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Mistaken Identity

Introduction: Ever wonder if you really could tell one person from the next if you couldnt see? You know, one of those moments when the lights go out suddenly and you cant see anything. The drive was long and once inside, I headed straight for a quick shower. It was already late in the night and figured he would be asleep. The hot shower was refreshing, but I felt the creep of sleep taking over. It was out of the shower into his bedroom. The moonlight filtered in revealing the welcomed sight asleep under the sheets.

I slipped off my robe and crawled into bed. My boyfriends scent made me smile, it stirred in me a lust that I had suppressed the entire week. For a moment I starred at his physique resting next to me. My mind wandered, evoking images of us together. My sexual urge was easily pushing aside my ideas of sleep. I touched his shoulders and ran my fingers down the ridges on his arm.

My next move was critical, nothing too abrupt, as I wanted to respect his sleep. I was not in the mood for a hard fuck and decided to go with the subtle approach. My fingers traced the muscles of his bicep, to his back, down to his thigh. I searched for the hot spots that would turn him on. Oddly, they are not always in the same place, none-the-less easy to find.

I could sense the shallow moans, but he was in a deep slumber, or was he simply playing with me and wanted more attention? I continued to explore his body waiting for a sign to let me go further. He rolled onto his back releasing a guttural moan. I had my sign.

My touch traced across his abs up to his nipples, hard as rock. I knew mine were already there, but always amazed at how even mens tiny bumps could get so rigid. Taking one in my mouth, between my teeth, not hard, just a soft nibble before using my tongue, provoked him, forcing him into a more lucid state. Secretly he loved it and this time was no different. He squirmed and gasped with every lick.

Without wasting any more time, my hands moved on to other areas, down his now flexed belly, over the soft patch of hair, to his throbbing cock. Wait, did he trim? I moved back up to feel the close cut of his hair, a bit prickly, but much like the feel after a fresh haircut. To my surprise he was completely naked. I stopped for a moment. Was he expecting me? Was this some sort of seduction gone wrong because I came over too late?

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