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Memoires of an Army Base: The Art of Seduction

I lost my virginity at the tender age of 16, two days after my birthday, at Lake Narracan. Within weeks, my Year 12 had commenced at the Yallourn High School, the year being 1980. Throughout the first semester, I met an American boy who was living in Australia for two years while his parents were seconded on a huge engineering project. Taking a liking to Larry, the boy in question, I proceeded to seduce him throughout that semester. On the Tuesday before Easter, my seduction process culminated in us fucking on a teacher’s desk in Room 20. The rest of the school was attending an all school assembly nearby, outside the school grounds. Having accomplished that most rewarding exercise, I felt confident I could win any guy I wanted later in life.

From 1981 to 1983, I attended the University of Melbourne, studying to be a journalist. To pay for my shared accommodation in Melbourne and pay for my university fees, I had to take on part-time work at weekends. For two years, I did waitressing at a trendy restaurant in nearby South Yarra. At the start of my third year in university, the restaurant burnt down and I was left without any source of income. Gayla, one of the three people I was flatting with, I later found out, was a working girl in a nearby brothel. She also did escort work as well. Gayla, who was aged 25, introduced me to such work. Out of necessity, I lowered myself into doing such seedy work.

In that profession, to earn any decent money, one had to really please the client in order to get return visits and acquire a lucrative clientele. It was there where I really honed my skills in seducing guys ranging from: youths, drunks, criminals, politicians, and even old men who were lonely and just wanted someone to talk to. I learned that trade very well and I was confident that I could seduce and win over any guy that I desired.

In September 1983, I passed my BA Degree in Journalism at the University of Melbourne. Looking through the Victorian newspapers: The Herald, The Sun News-Pictorial and The Age, I searched through all the classified advertisements for any jobs that were on offer. One in particular that caught my interest was a career with the Australian Army at the Lone Pine Army Barracks, just eight kilometers south of Singleton in New South Wales. I applied for the position of Administration Clerk which gives you challenging opportunities to provide clerical support and guidance to soldiers and commanders across a wide range of tasks. In October, I was notified that I won an interview in early November. On Friday 18 November 1983, I received a telegram congratulating me on my appointment with the Australian Army, located in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. My appointment was confirmed with a letter the following week and I was told to report to the Special Forces Training Center near Singleton on Monday 12 December.

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