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Learning to Be a Good Girl

Chapter 1: Misbehaving

You licked my ear as u whispered that you wanted your slut now. You took my hand & led me back to our hotel room, I obediently followed you. Watching you as you paid for our drinks, I smiled as I could see your cock growing in your trousers. You looked back at me, frowning as you saw where I was looking.

Once returned to me you whispered that I would have to be punished for looking so obviously at your cock in public. I bowed my head, knowing I had made my master angry. You roughly led me back to the hotel. Pushing me down onto the bed as we entered our room.

You ordered me to take off all my clothes. I slowly undressed with you watching my every move. Although I usually felt confident in your company, as your slut you now made me feel naughty & embarrassed. You watched as I unclipped my bra & slid my panties off. Putting my clothes in a pile, I stood in front of you naked, covering my breasts with my arms.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, “embarrassed now are you?” I slid my arms to my sides, ashamed to feel like this in front of you. With one look, I knew that I would be punished for this too. You stripped down to your boxers, my eyes looked over your body as you un-dressed. You looked up at me as my eyes fixed on your hard, growing cock. I looked down, afraid of the scorn to come next. But you sighed. Looking up I could see that you were smiling at me. I smiled faintly back.

“Smile, there’s no need to be afraid my dirty slut. I thought you liked pleasing me”

“I do master,” I answered quietly; knowing that gentleness this was an act. You slid your hand down my side and over my ass.

” Sit on the bed”, I obeyed, looking up at you silently. “For looking at my cock in public, we need a fitting punishment.” you said. I nodded my head. “You will watch me jerk off & do nothing, you will watch but you will not touch me or yourself. Do you understand”?

“Yes master, I understand” I sighed. You knew how much watching you wank turned me on & made me so wet. You knew my pussy would be aching for you.

You pulled up a chair for me next to the bed. Pulling out some soft cord you tied my wrists behind my back & to the chair, with more cord you tied each of my legs to each chair leg, my pussy on full view. Your hard cock, brushed against my arm, making me shiver. You smiled as you noticed how much this was torturing me. I watched as you lay on the bed in front of me, your cock pointing upwards. You started to stroke your cock softly. Gasping as your fingers slid over your smooth hard cock, you smiled at me. Gripping your cock firmly I watched as pre-cum oozed from you. I could feel myself becoming increasingly wet. My pussy aching for you yet I could do nothing about it. I strained slightly against the rope holding me. You looked over, noticing my soft pussy had become wet with excitement. You started to stroke you firm cock hard. Moaning softly, I watched as you used your hand to fuck your self fast. I could hear your grunts & moans escaping from your mouth as you soon came, Shaking and moaning loudly. I was so turned on by your display, and you knew I would be.

“Did you enjoy that my dirty little slut?” you asked as you turned to face me, glancing down at my wet pussy.

“Ooh yes master, I enjoyed that a lot. Please,” I begged “I need you to take me & use me” hoping I could seduce you into making me cum as I needed to so badly.

“Mmmmm, seems like my little slut is wet & so turned on” you said to your self

” I am!” I almost shouted.

“But, my little whore, you should know by now that I play with you when I want to. NOT the other way around!” you shouted at me & I bowed me head. My body slumped in the chair. I had let my own hornyness take over.

“Sit up straight!” I jumped to attention. Looking at u standing in front of me. Your cock at my eye level, I could see your cum still covering your it. You were silent for a while. Watching me sit shamefully in my chair. My wet pussy still aching to be touched. You suddenly turned.

“My disobedient little slut, I have thought of the perfect punishment for covering up in front of you own master,” you said in clear disgust.

“Yes master, I should be punished. I am deeply sorry.”

“You should know, slut. That sorry is not enough for me!”

I couldn't tell what was coming next but I knew I would be pleasing you and I knew you would have that powerful feeling of Torturing me, And you loved it. I could see it in your eyes. Those eyes belonged to the man who would hold me close and warm. Now they stared at me with power and lust.

” My dirty little slut, you have been a very bad little girl. Have you not?”

“Yes master” I replied, “I have been a very bad girl”

“So we need something extra slutty for you to do for me. Something to show you that you should not have been embarrassed in front of your master. You should, however, feel embarrassed only when in front of other people!”

I looked up suddenly, wondering what was happening. Were you going to make me go out in public as your slut? Thoughts rushed through my head. What could you be thinking? I could feel you untying my legs from the chair, moving round you untied my wrist.

“Get dressed” you ordered, as you started to put on your own clothes. I watched as you pulled up your trousers over your, again, hard cock. I started to put my panties back on. But you looked over smiling, “No, don’t put on your panties. I want you to wear only a short skirt and a top. No underwear.” you smiled.

I slipped on my mid-thigh length black skirt and low-cut white top. I really did look like the slut you were training me to be. I slid on my knee high black boots.

“Follow Me,” you said, ” we're going to see a movie”

I smiled. A movie! That’s all! I sighed with relief.

Chapter 2: A movie never to forget

We arrived at the cinema. You were holding my hand, squeezing it gentle as a little encouragement. You kissed my cheek, whispering softly that I properly wouldn't see most of this movie.

I couldn't imagine what you were thinking. We were walking into the room. How could I miss the movie now?!! It was a kiddie movie and it was a school day. There were only about 10 other people watching the movie as well as us. We had seats on the back row. The nearest people were directly in front of us three rows down.

The adverts started to show on the screen. You fed me popcorn as I sat still in my seat. The movie began.

About five minutes into the movie you leaned over to me and whispered in my ear “Get on the floor”

Having been engrossed in the movie I hadn't noticed you un zip your fly. But I now saw you were gently stroking your cock. I looked up at you in surprise.

You whispered. “My dirty slut, you will now feel real embarrassment! Get on u knees in front of me and suck me off right now”

“Here? Now?” I realised to late I shouldn't have said that

“You’re questioning me you little whore?!!”

“I am sorry master”

Ok, slut. I will let it go if you suck me right now!” I knelt in front of you; taking your cock in my hands, I gently licked the tip of your cock. My tongue licking at this cock that I loved. I kissed it, making a slight sound with my lips “silence” I heard you say.

I obeyed. Massaging your balls in my hands, I took the head of your cock into my mouth, my tongue massaging it as I slid my mouth up and down. You sighed, I knew you were enjoying this; you suddenly thrust your cock into my mouth hard. I sucked furiously on your cock. Pressing my tongue against your shaft as my head bobbed up and down on your cock. I tugged gently on your balls. I heard you sigh inwardly. My teeth gently pressed down on the head of you cock. I could feel your pre-cum oozing onto my tongue. I sucked and licked your cock, tasting and swallowing every drop your cock gave me.

I could feel my inner thighs becoming wet as my pussy leaked juices down them. Sucking your cock really turned me on. You took my head in your hands forcing your cock down my throat. Fucking my mouth hard. Still silent. I sucked hard on your cock, knowing you were soon going to cum. As I sucked your hard cock, you started to shake, spurting your load down my throat. I swallowed, savouring the feeling of your cum sliding own my throat. Still sucking gently on your cock you stroked my head as I licked you clean.

“Get up you whispered, we're going home” I got up as you stood, zipping up your fly. The noise turned a few heads but they appeared to think nothing of it. I relaxed. I had please my master in public.

We walked calmly out of the cinema; you held my hand as we left, gently squeezing it. However, this time I knew you were thanking me as you looked into my eyes and kissed me softly. “Lets go home and tend to that wet pussy of yours. You have been a very good slut today and I'm pleased with you.” you smiled at me and I kissed you. “I love you,” I whispered. I knew I was in for a treat when we got home.

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