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Loving Lauren

I’m in New York City for just two days, here to see and review an Irish band called The Passion. They are big in Ireland and Europe, but they are about to break America so the record company have flown me to NYC to write a review of their first gig. They are four nice guys, I’ve met them before, talented and fun. And very good looking, too.

The record company have booked me a suite in a hotel called The Pierre. It’s fucking luxurious to say the least. I call Lauren from my room right after I check in. Lauren is a beautiful Jewish girl, lives in upstate NY, happily married to a nice guy, great mother to her two wonderful kids…

She’s also my whore and my lover.

After a little negotiation Lauren agrees to come into the City and spend the night with me. She makes some excuse to her husband, I don’t even ask. I’m going to fuck my princess and spoil her, that’s all that matters. I explain that we’ll be going to a rock gig and tell her how I need her dressed. Black dress, stockings, heels. Pretty panties because she knows I like that little bald pussy dressed pretty. Long copper-curly hair left down.

I’m sipping a drink in the bar when she arrives. She’s stunning. I could fuck her right now, unfortunately we have just time for dinner before we need to go to the show. We go straight through to the Italian restaurant at the hotel. (They have three restaurants.) Lauren has left an overnight bag at reception and as I pass by the desk I slip the girl there a twenty and ask her to get a bellboy to bring Lauren’s case up to my suite. Then we go in for dinner.

The food is incredible, even Lauren, who knows her Italian food, says it’s good. But what’s funny to us is that the waiter who serves us is a young Italian guy and it’s very obvious he takes a shine to Lauren, who he assumes is my wife. I’ve ordered champagne which I know my whore gets fucked up on, and after we open the second bottle it’s quite clear the young Italian boy is totally besotted by my big-breasted lover. He tries his Italian on her and she responds as best she can, knowing this kid is flirting with her in front of me. I smile. I own Lauren, she belongs to me. But it amuses me to see her getting almost turned on by the young waiter’s attention. His name is Angelo.

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