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Lil One Ch. 01

Chapter One

Firstly, I will describe my newest fuck toy. I call her my “lil' one”, because she only 4'11″ short and being a foot taller, I tower over her. She is 24yo. She has full hips and large breasts both of which fear and love my ministrations. She was sent to me for training by her current Dom. This job, as any other, I do not take lightly and so I put her through my paces.

I enter the room and find her in the center of the great room of My dungeon. She is kneeling, with her knees spread wide, back slightly curved, arms locked tightly behind her back, her head bowed and her eyes cast down at the floor. I walk around her, inspecting the slut that has been sent here. I see her skin blanching from the cool dankness of the room. As I move past her, I touch her hair softly, then reaching down and grasping one of her breasts, squeezing, as a soft moan escapes her lips. I ask her why she's here and she quickly tells me that she desires to become a better submissive for her Master. I raise my hand and bring it down sharply on her tit flesh, sending it swaying into the other. She gives a short yelp. I ask her if she's ready to submit to my training.

Lil' one quickly nods and says “yes Sir.”

I help her up and move her to a chair in the middle of the room. Seated, I tie each of her ankles to the back leg of the chair; her arms are restrained to a rod running the back of the chair, with her arms out as on a cross. This position gives me access to her breasts and pussy. I walk to her with a riding crop in my hand. I ask her to give me her name, she tells me candy. My crop comes down on her thigh. I ask her to repeat what I have called her.

She states with pressured speech, “lil' one.”

I run my crop up and down her thighs, lightly tapping her stomach. Then moving up, I use the tip to lift her left breast. I ask lil one if she is a pain slut or a pleasure slut.

“Pleasure slut Sir, but I want to be able to be a pain slut because my Master desires one.”

I raise the crop and send it down on her left breast. She inhales a quick breath. I move the crop to her right breast and lift it up with the tip.

I ask her what she says to her Master when he is nice to her?

She tells me “thank you Sir” as my crop comes down on her right breast. “Thank you Sir!”

I work her breast and tummy with the crop. Her skin starts to show signs of use as the red whelps become more prominent. My crop works continues to work her tender flesh. I move to her side and flick the crop down just catching her extended nipple. A loud gasp escapes her lips, as she tries to double over to avoid the next blow.

“Lil' one? Do you want Me to stop?” She adjusts her position, thrusting her breasts out. “Tell me what you want me to do lil' one.”

“Whip my nipple Sir, use and abuse them at your leisure.”

“I don't think you really want me to, you must bed for the lash.:

“Please Sir, whip My Master tits! Make me his pain slut, Sir!”

I bring the crop swiftly down on her other extended nipple. She does no more than blink as I work her tits over. As they redden, she thrusts them out further begging for more. When I see that she is biting her lip, I stop and smooth my hand across the battered flesh, feeling the warmth. I hear a soft moan from deep in her throat.

“You have performed well lil' one, I think you deserve a reward. ”

“Thank you, Sir.”

I return with a large bulb vibrator. I click it on and show her the two speeds, pressing it against her nipple. Lil' one's head rocks back and her eyes close. I move the vibe down her belly towards her pussy. I wet my fingers and touch her lips with them. Spreading them, I expose her clit and lightly press against it. She tries to lift herself off the chair to meet the vibrator with her hips.

I remove the vibe, “sit down slut!”

She settles back down again and put the vibe to her clit. I watch as she fights off a moan as I press harder into her clit and pussy. She closes her eyes and rolls her head back.

“Look at me when I am bringing you pleasure slut!”

She quickly complies not wanting me to remove the vibe. She presses her pussy into the vibe grinding against it. I can tell that she is close so I remove it. She groans. I grab her right breast and squeeze it hard, then taking the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and roll it gently at first. Her moaning begins again and I pinch her distended nipple harder. Her head goes back again as her eyes roll back in her head.

“Didn't I tell you to look at me when I am bringing you pleasure slut?”

I quickly grasp both of her nipples and pinch and twist them harshly. Her eyes are back on me in a flash. I lifted her breast by her nipples as I looked down into her eyes. Letting them go, her large breasts sway to a rest.

I hold the vibe up to her face, “Would you like me to continue to pleasure you Lil One?”

“Yes Sir, please Sir!”

Now that I have her begging I press the vibe onto her engorged clit. Her eyes are intently locked onto Mine. A moan softly escapes her lips. Her hips press into the vibe as she rides the waves of pleasure. She wants to close her eyes and focus on the pleasure alone but she knows that she was stay engaged with me. She begins biting her lip.

“Does my lil one need to cum?”

“Yes Sir, please let this slut cum Sir!”

I press the vibe more into her and I lean into her face. My lips move to her ear and softly whisper, “cum for me slut.”

With that lil one bucks and lets out a growl that starts soft and low, emanating from her throat. As her orgasm builds, her groan turns to a growl until she is screaming in the throes of utter release. I kept the vibe pressed against her pussy as wave after wave pulsed in the slut's pussy. Her juices were audible as the vibe continued to work on her pussy. She must have realized that I wouldn't stop without being properly thanked.

“Thank you Sir, thank you for letting this slut cum!”

I pulled the vibe from her soaked pussy moving it to her lips, offering it to her. Lil' one licked the wet vibe clean of all her secretions stopping only when she no longer tasted her juices on it.

“Thank you Master.”

Chapter Two

I had just allowed lil' one to receive her reward by allowing her to cum for her Master. I untied her and she was instructed to clean up and rehydrate then return to the great room. I patiently waited while she was gone. She returned and knelt before Me in the standard presentation position.

I took a long length of rope and secured her hands with her arms locked back behind her. The rope is wound and weaved through her arms and across her breast. The ropes are lifting and separating her luscious breasts. Next I weaved another section of rope between her ankles and thighs. This secured her in the kneeling position. Having her arms tied behind forced her prominent breasts outward and up. Her changing of positions during being restrained had her hair mussed up and in her face.

I moved forward and cleared the hair from her eyes. I grasp a handful of her mane and pulled it back sharply. An audible gasp escaped her lips. Staring down into her eyes, I watched her struggle to avert her eyes. I can plainly see that lil' one is very nervous and is trying very hard not to make mistakes and to please me. I am afraid that she is having difficulty with controlling her anxiety, so I offered her a finger.

“Open slut”

She quickly opens her mouth and accepts My finger.

“I know that you have told me that you are a pleasure slut, so I am offering My finger to help calm you. Now lil' one, what do you do when your Master has given you a reward?”

I watch her cycle through the possible answers, “say thank You, Sir?”

I cast off My gaze from hers, as I had anticipated this answer but I want her to be attentive to My reactions.

“Yes slut, but you should thank your Master for anything he does, whether he is whipping you or bringing pleasure.”

Out of the corner of my eye I catch lil' one softly licking her lips. My eyes quickly cut to hers. When they meet, the answer clicks in her head immediately.

“May this slut show you her gratitude Sir?”

I nod my head, and she slowly waddles over in front of me struggling in her bonds and digs for my zipper with her teeth.She leans in and is nuzzling my cock, finding it hard, she finds the tip and sucks it into her mouth and releases it from my pants. She closes her soft lips around the phallus and works it down into her throat. The sluts head is bobbing up and down on her Master's cock and I can feel it hitting the back of her throat causing her to gag some. This has an effect of producing saliva that leaves my cock glistening as she works the meat in and out of her mouth. I place my hand on the top of her head and work her head back and forth of my dick.

“Look at your Master when you are pleasing him slut.”

Her eyes are quickly looking into mine as she continues to work my cock over. Her lips tighten and there is a pop from time to time as her suction is broken. This is followed by the slurping sound of her wantonly sucking it back into her warm mouth.

I notice as she is getting into giving her Master pleasure that she is closing her eyes and attempting to squeeze her legs together. I grasp my cock and remove it from her mouth with a loud pop,

“Slut, didn't I tell you to keep your eyes on your Master when you are servicing him?”

I slap her face with my cock.

“Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir!”

She tries to take my cock into her mouth again as I continue to slap her face with my hard dick. I finally push away as I remove the belt from my pants. She is biting her lip as I bring the belt down on her right breast first, then her left with the tip of the belt. Giving each of her globes several slaps, I see them start to redden, her nipples erect.

I reach behind her and grab the ties of her bondage and force her to lean forward and on to the ground. This forces her to spread her knees more and allows her breasts and face to touch the cool floor of the great room. She is as low as she can get with only her ass sticking in the air. She knows what is coming next and is silent in her submission. I bring the belt to her ass and slowly rub the cool leather across her rounded ass cheeks. I begin to softly tap her ass with the tip of the belt, it causes a faint slapping sound but does not hurt her. I can hear a slightly audible whimper from her.

“Beg slut!”

“Please Sir, whip this slut's ass!” “Please whip this slut's ass Sir!”


I bring the belt squarely down onto her waiting ass.


The loud slap of the leather to her ass is much more than before and this is obviously causing some discomfort as I can see her starting to wiggle from it's sting.

(thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack)

“Thank You Sir!” “Thank You Sir!”

She tries to keep up as I continue to punish her ass. I stop only to touch her quickly reddening ass cheeks. They feel warm to my touch as I her the slut moan to the tender touch. My hand reaches down the crack of her ass and to her drenched pussy.

“My slut is soaking wet isn't she?”

Gasping, “yes Sir, your slut is very turned on Sir!”

I push 2 fingers into her dripping pussy and began finger fucking My tightly bound slut.

Audible moans are heard as I move behind her and press My saliva moistened cock against her parted pussy lips. I press into her and allow her to adjust to my cock. She starts to rock back against me and I grasp her ass cheeks and spread them and start to give her more of her Master's cock.

“Thank You Sir!”

The wet sounds of her pussy being fucked are in direct competition with the slut's continued groans as she thanks her Master. I slap her ass cheek and this causes her to squeal and I feel her pussy tighten around my cock. I pull my cock out with a pop and move back from her.

“Come clean your Master's cock!”

She groans and begins to try and move around to face me. In her bonds, this is a real struggle, but I am impressed with her eagerness to please.

The slut does get in position and takes my wet cock into her mouth. Her lips closes around my dick as her tongue baths the moist phallus. Her bonds are pinching her breast , arms and legs but she continues to clean her juices off of my cock. I grasp my cock and lift it out of her mouth. My large balls are hanging in front of her.

“You've got your juices all the way to my balls slut, they need cleaning as well.”

Her tongue quickly darts and deftly covers my balls, licking her moisture from them. I notice that her eyes never leave mine as she cleans her mess.

“Does my slut want some more of her Master's cock in her pussy?”

“Please Sir, Please fuck your slut's pussy with your cock!”

She answers before she can even finish licking my balls. I push her away and tell her to move her ass around and show me where she wants to be fucked. The slut, still struggling with her constricted movements, enthusiastically gets into her former position and wiggles her ass at me.

“Please fuck this slut's pussy Sir!”

I move closer and nudge the opening of her moist pussy. She is dripping wet and my hardened cock easily slips inside her. I can feel her guttural moan in her pussy as I drive my cock home into this slut. Again I grasp her ass cheeks and spread them, as I work my cock in and out of the slut's tight pussy. I can feel her tightening around my dick, the walls of pussy clenching as she nears climax.

“Oh, Please Sir!”

She grinds her pussy onto my dick with every one of my strokes.

“What is it that you want slut?”

My balls are slapping her engorged clitty every time I bury my cock into her.

“Please Sir, let this slut cum!” “Please Sir, this slut's pussy is aching!”

I increase my pace as I tell her to cum for her Master with one simple word.


She bucks and shudders in the throes of her very intense orgasm. I can feel the slut's pussy spasm around my dick. I slow my pace as her body continues to quake and convulse still impelled on my cock. My own orgasm was nearing as I feel the slut's pussy milk my rod, while she is still immersed in the rapt of her recent orgasm.

“Your Master is going to cum slut!”

With those words she is snapped back to the present. She quickly moves, but still besieged by her bonds, until she is kneeling in front her Master. Her tongue is pressed forward and in offering. I grasp My cock and stroke it in front of her face, slapping it on her outstretched tongue.

“Please Sir give me Your cum!”

I erupt into her open mouth some shooting to the back of her throat but most is deftly caught on your outstretched tongue. I milk every drop onto it as it begins to pool. I notice that your eyes never left mine, as I run my fingers through your hair.

I simply say, “Swallow.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Chapter Three

My training of lil one has been going well. I have found her to be a wonderful pleasure slave, eager to please me at the drop of a hat. I have enjoyed stretching her boundaries and taking her towards her ultimate desire to also be a pain slut for her Master who has sent her for training.

I will have to say, that she has not faltered yet in her training, so I have decided to take her on an outing today. Lil one has been instructed to wear a nice sun dress and sandals and of course her collar. Nothing else will be allowed. I send her to the truck and restrain her hands above her head and behind to the headrest of my truck, then cover her eyes with a blindfold. I buckle her in and we start out for destination.

“Where are we going Sir?”

I remain silent. I do reach over and lightly touch her skin that is exposed from the dress. I can see her wiggle to my touch, her senses heightened by her loss of sight. We go further down the road and I reach over and untie the halter of her sundress and let it fall down around her waist. I grab her breasts and roughly squeeze them. I hear her take a quick breath in between her tightly clinched teeth. I toy with the budding nipples and twist them, pulling them away from her body.

“Can other people see me like this Sir?”

I remain silent, but cup one her breasts as if to show someone passing by. I hear her moan softly. She knows that it turns her on to show herself like this. I reach down and slowly pull at her dress until I have removed it from her and toss it into the backseat. But with her blindfold it sounds like I have thrown it out the window. A gasp escaped from her wet lips. I can hear her mind reeling. I leave her be for the moment as I continue to drive. I am watching as she begins to wiggle in her seat. I can clearly see that she is excited as her nipples are very hard.

I break the silence. “Spread her legs lil one.”

She does comply and I lightly touch the sides of her breast and let My fingers move down her side. As my hand moves to her hip she slightly pushes her hips forward. I slap the inner portion of her thigh and she whimpers again. She know that she must remain still. My hand goes back to her hip and then between her legs. My finger softly brushes her clit that is clearly protruding out of her wet lips. She is extremely turned on as I feel her lovely juices that have leaked out. I bring my fingers up to her lips and she nervously takes them into her mouth and quickly licks them clean. I tweak her nipple as my hand moves back down to her wet pussy. I lightly patted her as I watched her bit her lip. The sound of her wet pussy being slapped was very sensual. Each time my hand came down on her unprotected pussy she let out a soft moan. Her nipples still make her arousal obvious. I then softly pushed 2 fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She gasped at the abrupt intrusion but quickly began to moan with each stroke until she could hold her words no more.

“Please Master, may your slut cum?”

I let her ask 3 or 4 times then said, “you may cum My lil one.”

With that she bucked against my hand as I continued to fuck her wet pussy with my fingers. All the while we continued to pass cars and they passed us. None really noticing what was going on my truck, but in my blindfolded submissive's mind, every passing vehicle was witness to her wanton lust. I allowed her to calm as we continued on towards our destination. We continued to drive along the coast, lil one still naked and restrained. We started to enter the lowlands and I opened the sunroof in my truck and allowed the warm and salty air into the cab. As we approached the secluded side entrance to the national park, I leaned over.

“Do you trusted me and know that I would do nothing that would cause harm to you?”.

She nodded yes as we turned into the drive of the side entrance. The dirt road wound around for about a ΒΌ mile before it was blocked by a gate and a small cabin. A ranger truck was parked by the gate and a park ranger approached. He was a college friend of mine and always let me into the secluded parts of the park whenever I wanted. I rolled down my window as we approached the gate.

“Good morning officer”, I said as I stopped the truck.

Lil one tensed as she realized that she was exposed could easily be seen to anyone approaching. My friend approached knowing what was going on and said,

“What do we have here? Does she always ride around like that?” he says.

“Yes she does,” I replied.

He already knew that she was a new submissive that I was training. That she was a pleasure slave but wanted to be more of a pain slut for her Master. With that he moved to the other side of the truck and leaned into the cab. Reaching for her breasts he rolled the turgid nipples. At first she jumped at his advances but quickly became riding the pleasure of his touch.

My friend winked as said, “I see that you have your annual pass sticker on but there is going to be a small fee for entrance today.”

“That would be fine.”

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