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Mercy, My Love

The man she loved reached for her hand and pulled her close.

She said to herself, Breathe. Just breathe!

Deeply her nostrils opened and closed taking in the sweet scent of him. A smile grew and she thanked her Lord for this man. Holding still to her wrist, he’d never let her go. Melting into him, they kissed.

His tongue probed her mouth and her’s automatically showed how she loved the intrusion.

The cool in the room was gone. It was already hot. Opened mouthed she kissed his face and chest. His strong hands moved along her curves, his strength penetrated and ending in her soul.

He smiled and opened his eyes. Sweeping his eyes across her body, he moved her down in 69. She took his raging cock completely. He closed his eyes letting a smile muffle his moan.

Opening his eyes, he saw her length lying beside him. He traced up the legs that rested against his shoulder, along the belly to wonderful tits. Reaching for a nipple with his left, he spread her legs and looked to find his sweet snatch with his right.

Holding tight to her tit, tightened her mouth on his dick. Waves swept over her as fingers moved from her slit to her clit and back again. He knew where everything was. In that first moment, he reached in and found the wet spot and made her cum.

She concentrated and found the base of his shaft with her tongue. Wrapping her fat talented tongue around the underside, she sucked his manhood. He responded, shoving deeper. Her breaths in rhythm with his fuck turned him on.

Reaching over her head, he found the back of her neck and pushed her face down onto his thing filling and choking her.

Trying to recover, she lost it completely when he shoved his hand inside her. The wet from the first orgasm let him in. It hurt, but he wanted it. Taking some breaths, she relaxed and found her place on her knees.

Pumping slowly in and and out, finding all the goodness in it, he pumped his hot hard rod down her throat. She felt the rub and suck in her mouth echo in her chest meeting the numb in the titty he still held. It resonated through her midsection into her loins. His knuckles reached in and bent her over his body.

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