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Lonely Housewife, Gets Amazing Surprise

Living with my husband in the army was always so boring, but one day I found that it did have its benefits too. I am a young women and I don’t find it fair most the time that my husband is always away. My name is Danielle, I am 21 years old and I have a husband that was listed in the army and I only see him for a week every six months. Me being only 21, have sexual needs and desires.. I have many toys, and it seems my collection just keeps on growing. But anyway, I always thought it couldn’t get any worse, sitting home alone on a Friday night, lube in one hand and my vibrator in the other… and I was right, my sex life was about to get a whole lot better…. 

‘Hello??’ Jill screamed as she came running through my door, (I mean why lock it? No one comes over anyways.) I scrambled to hide my toys, but I utterly failed as she came running in my bedroom, finding me propped up, legs spread, soaking wet with the vibrator under my pillow. My cheeks went red as she starred, “Sorry to interrupt,’ she said as she grinned shyly.
‘I am so embarrassed.’ I said shutting my legs after realizing they were still open, ‘I didn’t think anyone would….’ I trailed off as I saw a wet spot appear on the front of her shorts… ‘So.’ I said and smirked, ‘what you thinking ‘bout??’ 

She crawled over to my bed and pulled out her phone, holding her finger up and signaling for me to wait a minute. She ran to the bathroom and made a quick call in seconds I heard about 4 other people run up the stairs towards my bedroom. She pranced out of the bedroom as if she had just done a good deed, what I didn’t know was afterwards I would definitely be thanking her for it.
She crawled up onto my big king-sized bed as, Chelsea, Chris, Quinton and Dony burst through my door. I giggled as the guys had hard-ons from anticipation. ‘How did you PLAN this?’ I asked Jill with a huge grin.

‘What else would YOU do on a Friday night, alone.’ she said plainly as she pulled Chris close to her and licked his lower lip with her very talented tongue, making him tremble on the spot. She lay down next to me, pulling Chris on top of her. She moaned, I never realized how turned on I could get by this. I was wetter than before as my friends began undressing each other.

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:12 pm
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