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Masters New Pet

Introduction: First story I managed to finish. Constructive criticism and compliments would be great. ":)" I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my slender body, and looked myself in the mirror. I had rosey lips that werent too small or big, just perfect. Same goes for my nose. A cute little upturned nose that made people want to kiss it. Pretty good so far, then there were my eyes. My eyes were a crystaline blue with a shock of honey around my irises. Top all that off with my light brown/auburn hair, and I was a babe, if I do say so myself.

I eventually got dressed and dried my hair. I had on a skirt – mandatory – and a cute blouse. Once I got there, I knew it wouldnt matter what shirt I wore and the skirt would be gone. But it was all He allowed me to wear out in public, no pants. I hated skirts…but Id do anything to please Him, and get pleased in return.

I put on a bit of blush to add colour to my already pink cheeks and a bit of clear gloss. Tada, Im ready to face Him. I was shaking a bit, in anxiety and excitement. I had never met him before, but I had been his slave for weeks already. I sat silently on the front stoop waiting to be picked up and brought to his house. After 5 minutes of waiting, the car finally came.

The driver let me out, as He opened the front door. I lowered my head a bit in nervousness as I walked towards him. I looked up quickly then back down, and muttered a weak hello. SLAP! A few seconds later my face began to sting. You are MINE. You shall address Me and Master. You should already know this slave. I was so surprised by the slap and his demanding tone that I just said Sorry Master really quietly.

He gently grabbed my arm, eliciting a gasp from me, and took me inside the house. He turned to me and told me to lift my hair, so I did so hesitantly. I was a bit nervous when he put His hands around my neck, but then He put a little black collar with a metal clip in the front on. You are now My pet more than ever before. You better get used to it and learn what I like and dislike pretty quickly, and you wont get punished. He said to be in a soft, but no nonsense tone.

I trembled a bit after He finished speaking and could feel myself getting wet. I looked up at Him pleadingly, wanting to feel His touch for the first time as He stroked my pussy and spanked my ass. He saw my hungry pleading look and chuckled. All will come in time My pet. You must please your Master first. Now get on your knees slave! I obeyed immediately.

I took his already shimmering cock out and I swear to God it was huge! I didnt know how I was going to put that thing anywhere, not just my mouth. But I tried anyway. When I wrapped my mouth around His dick, it felt so natural and so…good. I finally had my Masters dick in my mouth and it tasted great! Good pet. He groaned while patting my head. I picked up the pace, licking all over His slick shaft with my tongue, while gropping His balls with my free hand. Not two minutes later He came, coating my mouth with his salty but sweet goo.

Youre quite talented at this arent you? I nodded my reply with adoration in my eyes. He grabbed my wrist and began taking me downstairs. Once we got there, He took my shirt and skirt off by ripping them aggressively. Now i stood there naked except my panties and black collar. His eyes roamed over my body, taking it all in hungrily. Bend over and grab your ankles. I obeyed. I felt his hands feeling around my ass then a loud smack and a stinging on my right ass cheek. Then again on my left. He continued until he had hit my ass about 5 times on each side.

Stand up and go lay down on that bed there and Dont. Move. He said demandingly. I hesistantly walked over and layed down like He said. He grabbed what looked like rope and came over to the bed and started to tie me up. I started panicking a little, I didnt like not being able to use my hands. No! Dont tie me up! If something happens I want to be able to- SLAP! Another slap to my face shut me up instantly. Dont you EVER tell ME what to do, and I am your Master. That is what you are to call Me! He slapped me again on the other cheek this time, making my head fall to the side. I started to sob as it finally hit me what I had gotten myself into.

Once He was done tying me up He moved to the end of the bed and yanked my panties off. Now I layed exposed and unable to move. Suddenly I felt his fingers stroking my pussy lips so softly I barely felt it, and let out a small moan. Youre already dripping for me, but yet you still fight me. I will teach you how to be completely submissive to My will and in return, I might reward you. I looked into his eyes are asked, Please Master. Ive been waiting for weeks for Your touch. I already pleasured You once, will You please reward me for that? And his reply to that was sticking two of His fingers deep into my pussy. I moaned loudly as He started to stroke my G-Spot.

I was about to cum when he suddenly stopped and pulled his fingers out. That is all you get. For now, you will begin to take whatever I throw your way, and please Me as I want. He then walked over to the head of the bed and stuck His cock in my mouth for the second time in the past half hour. After 5 minutes of Him fucking my throat, He came in my mouth and I swallowed all of it, sucking out the last few drops. He removed his cock from my mouth and I whimpered a bit in protest. He chuckled at my weak attempt, and grabbed a silver vibrator off a table near the bed and moved to the end of the bed again. He turned it on and I began to get even more wet in anticipation.

I gasped as i felt him shove the vibrator in my pussy as he started to suck on my clit. I soon began to moan extremely loudly until I was close to cumming again. He stopped again and removed the vibrator. Not yet pet. Soon I promise. As He finished his sentence, I felt him begin to lick my asshole. No no please Master. I dont do anal! Ive never done it before and thats a one way, please. He lifted His head and narrowed his eyes for effect. You are My SLAVE and you shall take whatever I give you, and give Me what I want. And what I want, is to fuck that pretty little virgin hole of yours until you beg me for release. And He went back to licking my ass. I was very scared because I had never done anal before.

He stuck the vibrator back into my pussy and held it there while i whimpered in protest. He put some lube on his dick and placed it between my legs at my opening. He started pushing in slowly, but then rammed his entire length into me in one go. I screamed at the pain and begged him to stop. All He did was turn on the vibrator and told me to shut up. I stopped talking right awat and He began to push in and out of my ass with slow deliberate strokes.

After a few minutes the pain in my ass began to subside as intense pleasure took over my body. I was now liking the ass fucking he was giving me as the vibrator kept pulsing in my pussy, sending me over the edge. Please Master, may I cum? I cant hold it any longer! Oh please! Not yet! Dont you DARE cum without My permission! He replied. He slapped my tits and I couldnt hold it. I came, eliciting my own downfall. I said you are not allowed to cum without My permission! Do NOT disobey Me! and with that, He began slapping my tits even harder and then decided that that wasnt enough. So He started slapping my clit, sending me in another intense orgasm. My orgasm sent Him over the egde with my ass gripping at His dick and my pussy juice flowing like a river around the vibrator.

He thrust one last time into my ass and let out a long stream of hot sticky cum. I moaned one last time for the evening as his hot spunk filled my ass. He collapsed on top of me, pulling my head to face Him so he could violently crush his lips against mine. He grabbed my lower lip in his teeth and growled hungrily as our lips mingled together. Once we were done kissing, He slipped out of my ass and turned the vibrator off to replace it on the table. That was pretty good for your first time slave. I think Ill keep you around for a bit, as long as you entertain Me. You shall sleep like that, with My cum flowing out of your ass and tied to the bed. I shall see you in the morning, and you shall please Me again and again and again. Dont forget that you are now completely Mine and cannot do anything about it. Goodnight pet.

He turned off the light as he left the room. I had never been pleasured as much as I had that night. Barely able to keep my eyes open, I soon fell asleep wondering what tomorrows adventures would be like.

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