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I knock at your door it's a cloudy but warm day. You answer wearing a zipped jumper and a pair of tight jeans. Has you say good bye to your parents you fall off the step and kiss me. We walk hand in hand. Towards a wood, its just a nice place to go when it could rain due to there being cover. We walk for about 10 minutes, then you notice a small hut all covered in moss, barely visible. You drag me over to it.

“What do you think this hut is for” she said looking round it, the roof was sheet steel all rusted from its time outside the walls were wooden and looked like they had began to rot. There isn't a window only a door that slides awkwardly on its roller. You turned the corner you see the door “I wonder if it opens.” She grabbed me close and threw me at the door like there could be a wolf or something inside. “you open it, it might be stiff.”

I open the door, it sung with a good grating noise. The inside of the hut was clean, not a leaf or anything, just an old solid wooden floor and a couple of chairs. “you complete; wuss” there is nothing in here” has I said that there was a crack of lighting overhead. Terror stricken you jump and hug me and squeeze really tight. “How about we stay in this hut until the storm passes.” You nod.

The storm gets worse has we sit on my coat and with ever flash of light we see threw the thin gap between the roof and the walls, then the rattle on the steel roof. You hug me closer and closer. The rain begins to fall on the roof making a drumming noise, I find it so musical but I find the way you jump into me, And rub your boobs on my chest so sexy. I have a bulge growing but, my tight jeans cover it. When the next lighting flash comes I kiss you has you hold me tight. I don't let you go and you don't let me has our kisses get more passionately and your hands wonder to feel my arse. I kiss you following, your chin down to your neck till my mouth hits your zipper, then I kiss your neck once more sending a jolt threw you, I bite the zipper and lean you back with my hand behind you so your zipper gets to your stomach. You sense what I am about to do and move the jacket back to show you unrestricted boobs and there hardening nipples has the cold hits them. You groan quietly. On the wall in this hut are some loops, I place your hands into them and then tie them with the neck scarf I am wearing. Just after I did another round of lighting started.

You sit there with your jacket hanging off your shoulder with your firm boobs hardening in the cold. I let them harden has I rubbing your thigh. When I think they have hit the hardest they are going to, I lean in close French kissing you, I walk my hands up your hot body and gently begin to fondle them. You moan loudly has I rub the nipples and squeeze them. “Use your mouth master….. Your hands are freezing….please.” I don't do has I am told because I am your master and you are my slave. I keep rubbing your nipples with my frozen finger. I pull your legs towards me and wrap them around me so you are sat on to off my hard member but we both still have trousers on. You groan has my hard lump in my trousers rubs on your soaked pussy. I now slowly move my head down your body and I gently lick my way down your boob until I find the nipple, the hot cold sensation sends a jolt threw your whole body. I lower my tongue to just above your nipple and do rings around them both taking care to never touch the bullet hard nipples. “stop ummmm teasing me ohhhww” this time I do has you say and lock my hot mouth round your freezing nipple. You push down on my hard cock causing me pain while you try to get any stimulation you can. I swap nipples but leave some spit on your nipple and then with one movement I blow cold air out of my noise on to it causing your back to arch. I repeat this 5 times. All the time my hands are getting colder and colder.

You are wanting me so bad by now but the worst was yet to come. I pull myself from you and pull down your trousers. When I look down I see that you are wearing a thong. “I didn't think you liked wearing one of these” I said this so close to her pussy, that she could feel me breathing on her soaked panties.

“I don't but I no you always said about me wearing one so I thought what the hell”

“I like it, shame its all wet” I said smirking “I might have to…. remove it” I did so along with her shoes and her trouser so she was completely naked in the cold damp air. Has I removed her thong I felt the warmth; I let it warm the air. I left her there cooling down while I kissed her and then I put 1 frozen cold finger straight to her lovely and warm clit this caused her to spasm and shriek. I sat at her side rubbing her clit her groans getting louder and louder. When I thought she was close to the edge I slide my other hand that was equally has cold into her depths. This threw her over the edge. She writhed and shouted has she covered my hand and my jacket in warm cum.

She sat there still twitching, has I placed my cum soaked finger to her mouth. She got what I wanted her to do and she licked herself off them with the most flirting face you have ever seen. Just has she licked the last of it off my finger I kissed my way down her cold body I got to her belly button and began to lick it, and explore it . The next flash of lighting and has you were not thinking I lowered my head and got my mouth around your clit. You instantly begin to groan very loudly with ever lick and suck. You try to wiggle and get my head to lower to your depth but instead I get my cock out and rub it over your face and you try so hard to suck it but I don't let you and I lift your legs and enter you slowly has I rub your clit with a finger. The next strike of lighting and I thrust deep has your pussy spasms I start by going has slow has I can until the next strike of lighting then my pace increases I keep the pace going rubbing your nipples and clit till you a nearing the edge again and so am I. I slow keeping you so close you can feel it and with the next lighting burst I thrust so deep and fast that you and I cum together you screaming my name and your pussy spasm. I leave you still tied up until you calm down a bit and I re dress you but now you have my head scarf has a pair of pants.

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