Kissing Kate

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This is one of my fantasies. We move back to California in November and I’m finally able to become an actress. It’s been one of my dreams and since my husband sold his business we have enough money that I can peruse my acting career.

Finally I got my big break. I was to play the next door neighbor to Kate Walsh’s character on ‘Private Practice’, and after my character goes through a bad break up, Kate comes over to console me. We end up in my hot tub, share a bottle of wine, and then in my bed. Needless to say, I’ve been on cloud nine ever since my agent told me about the part. The part also meant a fat paycheck and that my bills would be paid for the rest of the year. Talk about taking the pressure off. Which was a good thing, since I was going to be working with Kate Walsh.

The director could sense that I was nervous. After all I think Kate is a goddess. Her long legs, toned body. Well she always looks amazing. Guess I was nervous that she would discover I had a secret crush on her and that she would freak out. Secondly, this was my big chance and I didn’t want to make any mistakes. Since this role was kind of naughty, the director and producer asked Kate to spend some time with me so that we could build up some chemistry.

My part was a little racy and the script read like something from Cinamax. Yep, ABC was pulling all the stops out for this show. They wanted to spark some interest and what better than to have a ‘normal’ character have her first lesbian experience. We were to wear bikinis in the hot tub and be ‘nude’ in bed. Not really nude but in a nude body suit. I’m pretty comfortable with my body and love to show off, but have never been nude on camera before. Needless to say that added a little stress as the camera can find all those little trouble areas. Our bodies are pretty similar. Kate has a very athletic body, while I’m bigger busted than she is. In fact, I think that I’ve caught her checking me out a few times.

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