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Michelles unrequited desire

I am a lesbian. That’s something I decided when I was 16, when I lost my virginity to my best friend. I had dabbled a bit with men, but decided that I didn’t like sex with them very much. Most of them finished too quickly, for one thing, and most of them weren’t very creative. But I would gladly tolerate them if it was a threesome, foursome, or gang bang with other girls. But usually I love the taste of pussy and I’m not looking back. I work at a lesbian bar, but just as a stripper. It does help me to get women, often the customers want to experience me fully. Normally it’s easy for me to pick up a woman. The amount of women I have brought back to my apartment well exceeds 200. I often turn straight women lesbian, even if just for a night. I’m not going to lie, I’m gorgeous. I’m 164cm tall, weighing 50kg. My skin is tanned and I have perfectly round 36D breasts, brown hair and green eyes that can trap you with a glance. There are very few occasions on which, after a few drinks and some flirting, I have been refused.

But that was before I met Jenny. Jenny is absolutely stunning. Built very much like me but with long and shiny blonde hair and captivating blue eyes. I met her at a party I was attending at the house of one of my fuck buddies, Christy. Christy and I often meet for sex, and she’s good, but not amazing, and not especially sexy either, although I suppose she is above average. Anyway, Christy had invited me to a party.

‘Just to relax,’ she had said. ‘It’ll be fun.’

So I had gone, not really knowing who would be there, but hoping to pick up one or two girls to bring home. I had dressed up incredibly sexily, I wore a tiny little black dress that was highly provocative. It was mostly sheer and you could see every little curve of my body. The material solidified when it reached my crotch, covering up my vagina and ass, as well as my breasts. Although, my under boobs were showing quite clearly and the dress was short enough that if I bent over, everyone would be able to see that I was going commando.

I worried a little that I had completely misjudged it, and I would get many odd glances. But if worst came to worst, I could always borrow something from Christy.

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