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Mistress Sarah – Chapter two – I pay the price

In chapter one, I told you how I formed a ‘friendship’ with a young woman on-line on Lush. Sarah was intrigued by my submissive inclination. I was intrigued by her assertiveness, and her sexual creativity.

Sarah was intelligent, sweet, and she had a keen interest in women, especially submissive women. Sarah seemed to know precisely how to push my buttons and excite me. She also got me to perform some acts of which I was honestly ashamed, but which excited me and amazed me nonetheless.

Sarah’s profile indicated that she lived in South Africa , and as such, she seemed safe. I would never actually meet her. She was a harmless yet exciting fantasy. We had chatted several times over a period of several weeks, before I took a business trip to Chicago in May, 2012.

During these chats, Sarah got me to expose parts of my psyche’ that gave her the ability to ‘control me’ in a manner that no one, except my husband, Jim, could. I felt powerless to resist her.

On that fateful day in May 2012, I checked into my room on the 19th floor of a hotel in downtown Chicago . I immediately went on-line to see I could chat with Sarah. I wanted to see what antics she might make me perform.

Sarah instructed me to open the drapes and strip in front of my window, which faced the adjacent office building. I did not know if anyone was watching, but stripping like this excited me. She ordered me to write ‘Sarah’s cunt’ on my shaved mound. I did.

Submitting to this young woman was exciting me. I expected to be sent to the bar sans panties or bra, or some such embarrassing but manageable antic. I thought I would be compelled to flirt and expose myself in a semi-public place and perhaps dance with some businessmen before returning to my room to report back to my mistress, and masturbate to a powerful orgasm.

But that was not her plan for me. Sarah shocked me when she ordered me to order room service and answer the door naked. I was not prepared to do this. I protested. Sarah was insistent. She instructed me to wrap myself in a towel, run the shower and pretend I was about to climb into the warm spray of water when the delivery person arrived. Sarah instructed me to allow the towel to fall open, exposing me, when the delivery person brought the order. I protested, but under her persistent insistence, I relented. On some level, I wanted to do these things.

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