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More glory hole fun

I write this with the taste of fresh cum still on my tongue. I had not been to visit a glory hole since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This would turn out to be a great day at the glory hole in Salem. I got there about 3:30 in the afternoon. Once I got in the booth I fed the machine my money and selected an appropriate movie. This one happened to be from their vintage collection. I watched and stroked for several minutes until someone entered the next booth. I looked through the hole as this guy unzipped and lowered his pants. He started stroking. I watched for just a few minutes as he stroked and fed a few dollars into the machine. His cock was hard by now. He stroked a few more minutes as I watched. He was pulling his pants up as I stuck my finger through the hole. He immediately pushed about 5 inches of cock meat in the hole. I didn’t notice before but he was pretty thick. Nothing I couldn’t handle but thicker than most cocks that come through the glory hole.
Since he was already hard I didn’t stroke him but started by licking his cock head and then took him in my mouth. I slowly started sucking this tasty snack. He was really hard. I started bobbing that cock and pretty soon my nose was up against his coarse black hair. He was pressing up against the wall pretty hard so I couldn’t lick his balls, but that was OK because I had his hard cock in my mouth. I sucked him and licked the underside of his cock head for a few minutes when he started humping my mouth, a sure sign that he was getting ready to shoot his load. I raised up until just his cock head was in my mouth when I felt the first spurt of cum. I kept licking his cock head and then felt another spurt. That was all. His juices tasted pretty good. I kept sucking on him for a little while longer until he pulled out, zipped up and left the booth. After he left I fed a few more dollars to the machine.
The next guy came in within a few minutes and unzipped and started stroking. He was 5” or so and as soon as he was fully hard he fed me his cock after I stuck my finger in the hole. (If some guy just comes in and automatically sticks his cock through the hole without me asking for it I won’t suck him. I like to make that decision). I started sucking on him and he tasted pretty good. I took all of him after a few minutes and then after a few strokes I swallowed him again. He had nice large balls and I fingered them as I was sucking his cock. After a few more minutes I felt his first spurt on my tongue. He tasty really good and 4 spurts later he was pulling back. He left me with a mouthful.
A few minutes went by before someone else dropped in. Before he even closed the door he stuck a finger in the hole. When I just sat there he left. I was there to suck cock not get sucked. A few more minutes went by and then someone entered the booth. This guy obviously just got off work. He was dressed in nice slacks and shirt. He immediately fed some money into the machine and then dropped his pants and started rubbing his cock through his underwear. As he scanned through the channels he kept rubbing his cock. I noticed he had a wedding ring on his left ring finger. Nothing unusual about that. Almost every guy I’ve ever sucked had a ring on. What a nice surprise when he dropped his underwear. I saw nice hard 7” cock. I stuck my finger through the hole and he immediately turned and pushed that his cock through the hole. I took that cock in my mouth and slowly started sucking and bobbing. He had small balls but that’s was OK. I bobbed his nice sweet cock for a few minutes then reached in and pulled his balls through and started sucking them, first one then the other. As I was doing this I was stroking his cock. I went to suck his cock head and notice he was leaking pre-cum so I licked it off. I slowly started bobbing his cock again and the longer I bobbed it then more I swallowed. I took all I could which was about 6”. I heard him moan and then he thrust his cock further into my mouth. I felt his cock throb and next thing I was tasting is warm, juicy and delicious cum. He squirted three times. Not a large amount of cum but enough to get a good taste. I kept sucking on his cock until he finally pulled out, got dressed and left.
After he left I looked at the screen and realized I needed to feed it again. Seven dollars and 3 juicy cocks, so I fed it five more. The next guy that came in just sat there for a few minutes. He didn’t stroke watch the movies or anything. It was few minutes later when someone else came in.
This guy fed the machine, dropped his pants, sat down and started stroking. When he was hard I stuck a finger through and he gave me his cock. He was small and rigid but very tasty. Only about 4” came through the hole. I stroked it with 3 fingers and my thumb. That’s all there was. This must be my day for fat cocks because I could hardly get my mouth around it. I started sucking it the best I could and he soon rewarded me with a small sample of what, I hoped, to come. His pre-cum was sweet. I stroked his shaft and sucked just his cock head due to how thick and small his cock was but he seemed to thoroughly enjoy what I was doing. He pushed up against the wall and I tasted the first of four spurts. Nice tasting cum. I kept sucking and I heard him say “Your good at that.” When he finished cumming and pulled back he also said “thanks”. That was the first time anyone ever thanked me for a blowjob. It was my pleasure.
My money had run out so I decided to leave. I think next time I’ll go to the Corvallis glory hole.

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