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Learning to Be a Pro Domme

“Ouch,” I yelled, “that really hurt!”

Instinctively, I pulled away, but I didn't get far. My wrists and ankles were tied to the St. Andrews cross.

“That's a wrap-around,” said Haley, “and that's what can happen if you get sloppy with your aim. The ends of the flogger wrap around your body, picking up speed. So when it does hit flesh — like your breast there — it really packs a wallop.”

Today was my second shift as a domme at the Hidden Chamber, and during the downtime, Mistress Haley was giving me a lesson in using some of the torture devices.

“That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it,”she continued. “Some people like it. But be conscious of what you're doing. To start out, aim for the butt or between the shoulder blades. Stay away from the kidneys. Got it?”

“Yes,” said.

The flogger cracked against my bare ass.

“Ow!” I screamed. “That really hurt me.”

“I think you mean 'yes, mistress,” she said.

The flogger stung my ass again.

“Ow!” I whimpered. “Yes, mistress.”

“That's better.”

“This flogger is made out of cowhide,” she said, “and has a medium sting and thud. The elk skin is really nice, because it's virtually all thud and no sting. Most people prefer the thud, and can take a pretty solid beating with it. The bullhide, on the other hand, has a lot of sting. Be careful with that one.”

Haley untied me from the cross and I stepped down. She was a California-style blonde, with C-cup tits and a round, bouncy ass. She was a lesbian, too, but we were just friends. But it's hard not to think sexual thoughts when you're standing buck naked in front of a girl, especially after she's just beaten your ass.

“Riding crop?” Haley asked.

“Got one,” I said. ” I really like it.”

“Very flexible tool,” she continued, “excellent for when you have a smaller target — nipples, balls, tongues.”

“Canes?” she asked.

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “In fact, I find them kind of scary.”

She picked one up, and swung it in the air. I cringed at the “whoosh whoosh” sound it made.

“They can really sting,” she said. “And the pain lingers.”

She sat down in a chair.

“OK,” she said, “over my knee.”

“Um …,” I said.

“Over my knee, Leah,” said Haley, sternly.

I obeyed.

“You need to warm up the sub first with small strokes,” she said.

I felt the cane hit my ass. None of the strokes hurt, but I was dreading the ones that would.

“It also builds anticipation,” she continued, “because the sub knows it won't last.”

The strokes stopped. Then I felt a huge sting as the cane ripped into my ass.

“Fuck,” I said.

The stinging went on for several seconds before subsiding. Then I felt her hand caressing my ass.

“Such a nice ass,” she said, “and now it has a lovely red mark on it.”


“Fuck,” I yelled.

“And now there's another,” said Haley. “You can probably feel that I didn't hit you in the same spot. If I did, it would have been much more painful. Now, those were medium strokes. I'm going to give you a medium-hard shot — OK?”

“Yes,” I said.


“Yes, what?” Haley asked.

“Yes, mistress,” I squealed.

“Alright, that was medium-hard. Here comes hard.”

That one really hurt. In fact, it knocked the breath out of me.

“Don't tighten up,” she said. “Breathe through the pain. Long, slow breaths.”

She was right — that helped. In fact, I was know feeling a little woozy.

I stood up.

“How do you feel,” Haley asked.

“OK,” I said. “A little light-headed.”

“That's the endorphins.” she said. “Your body reacts to the pain by producing endorphins. That's how the pain becomes fun. Now, take a look at your ass in the mirror.”

I looked over my shoulder. There were several thin red lines running across my butt cheek. And one that was thicker and a deeper red.

“The thick one is a welt,” said Haley. “That'll take a day or two to go away. The other lines should be gone in an hour or two.”

She patted my ass, and smiled. I think she enjoyed beating me, and I had enjoyed it as well.

“One more thing,” she said. “Do you know what this is?”

She held up some kind of metal pinwheel, one with about a dozen, sharp metal teeth sticking out.

“It's called a Wartenberg wheel, and it's an old time medical device,” she said. “Doctors used it to test nerve sensitivity, but then we in the BDSM world realized we could use it to cause pain. Lie down on the bed and put your arms above your head.”

I did as I was instructed. This thing looked fierce.

“The teeth aren't sharp enough to puncture the skin,” she continued, “but they are very effective at concentrating force on a very small surface area — hence the pain.”

She started up at my neck. It felt sharp, but not too bad — I guess there was enough give in the flesh up there. But then she rolled it down across my collar bone, and that hurt. Then it was down my right breast, which hurt more and more the closer she got to the nipple. She lingered on the nipple, and the pain rocketed to my brain. Then she did the left breast, and I lost my breath.

“Remember to breathe, Leah,” she said.

Long, slow breaths were out of the question. I inhaled and exhaled quickly and shallowly. Then I did it again.

She rolled the pinwheel down my sternum. It hurt, but the pain was manageable. Then down my belly. That didn't hurt too much, but it left me with the sensation that I was being cut open. That image, and the endorphins, flooded my brain.

Then my pubic bone, and the pain snapped me back. She was now a scant inch above my pussy.

“What am I going to do now, Leah?” she asked.

“You .. you're going to run it over my clit.”

“And do you want me to do that?”

I looked up at her. Haley was an experienced domme, and a good one. She knew I wanted her to do it, but I didn't want to admit. It was one thing to enjoy the pain, but it was something else to say I wanted it.

“Yes,” I said. “Please hurt my clit, Haley.”

She rolled the pinwheel downwards. The pain contorted my body. I wished that I was tied down and couldn't move.

“Lie back!,” she ordered.

I obeyed immediately, and then the pain stopped. Unlike the cane, the pain ceased immediately. But it had been intense, and I could feel the sweat on my brow.

“How was that?”

“Wild. Scary,” I said. “But I liked it.”

“Good,” she said. “I thought you would.”

I got dressed and helped Haley clean up the room. Our client would be here in a few minutes. He had requested two dommes, and Haley was going to have me join in. I went to the lounge in the back of the dungeon and waited.

About ten minutes later, Haley came back and gave Dahlia, the phone girl, the money. She looked over at me and said “we're up.”

I walked with her back to the blue room. She opened the door, and I walked in and saw two people — a man and a woman — naked and on their knees.

“Erik and Stephanie, this is Leah,” said Haley. “And Haley, these are my slaves. Erik and Stephanie, are you grateful I brought you another domme?”

“Yes, mistress,” they said, nearly in unison.

They were somewhere in their 30s, trim, reasonably attractive.

“And would it be appropriate for you to lick her feet to show your gratefulness?”

“Yes, mistress,” they said, with real enthusiasm.

So this was their kink.

I took off my shoes and stockings, and sat down on the couch. I'd had my toes sucked a few times before, but I never had a full-on tongue bath the likes of which Erik and Stephanie were giving me. It was also a rush just to have two naked people giving all their attention to me. Unfortunately, I'm very ticklish — especially with my feet. So the feelings of pleasure were also intermingled with laughing fits, which aren't very sexy. All in all, though, it was a turn-on.

Then Haley grabbed Erik and led him to the St. Andrews cross, and tied him to it. She then ordered Stephanie to lay across my knees. Haley handed me a cane.

“This is a very simple case of predicament torture,” she said. “I'm going to flog Erik until he can't take it anymore, at which point you will commence caning Stephanie. Erik will know that to protect himself he must hurt his wife. You don't want to hurt your wife now, do you?

“No, mistress,” he said.

“So you're going to take a lot of pain?”

“Yes, mistress.”

Haley started off light and slow, but quickly increased the severity of the beating. Erik's back and ass were a deep red, and sweat covered his brow. She had been using the elk flogger, but she now switched to the cowhide. Erik shouted out, and tried to twist away from his restraints.

“Mercy,” he whimpered. “Honey, I'm sorry.”

“Here we go, darling,” I said.

I started off with quick, light strokes to warm Stephanie up. But once her skin turned pink, I began with proper strokes. I started at the base of his ass and moved up. With each stroke, Stephanie would call out. After fifteen strokes, she had had enough.

“Mercy,” she said.

“So quick this time, Stephanie,” said Haley. “Looks like Eric is going to have a rough day.”

She grabbed the bullhide flogger and stepped back. Even though she was not hitting Erik hard, he writhed in pain. She gave him one good hit and he collapsed, suspended by his shackles.

“Mercy,” he cried out. “Mercy.”

“Harder this time, Leah,” said Haley. “Make her pay for the pain she had me inflect on her husband.”

I reared back and brought the cane down hard on Stephanie's ass. She jumped, but I pushed her back down. In fact, I grabbed her hair in my hand and beat her harder. I'd never been a violent person, but there was something about hurting Stephanie that turned me on. She was crying in pain, but she I could feel her pussy getting wet at the same time.

“Oh, god,” she cried. “Mercy.”

“Stand up and come over here,” said Haley. “Untie your husband.”

Stephanie whimpered as she undid the cuffs. Once Erik was freed, they embraced and kissed.

Haley brought out a mat from underneath the bed. Erik and Stephanie walked over and Stephanie, without being told, laid down on it and spread her legs.

“Would you like to fuck her?” asked Haley.

“Yes, mistress,” he replied.

“Shouldn't she suffer more?” she asked. “Shouldn't you?”

Together, they said “we will obey.”

She tossed me a set of nipple clamps.

“I'll put these on Erik,” she said, “and you put those on Stephanie. This way, with each stroke of his cock, they will experience both pleasure and pain.”

I put the clamps on Stephanie and she winced. They were butterfly clamps, and were joined together by a thin chain. I pulled the chain up in the air, and let it drop. Stephanie moaned.

Erik was playing with his cock now, making it hard. Every few strokes, Haley would pull on his nipple clamps, and he would let out a deep moan. He had a nice cock, six inches or so, and a little thick. He was ready now.

He knelt down on the mat gingerly. Every time he moved, the chain on the nipple clamps would sway. He put his cock inside her, and slowly they began to fuck.

Haley had removed her corset and panties, and was now sitting on the ground in front of the couple.

“Feel free to join in,” she said, “or not.”

I took off my corset and started playing with my tits. The session was hot, and I enjoyed watching Erik and Stephanie fuck. But I wasn't comfortable about jerking off in front of them. And Haley.

She, it seemed, had no inhibitions. She had taken a Hitachi and placed it against her clit. I rubbed my tits, and felt myself get moist.

“Harder, fuck her harder,” she demanded.

Erik slammed into Stephanie. They were both moaning and crying out, playing the pain of the nipple clamps against the joy of fucking.

“I'm going to cum,” said Haley.

I slipped a finger under my panties and rubbed my clit.

Then Haley erupted, squirting all over the two of them. Erik's face was drenched, and the squirt fell off his face and onto Stephanie's. Their bodies convulsed, and they came together.

This was hot.

I pulled my finger out and sucked on my pussy juice.

Erick and Stephanie, smiling, removed the nipple clamps and handed them to Haley. She handed them some towels, and escorted them out of the room and down to the showers.

“Leah, can you clean up?” asked Haley.

“Sure,” I said.

But I had other business to attend to. I grabbed the Hitachi, slid my panties off and got down on the bed. I had gotten so turned on that I needed to masturbate — right now. I ground the vibrator into my pussy and arched my back. I rubbed my tits with left hand. I felt the orgasm well up inside of me, filling me with its intensity.

Then Haley opened the door and the three of them walked back in.

It was too late for me, though. I came — hard. Right in front of them.

“The shower was occupied, so we need to give them some time,” said Haley. “You know you could have done that before.”

“Didn't feel like it then,” I said.

“You have a beautiful body,” said Erik.

I felt his eyes move up and down my body.

“Thank you,” I said.

This was my first time naked in front of strangers, and I felt a little shy — but turned on. It would not be the last.

I loved my job.

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