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Although there was no sign outside to advertise it, the place was called ‘Intime.’ It was tucked away in a quiet street. The street was tree lined with Georgian style lamposts which cast a yellow light on the damp pavement. There was no traffic and few footfalls. My taxi stopped outside. I paid the cabby and stepped out into the cool evening air and hesitated momentarily. I looked at the glossy black front door with the large brass number 6 placed high upon it and almost lost my nerve, almost, but not quite.

Friday evening – two weeks earlier

Like most people I have a telephone at home but most people call my mobile. Not many even know my number and so it is always a slight surprise when it rings. I had just got home from work, about 8:30, and the ‘phone was ringing as I opened my front door. I dropped my bag on the kitchen worktop and picked up.


‘Listen, you don’t know me but I think you used to be Tilly Marston’s girlfriend, Lisa? My name is Lauren Sage, does that name ring any bells?’

Tilly and I had been together for seven years until she was offered a job in New York and decided with my agreement to take it. She was formidably intelligent and ambitious and I had known she’d resent me forever if I had stopped her. She had asked me to go with her but I knew in the depths of me that she didn’t want me to really. I’d have cramped her so I’d said no, cried for a month and let her wings spread. That was four years ago. My beautiful Tilly, the mention of her name stopped me dead. Was there, I wondered, some dreadful news about her?

‘Er, yes, is Tilly alright, has something happened to her?’

I had not heard a word from her for at least two years. Of course we had promised to keep in touch and we did for a while, but her emails had become fewer and fewer and ultimately stopped.

‘Yes, she’s fine.’ I drew breath again. ‘Do you remember hearing my name?’

“What? Well, no to be honest. Oh, wait,’ I must have sounded a complete idiot. ‘Yes, yes I do remember vaguely.’

‘Good. Listen, Tilly works for the same company as me and we were talking a couple of days back and she said I should call you. She said we’d get along and since I’ve just arrived from New York to stay here for a while she thought we’d have fun.’

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