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Mary comes alive – Part 1

Mary had just turned 40, and because she had had her two children young, it was just she and her husband Tom at home. She had hoped for a career before she married, but when Tom, her senior by 2 years left school and got a job, he had immediately asked her to marry him, though she was not quite 17. He had been her first sweetheart, and though they had played around, they were both virgins when they married.

The children arrived sooner than planned, and then there was just so much work to do. Tom had progressed in his work, so there never was a real financial reason for her to look for work when the children started school. She just sort of drifted, a wife and mother, keeping the house in order and doing the garden.

Tom was a now a senior buyer for a large electronics company, and often was away at conferences or on business trips to negotiate with a supplier. Mary was left on her own for a lot of time and finally decided that she had had enough of evenings in front of the tedious television, and had joined an evening class to learn French, more as a way of exercising her mind than because she had any great expectations of travelling there.

Two years ago though, she had taken a part time job at a department store in the town near where they lived, and had been doing mornings behind the cosmetics counter. She looked good, she thought, despite a little more flesh in places she wished she didn’t have it. She had to admit that it helped her bust line, and with a button or two undone more than would be necessary, she attracted a lot of the male buyers, usually helping them to choose a new perfume for their wife or lover.

The teacher was an older man, who had been Head of Languages in the local high school, tall and slim, and radiated energy and charisma, a great combination for a teacher. By the end of the third week, Mary was enraptured, with both the language and the teacher, but had no idea of how to go about getting to know him better.

One day at work, she was chatting to her friend, Charlotte (Carlie), who she knew was recently divorced , and they got talking about their fantasies. Mary felt a real novice when she listened to the stories that Charlotte told her, especially when she said that she often fantasised in the evenings, with a glass of wine and her toys.

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