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Like Beasts…

The mood comes into you when you're kissing her, when your bodies are pressed tightly and you start tearing off your clothes. The feeling of her vulnerability stokes some fire in you, fed by a hard day at work and worries over life in general and suddenly you want to exert your power over someone…and she is perfect for the moment. So solid and able to feel your power, submissive when called on to be that way, willing and eager to please you…You can hardly wait as you throw aside your clothes and stand over her naked.

You command her to strip as you crowd her against the wall, massaging your erect cock. It's dripping precum in your own palm as she undresses with trembling hands. She can tell by the way you're breathing and the virile smell you're putting into the air that you are feeling like a beast and want to fuck like one. She actually enjoys as long as you stay in some control, and she always trusts that you will not be cruel…but she exaggerates her fear, trembling as she timidly removes everything even her panties under your wild eyes, knowing it will feed your desires even more!

As soon as she straightens, you are on her, grasping her full breasts in hard hands, sucking the pink globes, biting the flesh around the nipple before roughly suckling the nipples themselves. She muffles her cries at the violence of your mouth and liberal use of teeth on this sensitive part of her body. You know you're leaving marks that will remind her of your control for days afterwards and it excites you more. Your cock is rock hard now and angled straight from your body, the head red and shining, emerged from the dark foreskin. It's probing her belly and you can smell her wet hole, inches below your straining cock.

You kiss her now on the lips, forcing your tongue into her mouth, sucking greedily at her tongue and her teeth, leaving your saliva on her face…her mouth is hot and almost eager, her hands grasping your head as you tear away. You put a hand on either shoulder and press her down, making her kneel…your cock is now at her mouth and she knows what you want. She also knows it excites you if she resists this a little and she starts, clamping her mouth tight as the head of your penis bumps her soft lips.

You take her hair in your hands and pull enough to get her attention – and you press your hard tool against her lips, moistening them with smears of your pre-cum. She is forced to open and in a blink, you shove your hot, erect tool into her equally hot and small mouth! She resists for just a minute but then she starts sucking you hard and it's like heaven on earth! You buck against her mouth, forcing your cock in further, riding her mouth urgently as her tongue laps at the head and probes the foreskin as more and more of your cock gets exposed deep in her mouth.

You grasp her face in your hands and push her against the wall so she is trapped there, your cock so far in her mouth she is gagging and flailing at your legs. Finally you release her and she continues her sucking, her breath coming in rough hiccups as you stroke her hair. It feels so good to have her sucking your erection, licking the spot where your foreskin pulls back. You urge her to suck harder…harder! And ram your cock hard into her wet mouth. You'd love to cum here in her mouth especially because she swallows your seed for you and always sweetly sucks you dry and eats every last strand and spot of sperm.

But you want to see her under you, feeding your urges, taking your hard cock helplessly. You remove you cock from her mouth and she misses it…you can tell because she reaches for it as you pull it away. You laugh at her eagerness and reach for your belt. She shies away, and you turn her to face the wall, pushing her down so her ass is in the air and her torso against the floor. You loop the belt and slap her round ass with the flat of it – once, twice, three times. Not viciously but enough to make her squirm and cry out, the belt leaving red marks on her luscious pink cheeks.

You set the belt aside and kneel, covering the marks with your licks and bites, adding new marks on top of old. She is loving it, pressing your moon into your lips. You become aware of her pussy, wet and dripping with her sexual juices. You grasp her ass cheeks and spread her open, admiring her asshole and the gaping hole of her wet womanhood. The smell of that hole is driving the beast in you to new levels!

You quickly grasp her hands and loop the belt around her wrists. You ignore her half-hearted protests as you cinch the belt tightly and drag her hands above her head. You fasten the belt to the leg of the bed. There is enough slack that she could wiggle free if she wanted to…you doubt she will want to. She is barely protesting but is instead thrusting her ass in your face. You laugh again.

“Where do you want it?” you ask, laying your hot cock on top of her heaving ass. It's still wet from her mouth and harder than ever. “Tell me where you want me to fuck you hard, you slut!” You use language to fit the scene, knowing it will drive you both more and more wild.

She strains against her bonds as she tries to see you. “You know where!” she cries. She cries louder when you slap her ass cheeks with your open hand.

“Tell me, bitch!” you shout, slapping her again, reveling in her complete helplessness. “Tell to my face where you want to be fucked and how you want to be fucked!”

She squirms under your abuse but finally she is begging….”Put it in me – fuck me hard, like a dog, like a beast!!!! Fill me with your cock until I'm crying!”

You don't need her to tell you twice! You position your cock over her wet pussy hole and thrust into her, ramming all of your erect manhood into her as far as you can go. Still you push into her, forcing her body to take even more…you can feel her cervix with your head! You lean over her, grasping her thighs with your hands and fuck her hard for several seconds, deep inside her, loving the feel of her wet insides shifting to accommodate your hard tool.

Then you straighten and brace against her ample ass cheeks. You pull your cock out and then ram it in swiftly. Again and again you fuck her this way, you breath coming in grunts with each brutal slam, her ass cheeks rocking under your hands. She is making low cries with each brutal fuck and its music to your ears! You shift your angle so that even more of you rams in at each thrust and again feel her wetness straining to take you but this time each thrust is stronger than the first time you felt this because every inward thrust is carried by your pumping hips.

She is crying out loudly now, straining against the belt that holds her as you ram her again and again, grasping her ass so hard you're leaving fingerprints. You press against her thighs to get the ultimate thrust and look down at her, cramped and heaving under your pounding cock. You shout your domination as a climax starts to build, tingling and burning! She can tell your cumming and now she is screaming as your strokes intensify in both speed and depth!

You again grasp her thighs and now you slam her body onto your thrusting cock, each entry sending your head into the sensitive cervix deep inside her punished body…the climax is building and building and your shouts are guttural roars like the cavemen must have made fucking their winches around primitive fires under starry skies!

Suddenly in a blinding rush, your climax comes and you shoot your sperm while deep inside her. You feel it hit her cervix, ooze around your shuddering tool as her raw pussy tries to accommodate your pulsing cock and your spurts of seed. Still you ride her, now in slow hard thrusts, each entry sending hot sperm into her pussy and making her squeal and writhe under you.

Finally your cock is spent and you push her ass to the ground. You lay panting for a few seconds before crawling to her head to undo the belt and release her. She is gasping and laying still, thoroughly exhausted by your abuse but that doesn't stop her from smiling into your tired face.

“My turn on you tomorrow!” she whispers and she flicks your belly with the tip of the belt. You're not surprised when your wet cock seems to jerk and start to grow all over again. You roll her and ease her body over your own until she covers your sweaty body, her pussy leaking juices and your seed onto your balls.

“Why wait until tomorrow?” you ask. And you lean up and suckle one dangling breast, your hands caressing her ass cheeks. “Why don't you ride me right now!!!”

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