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Loving Carol, Part I: The Beginning

They met in early September, on their first day in college. The year was 1968.

Her name was Carol, and his name was Charlie.

Charlie had always been shy with girls, he had hardly dated before college. He was still a virgin, though he did know what a girl’s breast felt like and how to feel her pussy to give her pleasure and make her come. He even knew that he was very good at that.

He had never wanted to date a lot of girls, anyway. He only wanted one, a girl whom he could love and who would love him, and who would be his soulmate forever. Just one.

And when he saw Carol, he knew beyond doubt that she was the one he wanted.

Carol was, simply, beautiful, clear and creamy-white skin, sparkling green eyes, a smile like an angel, and long brown hair that fell in soft waves to her waist. Her breasts were full, her hips generous, her bottom round and perfect. He could not see much of her legs, she wore a slightly old-fashioned skirt that covered her knees, but what he could see was wonderful.

Indeed, Carol had a slightly old-fashioned air about her that he found charming. She tended to stand with her feet primly together, and even a little pigeon-toed, with her feet turned shyly inward. Her hands were normally clasped together in front of her in a shy, endearing sort of way, and her eyes were wide and bright, but her smile was always reserved and proper.

‘Ladylike’ was the word that came to mind. He thought her amazing.

For the first time in his life, Charlie made up his mind to pursue and win a girl. In the past, he had tended to hang back and hope for a signal, but not with this girl. He knew he had to make the first move–and quickly. When the upperclassmen saw her, she would have plenty to choose from.

He managed to maneuver himself till he was beside her in line as they filed into the auditorium for their first orientation lecture.

‘Hello. My name is Charlie,’ he said.

‘Hi. I’m Carol.’

She smiled as he knew she would, friendly, but reserved. Up close, her skin was so clear and perfect it almost seemed luminescent.

‘Boy, wasn’t that opening convocation boring?’ he said.

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