Paul's cock.

“I hear you,” James said, getting up from the bed. Moving in behind JoJo, he grabbed her skirt and flipped it up onto her back. However, the moment JoJo moved it fell back into place. Shrugging his shoulders, he put his hand on JoJo's back. When she took the cue and leaned forward, he flipped the skirt up again, this time tucking it in the waistband to make sure it stayed in place.

“Uhh,” JoJo grunted as she pushed herself back onto Paul's cock. She'd moved her hands to the bed on either side of Paul and lowered her body until her nipples barely grazed his stomach and chest on every stroke.

“Use your hands,” James told Paul, seeing that his b*****r's arms were stretched out lifelessly on the bed.

Taking his b*****r's advice, Paul moved his hands in until they were at JoJo's knees. He let his thumbs caress the skin just above them for a moment before moving his hands again. As his hands traveled up JoJo's thighs, he marveled at how soft and silky they felt. He finally stopped his hands when they reached that point where her thighs met her ass and helped push and pull her onto his cock.

Before sitting back down, James took a moment to get a closer look at JoJo's snatch stretched around the invading cock. Shifting his gaze slightly upward, he noticed that her asshole seemed to flex and contract in time with her thrusts onto Paul's cock.

“Dude,” Fred said, wrinkling his nose as he watched James start to squat behind JoJo.

“Ohh,” JoJo moaned. Her eyes were tightly clenched and she was so focused on fucking Paul that she almost didn't feel the soft pressure against her asshole. At first she thought it was just Paul's finger, but when it came again, more insistently, that she opened her eyes in surprise. Craning her head, she looked back and saw James kneeling behind her. When she saw his tongue dart out and make contact with her anus, she moaned loudly and pushed back at the probing object.

“Little JoJo likes it, doesn't she?” James asked her. When she moaned, he grabbed her ass cheeks in each hand and went at her asshole with a little more f***e. Spitting right into the middle of her brown eye, he dug his tongue into the orifice before swirling around he outside.

“Fuck,” JoJo gasped, pressing her upper body against Paul and hitching her ass up onto James' tongue.

“Fuck Paul,” James told JoJo. With her asshole nice and wet, he pressed the tip of his finger against her rosebud.

“Ahh,” JoJo whimpered, eyes wide with shock at the double penetration.

As JoJo moved forward to pull of Paul's cock, James let his finger slip out of her ass almost all the way before following her. Then on the return strokes he held his hand steady and let her impale herself on both the cock and finger.

“Gonna come,” Paul gasped. JoJo's pussy was just too tight and he was too inexperienced.

“Not yet,” JoJo urged him. Her own orgasm was quickly picking up steam and with both her holes being worked like they were, she knew it wasn't going to be long before reached her peak.

Upon hearing his b*****r's declaration, James removed his finger from her ass and moved back. There was no way he was going to have his hands and face right there when his b*****r shot his load.

“Gonna come now,” Paul repeated.

“So close,” JoJo moaned, regretfully slipping off him. Rolling onto her back, her hands immediately went for her pussy in hopes of finishing herself off. Her eyes were closed and she almost jumped when she felt hands pull her fingers away from her pussy.

“Finish Paul,” James told her before burying his head in her pussy.

Opening her eyes, her head lurched backward when Paul's cock appeared before her face. Before she had time to even react, it pulsed and a stream of come raced for her face. The first one hit her forehead followed by several that landed on her cheeks.

“Oh God,” JoJo moaned as her orgasm finally hit her. Grabbing James' hair, she clamped her knees around his head. Her body was wracked with wave after wave of pleasure as her hips bucked against James' tongue.

“Be a gentleman and get her a towel, will ya?” James asked Paul as he stood up. His b*****r's goo was sliding down her cheeks and was quickly making its way toward her hair.

“Out of my way, coming through,” Fred said, pushing James out of the way as he kicked off his shoes.

“I'm next, jackass,” James said, jockeying for position.

“Rock-paper-scissors?” Fred asked, holding out one hand.

“It’s the fair thing,” James said. After several years of playing the game with Fred, James knew that his friend had a penchant for making a rock.

ŕ-2-3,” Fred counted out loud. On three, Fred threw his customary rock and grimaced when James countered with paper. “FUCK!”

As Paul handed JoJo a clean towel to wipe off her face, James grabbed her legs. Using them he pulled her until her ass was at the edge of the bed. Sticking her legs straight up in the air, James grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock. When she positioned it at her entrance, he slowly pressed forward, clutching her legs to his chest with both hands.

“Oh yeah,” JoJo moaned quietly as she felt James' cock pushing into her. He was slightly wider than Paul had been and it felt like she was being split in two.

“Let me hear you babe,” James directed her.

When his cock was fully inside her, James didn't bother to dawdle. He immediately pulled back and began hammering away at her pussy. A grunt or moan accompanied every thrust into her tight pussy, each louder than the one before.

As Paul watched his b*****r JoJo, Paul couldn't help but feel jealous and territorial. He didn't want anyone fucking her, let alone right after he'd finished. It also didn't help that James seemed to be getting a better reaction from her than he had.

With her legs clutched against his chest, James let his hands caress her lower calves as he fucked her. Every few strokes he'd slow down and his hands would stroke her legs toward her knees before returning to around her ankles.

Her orgasm had removed the last the effects of the alcohol from her brain, but the elixir of lust had replaced it. At first all she'd wanted, or intended, to do was fuck Paul, but now she couldn't help herself from wanting more. As her third orgasm of the night started to build inside her, all she could think about was whether she'd get a fourth, or a fifth.

“Think she can take two?” Fred asked James as he watched the action over James' shoulder.

“You're joking, right?” James responded.

“Look at her, she'll love it,” Fred said, nodding his head at the way JoJo was getting more depraved with every moment

JoJo, eyes closed and totally focused on her own pleasure, heard nothing of the exchange. It wasn't until she felt James withdraw from her completely that she opened her eyes. Turning her head to the side, she saw James flop down on the bed next to her. She fixed him with a pleading stare as she hovered on the precipice of climax.

When JoJo didn't immediately roll over with him, James reached over and grabbed her arm. Once he gave it a little tug and started to pull her toward him, she got the hint and threw her leg over him.

Lifting herself up, she positioned his cock at her entrance and dropped herself down. The little layoff had pulled her back from the edge slightly, but she was still close enough that she immediately began fucking him.

“Huh?” JoJo asked in a half moan when she felt a hand press against her back, right between her shoulders.

Turning her head, she saw Fred behind her as she was pushed forward until she was flat against James's chest. She wasn't sure what was happening until she saw him grab his cock and step forward. Even then she didn't quite know what to expect until she felt his cock press against her asshole.

“No, please don't,” JoJo begged, barely above a whisper. Panic had robbed her of most of her voice or she would've pleaded louder.

She tried to sit up, but Fred's hand was still on her back, holding her down. When Fred began to push she felt the pain of her anus being stretched and she gritted her teeth against it. When the head popped past the muscle she whimpered and her eyes watered against the pain of having both holes filled.

“Oww, stop,” JoJo gasped. She tried to pull forward, but James had his hands on her waist and held her in place.

Fred took a moment to soak in the way her ass gripped the head of his cock before pushing more in. When he was halfway in, he pulled out slightly. Pushing back in, he got a little more inside her ass than before. He kept working that way, pulling out a little and then pushing a little more in, until he felt his pelvis bump against her ass cheeks.

“Please stop,” JoJo said once more, this time tinged with a little pleasure as she adjusted to the two cocks that felt like they were going to rip her in half.

“Just relax babe,” James told her. He wrapped one hand around her and held her to him. His other hand moved down and began stroking her thigh.

“Uhh,” JoJo groaned when she felt Fred start to withdraw. There was still some pain from being stretched so wide, but the worst of it seemed to be behind her.

As Fred pushed his way back into her, JoJo grunted and laid her head against James' chest. She bit her lip as James started thrusting in opposite strokes to Fred. When Fred pulled out of her ass James pushed into her cunt.

“Ahh,” JoJo whimpered. Her ass was beginning to go numb, which she was grateful for, and her clit pressing against James' cock was beginning to override any pain she felt.

“Get in there k**do. Her mouth is free,” Fred told Paul as he grabbed JoJo's hips and began picking up speed.

“Oh God,” JoJo groaned as she hung onto James for dear life.

“You sure?” Paul asked JoJo as he slid up next to her. When she nodded, he gave her a quick kiss before straightening up and pressing his cock against her mouth.

As JoJo opened her mouth for Paul, she felt strangely turned on. The trifecta was being completed with all three holes filled and it finally made her get into what she was doing. Her ass was still stretched uncomfortably, but the cock in her pussy was beginning to work it's magic. It was all combining to get her orgasm rolling again, which she'd thought would never happen once Fred's cock had started working it's way into her asshole.

Every stroke Fred made into her ass pushed JoJo forward and impaled her mouth even further on Paul's cock. Then as he backed out JoJo pushed back to meet James as he drove up into her pussy. If that wasn't enough, Paul had figured out the rhythm and began fucking her face in time with the rest of the group.

The extreme tightness of JoJo's ass wrapped around his cock was taking its toll in Fred. A couple more thrusts and he knew he'd be on the verge. Gripping her hips tighter, he gritted his teeth and began slamming into her even harder.

“I'm getting close,” James warned JoJo.

“Not in me,” JoJo tried to say, but just as she said it Paul pushed his cock into her mouth and distorted her words.

“Cum in me? You read my mind babe,” Fred hissed as he geared up for his orgasm.

“No, I said not in me,” JoJo said, pulling her mouth off Paul's cock so she could be understood.

“I'm so close,” Fred grumbled, not wanting to pull out when he could be the first to deposit a load in her ass.

“Pull out,” James told Fred, ceasing his thrusting for fear of not being able to hold back his own orgasm.

“Fine,” Fred grunted, reluctantly extricating himself from the warm tightness of JoJo's anus.

Lifting JoJo up, James rolled her over onto her back next to him. Getting up onto his knees he moved down the bed a little by her legs. Stroking his cock, he hissed and threw his head back as his come erupted out of the end of his cock and left ropes across her legs.

Fred, not to be outdone, moved further up her body and straddled her stomach. Her tits really weren't big enough for a tit fucking quite yet, but that didn't stop him from lightly smacking his cock against them as he finished himself off. With a loud grunt, he aimed his cum at her tits and left each one with a nice covering of jizz.

“We have got to do this again sometime,” Fred said as he flopped himself down on the bed.

“I'm gonna take a shower,” JoJo said. She paused and looked at Paul for a moment before turning and heading for the bathroom.

“We'll leave you alone,” James said as he picked up his clothes. “Come on, let's go back to our room.”

“Where do you think you're going k**?” Fred asked Paul when all three of them were dressed and headed for the door.

“Going back to the room,” Paul replied.

“I don't think so,” Fred said, shaking his head. “We kicked your ass out remember?”

“Then where am I going to sl**p?” Paul demanded.

“I'm going to be nice for a change and tell you why you're an idiot,” Fred told Paul.

“You're going to be nice by calling me an idiot?” Paul challenged.

“Fuck you then,” Fred said, opening the door and walking through it.

“Don't mind him,” James told his b*****r. “JoJo wanted us to leave, not you. When she said she was going to take a shower, she looked at you like she was expecting you to volunteer to wash her back.”

“No she didn't. You said it yourself, she doesn't think of me that way,” Paul said.

“Well she does now,” James told him before leaving and closing the door behind him.

“No she doesn't, does she?” Paul quietly asked himself as he stared at the closed door.

Behind him he heard the sound of the shower coming through the bathroom door that JoJo had left slightly open, as if she was hoping he'd take the hint and join her. Steeling his nerve, he decided to see if his b*****r was right.

Pushing the bathroom door open a little wider, he poked his head inside and saw JoJo's outline against the frosted glass shower door. She had her back to the showerhead with her back arched so she could get her hair under the spray.

“I guess I'm staying with you,” Paul called out.

“Then you can get me a towel,” JoJo responded.

Spotting some on the counter Paul grabbed one. Walking over to the shower he knocked on the door expecting her to slide the door open just enough for her hand to slip through and grab the towel. Instead she slid the door open as far as it would go, giving him a nice view as the water hit her around her collarbone before coursing down her over her succulent tits, stomach and then down her shapely legs to the fiberglass floor.

“You're not getting in here like that, are you?” JoJo asked him as she looked at him in his clothes.

“I guess not,” Paul said, quickly removing his clothes again.

“Here, wash my back,” JoJo said, handing him the little bar of soap as he stepped into the shower.

Once he'd moved behind her he shook his head in disbelief at how accurate James had been. When JoJo reached behind her to pull her hair out of the way though, he forgot all about his b*****r and focused on the more important issue of the naked woman standing in front of him.

He used one hand to drag the soap across her skin and then he used the fingers of his other hand to massage it in and bring it to a nice lather. As soon as he'd gotten her back soaped up, he began to get a little more adventurous. He moved his hands around front and began soaping up one of her breasts.

“Mmm,” JoJo moaned, leaning back against him as he switched the soap to his other hand.

With the one breast squeaky clean, he rubbed the soap into the other. When he was confident that both breasts were as clean as they were going to get, he moved the soap down across her stomach.

“Lower,” JoJo moaned when she felt his fingers pass over her belly button.

Following orders, he dropped the soap to the ground and moved his hands even lower until they reached her bush. When his fingers found her clit, she leaned her shoulders against him even harder and arched her back, pushing her snatch against his hand.

“Ohh,” JoJo panted. Her whole body seemed to gyrate as Paul's fingers manipulated her clit.

He wasn't an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but with the almost insatiable mood she was in at the moment, he didn't have to be to get her rolling. She'd been getting close to coming when she'd been skewered from all sides and her body was picking up where it had left off.

“Oh God,” JoJo moaned as her orgasm neared.

Standing up straight she pressed her whole body against Paul. In response he wrapped his free arm across her stomach and held her even closer. Good thing too because her orgasm hit her like a freight train and her legs seemed to melt out from underneath her. The only thing that kept her from collapsing like a house of cards was the arm around her

“Damn,” JoJo sighed when she had her legs back. “My legs gave out on me there.”

“Better make sure there's nothing wrong with them,” Paul said. It gave him a perfect excuse to get his hands on her legs without seeming weird about it.

Grabbing her shoulders, he spun them around in he cramped quarters so that his back was to the showerhead with him facing her. Kneeling down in front of her, he felt the water pelt him in the back of the head as he let his hands wander up and down her legs.

“Might as well soap them up while you're down there,” JoJo told him. She had a pretty good idea why he was really down there, but like with his b*****r, she thought the leg fetish was actually rather cute instead of weird.

Picking up the bar that he'd dropped, he began soap her legs up. Starting at her ankles, he made sure to get every inch of her leg up to where it connected with her ass. When the first one was done, he repeated the process.

“The showerhead comes off if you want to rinse them,” JoJo suggested, smirking at the care he was lavishing on her legs.

Standing up, he grabbed the showerhead and pulled it off its cradle. He tried to stretch it, but it wouldn't reach far enough. Shrugging his shoulders he pulled her forward until they'd switched places again.

Kneeling once more, he used one hand to point the nozzle at the top of her leg. His other hand rubbed the soap into her leg just ahead of the spray as he moved it downward. When the first leg was washed, he moved over to the other leg and repeated the process until she was nice and clean all over.

“Want me to wash you, or do you want to get dirty again?” JoJo asked Paul when he'd stood up again.

“Dirty,” Paul replied automatically as he put the showerhead back in place.

“Good,” JoJo said, reaching out and pulling him closer.

Putting her hands on his shoulders, she jumped up and scissored her legs around his waist. When his hands grabbed her upper thighs to support her weight, she lifted herself up with her hands on his shoulders until his cock popped out from between them. It rebounded and pressed against her pussy for just a moment before she lowered herself back down.

“Ahh,” JoJo moaned in contentment as she felt her pussy filled once more.

She used her hands to lift herself up before dropping back down on his cock, but it wasn't fast enough for Paul. Pressing her against the wall of the shower, he spread his legs until each of his feet were pressed hard against the sides of the tub. With his new leverage he began pumping up into her pussy with f***e.

“Fuck me,” JoJo whispered into his ear. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her.

She wasn't content with doing nothing either. She pressed her back against the wall of the shower and hunched her hips against Paul, meeting his thrusts with her own.

Feeling his hands start to slip on her slick skin he moved them so that he had a cheek of her ass in each. As he fucked her, he moved his index finger along the crack of her ass until he found what he was looking for. His finger pressing against her asshole made JoJo moan even louder as his cock drove into her snatch.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Paul said between grunts.

“No,” JoJo said. It had just been fucked, and though it hadn't ended up being as bad as she'd first thought it wasn't something she really wanted to try again.

“I'll stop if it hurts,” Paul promised.

Opening her eyes, she looked at Paul. She knew he meant it but she wasn't quite ready to try it again just yet. When he leaned forward and kissed her though, she stopped thinking and nodded her acquiescence.

Lifting herself off his dick, she unhooked her legs from around his waist. She dropped down onto her own legs and turned around so her back was to him.

“Facing the glass would probably be better,” Paul said, noting how wet the floor was. This way his feet wouldn't slide very far before they stopped if he lost his footing.

“Use your tongue,” JoJo said, remembering what James had done for her.

Paul raised an eyebrow at her request, but he was too excited to deny it. Licking her asshole was a small price to pay for what she'd already let him do, and that didn't take into account what he hoped she might let him do in the future.

Kneeling behind her, Paul spread the cheeks of her ass with his hands. Seeing her brown eye winking at him, he leaned in and tentatively flicked his tongue across it. When it didn't taste much different than any other part of her body, likely thanks to all the water, he went at it with a little more gusto.

“That's good,” JoJo moaned as his tongue dove forward to give her pussy a lick or two.

“Hold your ass open,” Paul said when he'd gotten to his feet. He grabbed the showerhead again to provide extra lubrication and wasn't going to be able to hold it, keep her ass open and aim his cock at her asshole all at the same time.

Pressing her upper body against the door of the shower, JoJo reached behind her and spread her ass for him. When she felt the head make contact with her anus, she sucked in a deep breath. As it pressed more insistently she suddenly wondered why she'd agreed to let him do it.

Pointing the spray at the point of contact between her asshole and his cock, Paul pushed forward. When his cock popped past her sphincter he noted the way her body stiffened and immediately stopped.

“Go,” said JoJo when the initial pain lessened.

As he pushed forward some more, JoJo was amazed that the pain was minimal. She wasn't sure if it was the fact that she'd already been fucked in the ass that made the difference or if it was because Paul was being more careful with her. Either way, it wasn't bad and she was actually almost enjoying it. When she felt his body press against her hands she knew he was all the way in. Letting go of her ass she moved her hands forward and braced herself against the shower door.

Paul reached over and put the showerhead back in its mount so he could use both hands. Gripping JoJo's hips, he began a slow withdrawal. When he was halfway out, he slowly pushed back in; soaking up the way her asshole seemed to milk his cock.

While Paul began to slowly pick up speed, JoJo began to push back to meet him. It still felt odd, but there was a certain naughtiness to what they were doing to make it interesting. The idea that she was doing something she wasn't supposed to do gave her a charge.

By the time Paul was fucking her ass with the same kind of zeal he'd shown when he'd fucked her pussy, JoJo was beginning to feel her orgasm start inside her. Wanting to coax it along, she leaned forward and moved her hand down to her pussy. Her chest pressed against the shower door as her finger found her clit.

“Oh yeah,” JoJo moaned. The first touch sent shockwaves through her system and her orgasm took a huge leap forward. It went from being a small one on the horizon to being a rather large one just around the corner.

As JoJo was beginning to find her climax, Paul was getting close to his as well. He was just too inexperienced to stay in such a tight place for long without losing it. At first he'd been afraid he'd explode before he even got all the way inside her.

“Fuck my ass,” JoJo groaned, furiously rubbing her clit.

“I'm gonna cum,” Paul said through gritted teeth as he tried to hold out just a little longer. “Pull out?”

“In me,” JoJo moaned. “Cum in my ass.”

Hearing that kind of command coming out of the girl he'd had a crush on for years was just too much for Paul. With a loud grunt he pushed himself into her ass as far as he could and let loose. His whole body pulsed in time with the shots of come that erupted out of his cock.

JoJo had already been close, but feeling Paul's come coating her inside pushed her over the edge. With a wail of pleasure her body stiffened and her asshole clamped down even tighter on Paul's cock. Every pulse and throb the cock made her increased her orgasm.

After what seemed like eternity, they finally came down enough to disentangle themselves. Finally turning off the water, JoJo slid the door open. Grabbing a towel she passed it back to Paul and then grabbed another one for herself.

“I think I could sl**p for a week,” JoJo said as she snuggled up to Paul in the same bed.

Neither of them had bothered to put on clothes after their shower. Part of it was because they were just too exhausted to, but mostly it was because neither one felt the need to cover themselves.

“See you in a week then,” Paul said, his eyes already starting to droop.

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