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Lynn: My First Photo Shoot

My name is Lynn, an Asian woman now approaching sixty. Looking back at the good old days in the late 1960s, I am reminded of how my infatuation with nylon stockings began.

Although nylon stockings were common attire then, I developed a special obsession with them, much more than my peers in college. To this day, I still indulge in wearing sensual lingerie and expensive RHT and FF stockings all the time. Although nylon stockings just about disappeared after the 1970s, I never stopped wearing them. My husband of thirty plus years cannot get enough of me wearing his favorite nylons all the time.

Before I even heard about “flashing” stockings in public, I was already enjoying the special feeling of wearing sexy garter belts and high quality nylons. Just wearing them is so sensuous and exhilarating. The feel of sleek, sheer nylons and the barely audible “hiss” of nylons rubbing were enough to get me wet and horny.

When it all started, I have no idea. In my college days during the late 1960s, I wore nylons all the time, to classes, on dates, and even around my apartment, every chance I had. My dates would readily agree that nylons enhanced our outings.

During summer and winter breaks, I part-timed as a stewardess (called flight attendants now) on a local airline that served small towns. I loved the chance to wear sexy nylons under my uniform. On many a flight, I showed off my nylon-adorned legs to appreciate male passengers.

The uniform style for my airline was a one-piece waistless dress without a belt. As a result, every time I lifted my arms to reach up, the hem rose up my thighs, exposing a broad expanse of nylons, as well as garter straps, and occasionally, my sheer panties. Although most of the other gals wore dull vanilla-flavored nude-colored stockings, I preferred super sheer, 15 denier hosiery in darker shades of coffee, tan, or even off-black.

My undergarments were usually white, black, or baby blue, all of my favorite colors. I always wore the sheerest high-cut nylon panties available to show off my pussy. It was all an erotic game for me, but it made up for the boredom of serving drinks and catering to demanding passengers. For one thing, the younger guys really ate it up.

On one memorable flight, I noticed a guy in his mid-twenties who seemed to be paying special attention to my legs. I hoped that he wasn’t just interested in my lovely legs, but also me. While my legs were my sexiest assets, I wasn’t bad looking. In college, I entered many beauty contests and did fairly well, enough to earn scholarship money.

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