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Korean girl Teasing Captives -2016 Investment?

So I got to wondering. If me and a couple of my buddies were to offer a service where you could have the freakiest girl around come and do the most lewd activities live right in front of you, would you pay a fee for an hour of live voyeurism? You’d be blindfolded, driven to a location, and then you could watch her naked as she did…. Whatever. It would probably go something like this!!!

I flipped on the lights and led the way down the steep basement steps. Katie, a young dark haired girl whose parents were both born in South Korea negotiated the steps better than I thought she would. I smiled as I heard the sounds from below and saw my young charge hesitate on the fourth or fifth step. “Go on. You are safe.” She looked back up at me and I wished for all of the world that I had a camera at that moment. Her dark eyes with their almond slant looked up at me for reassurance. As I glanced below the trembling lips and chin I could see the deep cleavage formed by her natural B cup tits and framed by the low cut blouse and sweater she had on. Yes, I really wanted to keep that image in my mind forever!!

At the bottom of the steps I moved around her to unlock one of the three doors. Of course, as I stepped around the 21 year old beauty with the amazing face and killer curves, I let my hand touch her bottom. Both firm and soft at the same time…I wished I could capture the whole thing in my mind forever!!! I swiped my badge and punched in the code and heard the metallic click of the bolts releasing. I opened the door and Katie stepped through into the dimly lit room.

“Stay inside the yellow lines and you will be safe.”

Katie walked carefully and yet somehow seductively between the lines There were coarse murmurs and a few nasty comments made. She had known to expect that. The hands and bare arms reaching out to grab her were unnerving. As long as she stayed between the lines there was no issue.

As her eyes grew accustom to the dim lighting she could see the dark shadowy forms behind the bars to either side of her. Each was naked. Each of the six cells had two men in them. They all were at the bars staring at her with unabashed lust. Each had paid $125 dollars for this opportunity. Katie had paid $200 herself to have this once in a lifetime experience.

At the far end of the room, she stopped and leaned back against a full sized desk that was there, perching her bubble butt round ass on the edge. I closed the door behind me and heard it click locked. We were all secure. Only I knew the combination to get us back out of the cell block.

“Do you boys want to see my young Asian pussy? Do you want me to show you what a virgin looks like?

The grunts grew into demands and crude invitations to do more than talk. I punched a button on my smart phone and the lights in the center of the room came up substantially, putting the young woman in the crisp white shirt and black sweater in a favorable light while seemingly making the shadows darker still where the men waited. She wore a short school uniform skirt that stopped well above the knee. Knee high white socks showed like snow as they hugged the flesh of her calf and ankle. She wore five or six inch high heeled stiletto shiny black paten shoes that made her look taller and longer legged all at the same time. It was a nice affect!

She had always fantasized about safely stripping for a bunch of men and having them watch her as she masturbated. She wanted to hear them call her a slut and a whore. She had given me the bag of items spread out on the desk behind her. I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing what she was going to do next!

Slowly she raised the hem of her skirt, showing those lovely brown firm legs. With her chin still tipped down, she glanced up and let her eyes roam over the shadows moving within the cages. “You like my legs? You want to see how high up they go?” She was playing with them. She was a senior at the university and spoke better English than most of the men in the room! But the little girl with a clipped Asian accent somehow made it seem all the more erotic. I caught myself licking my lips as I waited for hers to appear.

She dropped her hem just as a hint of her abdomen was in view, and she turned and picked up a large lollipop. “I am so bad! I should no show you boys my quim! I, instead will suck this because I love to suck things!!” She was damn good!

She moved the big round ball in and out of her lips as she let her eyes play over those she could not see. From where I stood I could just make out the fact that nearly every man there was stroking his cock, watching her every movement. Her tongue licked around the head of the lollipop and I wanted to groan with a man in the cell to my left. Had I known she was this good, I would have been willing to pay her!!

Suddenly one of the guys to my right dropped to his knees and started sucking on the cock of the other man in the cage with him. I knew that at least two of the cells had been purchased as a pair. Obviously these two had a prior relationship! To my left, a huge black man moved behind a shorter Hispanic guy and they both continued to watch the action at the desk, though now the big black cock was being slid up the cleft of the other man’s ass and across his lower back. “It takes all kinds,” I remembered my grandmother saying once and I smiled.

A few more twirls of her lollipop and the girl sat up on the desk, spread her legs and pulled her skirt all the way up and we all beheld the beauty of her Korean fortune cookie! She had just a tuft of jet black fur nestled at the very top of the slit and no other hint of hair! Her pussy lips were wet and glistened in the harsh light. I have seen women with more pronounced labia, but hers had a stripped pink and then dark tip quality that was unique and mesmerizing as she ran a single finger around the outside edges of her pussy lips. She then deliberately raised the finger to her mouth and sliding the finger in all the way, she sucked off all of the juices she had collected from down below! “I such a bad slut girl. I make good men hard. But then hard men always good thing!” she laughed.

In another cell I noticed the hands of the two men had moved to the rod belonging to the other man. They had not come together, I was certain. They never looked at each other, they just stroked one another.

Her finger traveled back down and this time made the journey down the middle of the slit, slowly separating folds and releasing drops of dewy wetness as she squeezed her boobs with the other hand. She did not penetrate herself. She just teased open the folds before scooting back on the desk and bringing her heels almost back to her ass and spreading her legs as far apart as I figured they would go. This pulled open her pussy and I saw her wet pink depths and felt my cock jump and strain at the front of my pants! This show was going to leave a stain in the front of my underwear and probably my tux pants as well!!!

Reaching to her side, I saw her put down the lollipop and pick up the blue vibrator. She curled it up to her mouth and deep throated the phallic device before pulling it out streaming with shiny strands of spittle. “You want Asian girl to fuck herself?” She asked shyly and the men each answered in the affirmative.

The guy to my right grabbed hold of the bars and while his face was glued to watching the pornographic scene before him, his true focus was on the lips of the man sucking on his cock and within a couple of minutes the sound of a man grunting and firing off steamy strands of lust juice into the other man’s head were heard!

In the other cell, the Hispanic man tried to relax and not cry out as the huge black dick of the man behind him opened his rear entrance. Both men watched the young coed as she slowly inserted her toy deeply into her pussy and moved it around and around, in and out. Once all the way in, she moved the heel of her shoe in place to hold it deep inside her and she un buttoned her shirt and shrugged both the shirt and sweater down her arms and to the desk. Her breasts were like scoops of perverted ice cream with dark cherry nipples that were tight and about the size of a c***d’s eraser on the back end of a kindergarten pencil! They looked incredibly tasty!!

The Hispanic man howled as the huge black man behind him “bottomed out” and went balls deep in his rectum. The others were daring her to come let them have a taste of her goods.

The rules had been explained clearly. As long as she stayed between the lines, I was there to protect her. If she went closer, her safety was her own business!!! I watched and saw her glance my way. I wondered if she saw how hard my cock was and how badly I wanted her as I stood next to the door and tried to remain impassive.

She slid off of the desk and said, “I been very very bad girl. You men should punish me!” She then turned around and dropped her skirt to the floor. Then she slowly bent forward on those long brown legs and we all gasped as we saw the sparkle of a purple stone in a silver setting shoved into the entrance to her ass! She wriggled her ass and I heard gagging sounds as the guy sucking cock was suddenly being skull fucked whether he wanted it or not!!

She reinserted her blue vibrator and began fucking herself and rolling her hips and begging the guys to not shoot their hot American sperm. She wanted every drop of it for herself. Yet the way she was moving and things she was saying was insuring that every man there was an eyelash away from spunking everything that was within ten feet of in front of them!

The alarm on my watch buzzed and I hit the signal to let her know she only had ten more minutes. It was time to bring the show to a close! A few moments later she turned and buck naked crawled down the concrete floors between the lines and then rolled over on her back as she reached between her thighs and began rubbing her clit. “The first bastard to hit my face with cum gets to suck my butt plug!” All pretense of innocence evaporated and she displayed herself to every man there in the most lascivious way possible!!

Within a minute, the first jets of cum were arcing out from behind the bars to splatter across the floor and her naked belly, chest, hair and face! She shuddered and screamed and the last guy to hold out shot a giant jizz bomb right across her lips and they all roared in delight as she licked her lips and ate every drop of cum she could gather!!!

The buzzing in on my wrist declared time was up.

I stepped out from the door, and between the lines, carrying in my hand a towel I offered her. “Gentlemen, I was going to encourage you to show this young lady your appreciation by giving her a big round of applause, but I think you already showed her how much you appreciate her efforts!!” There was weak laughter and I helped her to her feet. Walking her back to the table, she began dressing as I collected items and put them in a bag for her.

A voice from one of the cells called out for his prize and with a smile up at me she asked, “Would you do the honors?” I smiled and told her of course I would and she bent over and I slowly removed her anal plug so that all of the guys could watch and cheer! I walked down the way and tossed the plug to the lucky shooter and then turned and e****ted her out to the car with the blacked out windows. I put the blindfold on her, knowing the men were all dressing and being led to vehicles in a similar manner.

Everyone would be dropped off in the next 30 minutes and new “participants” would be picked up and given another new show. I had the job of picking up the girls.

“Hey, if you let me sit up there with you I’ll give you a blow job you will never forget as you take me back to the mall.”

Who was I to turn down such an offer… the first of 3 that night!!!


So what about you? Would you pay to share a cell with a stranger and watch a sexy girl tease you?
Would you be willing to be the tease?
Would you “lend a hand” to the guy you were with?
Investment opportunity for 2016!!! Let me know what you think!!!

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