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My wife and I were planning to take a vacation for some time now. We have never been on a cruise but thought it would be a lot of fun. Vacation time for us was always our little sexual escape from the mundane routine. I would often sport a speedo on the beach showing off the bulge while she would always pack a thong bikini. Items that we would never sport in our native region because of the taboo made by local society. We took care of ourselves and liked to show off a little, presenting my bulge and her ass to the public on vacations always got us worked up. What I didn’t realize is that my wife also had some hidden motive behind this trip. A few weeks prior I had left the computer logged on and on the screen was some conversations with a few other horny guys both bi and gay. During these conversations I was fantasizing about how I wanted to suck and fuck and be fucked by another guy.

We got to the cruise ship and quickly made our way to the lobby area. The boat was amazing, but right off the bat there was something strange about this cruise. Upon entering the check in area a male from customer relations/bellhop appeared in front of us. He was wearing a very tight white shirt and even tighter pants. I looked closer and could see the outline of a thong under his pants. His bulge protruding several inches in front.

He grabbed our bags and walked us to our room. When he bent down to place our bags under the bed his pants stretched and I could see his ass and black thong under. Wow I thought what a hot uniform this guy has. As he stood up he squeezed past me in the small room, his protruding bulge slowly grazed my crotch, as he smiled at me. My wife just looked on as he took my hand and pulled me to the balcony. Again the confined space was even tighter then the room, his ass bumped against my crotch, as he discussed the room service policy and event schedule for the week. His soft bubble ass continued to dig deeper into my crotch as the ship rocked still docked. My wife and I listened to his monolog as my log started to stiffen from all the rubbing. His ass was playing games with my cock. I felt my cock now in a full erect position slide right between his asscheeks. He looked back over his shoulder toying with me, knowing full well my cock was straining against his ass, pushing his white pants and thong against his man pussy. Finally the conversations broke just before I creamed my pants. He bid us good day and walked out of the room. I could see I leaked though my shorts leaving a wet spot on his white pants right in his asscrack.

My wife could see my flushed look realizing I was turned on by the subtle encounter, her plan was working. She suggested we hit the pool area. She went into our luggage and threw a speedo to me. She slid her skirt down and pulled up her little thong bikini. I could see already her lips were swollen with anticipation. Her ass jiggled as she walked past me. We walked out to the pool area and that is when I really noticed something strange with the crowd on the cruise. There were a lot of same sex couples holding each other male and female. Then I saw the rainbow flag over the pool. My wife successfully booked a gay/lesbian cruise. Well I wasn’t going to let it bother me. It actually caused a stir in my speedo. We walked to the bar and ordered a few drinks and sat by the pool. Quite a few people looked our way. We sat down and my wife asked if I could oil her up. She sat in my lap as I poured oil down her back, slowly rubbing it all over her shin. Her body started to glisten in the sunlight. She stood up with her ass in my face as I rubbed oil on her ass. I inadvertently spread her ass cheeks revealing her asshole several times partially covered by the thong. Once done, she realized she forgot her phone in the room, she excused herself and disappeared. At that moment I heard a man’s voice.

I turned and my eyes locked on a muscular stud. His abs and chest rippling, his legs cut and thick, my eyes locked onto his bulge. He was only wearing a tiny pair of purple poising bikini briefs. I couldn’t help but make out the outline of his nuts and cock head. His body already glistening with sweat, when he asked me, “Would u mind oiling my back? That’s when he turned and I got a look at his back and ass, shear muscular perfection. V shaped back and pert bubble ass. I was thinking fuck yes I will, but responded calmly. “Of course sir. Please lay down.” He did as I told as I moved in next to him kneeling on the concrete, as I poured some oil onto his shoulders. His body was so hard and strong. I started with his shoulders, rubbing hard into his thick traps. It already went from applying oil to a massage. He lightly moaned as he instructed. “Oh yes deeper give me a deep tissue rub down.”

My leverage was not great being positioned to his side so without thinking I swung my leg over his body and straddled him on the lounge chair. My package was resting on his lower back, I looked at it to see the oil and his sweat was being absorbed by my speedo. I poured more oil and moved my hands down his back to just above his briefs, as I did I positioned myself lower. My package was now digging into his ass. There was no hiding the fact that I was rock hard. For the second time on the trip I found my rock hard cock between another man’s asscheeks. I tried not to make it too obvious but he was also not objecting. Damn it felt good. I acted like it was an accident when I poured some oil over the ass of his briefs. He just looked back and smiled, requesting that I not forget his thighs. With that I continued to move down as I poured oil on my hand and started to massage his thighs. He didn’t object as my hands moved inward. My hand grazed his balls I could tell they were tight. I was staring at his tight ball sack and didn’t realize my hand had slipped under his purple briefs. I was pulled from my trance when I heard him moan. That’s when I realized my finger was feeling his asshole. I looked around to see no one noticing that I hand my hand under his briefs. I then slipped my finger into his tight asshole. He moaned loader. As I thought to myself I never felt such a tight warm hole in my life. I continued to finger fuck his ass for some time. All that could be seen was the outline of my hand pumping back and forth.

That’s when I heard my wife say “Sorry it took so long.” I pulled my hand out immediately, the man and I looked up and Emma just smiled stated, “What are u doing?” I replied, “Oh this man needed me to oil him up?” She accepted the response with a grin on her face, knowing damn well that I had my hand on that guys ass doing God knows what under his briefs. That is when the man turned over and his cock was hanging out of his briefs at full erection. He smiled and then winked. “Thanks bud, I needed that.” I replied “Any time.” My wife then felt my erection and asked if she could smell my finger. “ I held it up and she smelt it knowing where it was. I replied “sorry babe it just slipped in there. “ She smiled again and just moaned Uhh Huh. I just got caught fingering a guy, little did I know it was a set up by my wife.

To be continued

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