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John, Jillian and Me

I was talking with my buddy, we had spent part the afternoon in his covered back patio. John and I were now in our mid 40’s. We had known each other since grade and high school. In college, we even sexually shared girl friends. There were different ones each semester, all four years.

After college, John inherited his father’s small trucking company. I, on the other hand, went to work in a local business office for a year and then was transferred to the home office in another state.

Over the years, I had come home for a few days. One time to be his best man at his first marriage at age twenty five. That one ended in divorce after five years. He had caught his wife and their neighbor fucking in his bed. It was then that he divorced her.

John had never told me any of those troubles before. Neither had he said that his own wife had given him a bad dose of Clap. For a long time he thought that it was just a case of stubborn urethritis. It was much later after the divorce that he finally saw a doctor. He found out that it was a really a tough strain of gonorrhea that the neighbor had donated to John’s wife and that she gave to John.

Nine years later, John’s office help, Joanna, retired after 40 years working for John, his father and grandfather.. She talked John into hiring her beautiful eighteen year old niece to take the position. Jillian had worked part time the last year of high school and since she graduated. She learned the business helping out her aunt. John married Jill a year later, with Joanna‘s blessing. It was now five years later.

Two years ago, I had been promoted recently to office manager of the company and returned to my home town. I run the same small local area office where I started over twenty one years before. I had married twenty two years ago and was the father of two boys and three girls. They were all off visiting Viola’s parents for the summer. It had been ten days since they left.

Since my return, John and I did many things together, bowling, fishing, etc. My wife, Viola, became close friends with Jillian during that time, despite their age difference. John’s gorgeous 23 year old wife, Jillian, came out and joined us. She was sitting close to me. She had beautiful long legs, was wearing tight and very small white shorts and a loose halter top. I could tell that she was not wearing a bra, there were no bra straps on her bare back. I could not see any panties line either. When she leaned over I could occasionally see the swell of a small breast when the halter would gape open.

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