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Mrs Howard spanks Ellie

16 year old Ellie waited in her bedroom knowing her bottom was soon going to be spanked very hard and for an awfully long time. She could hear her Mum speaking to Mrs Howard, the cleaner.

“Ellie deserves a good hard spanking so please will you work an extra half an hour and give her one of your especially hard thrashings.”


“What’s the reason this time Mrs Collins” Mrs Howard asked pleasantly.


“Her room is a disaster area, and when I told her to clean it up she gave me such a lot of lip. I can tell you I was going to spank her myself but I thought as you were going to be here and you spank her so much harder than I do, well I just hoped you would do it, to teach her a proper lesson.”


“OK Mrs Collins, I can certainly spank her for you, but I think it will have to be an hour really. It sounds like she really does need to be disciplined properly.”


“Yes, you are right, an hour it is. Thank you so much Mrs Howard. I will be going to work now, so I will see the results when I get home.”


Ellie heard the conversation and shuddered at the word. A discipline spanking, on top of her normal spanking. That really will hurt.


It had been three weeks since she had sat with her 16 year old friend Tina and watched the camcorder as Mrs Howard spanked Tina’s 18 year old brother, and then sucked him off and had him lick her to orgasm. All the time Tina didn’t know that this same Mrs Howard spanked her on a weekly basis. It was weird watching her spank someone else, but arousing as well, and she had so looked forward to the next time Mrs Howard came to her house. She didn’t tell Mrs Howard what she had seen of course. She just enjoyed the spanking all the more, and the afters.


The spankings she had received for the first two weeks after the Tina incident were her normal ones. Good hard across the knee spankings followed by her beautifully large strap on, and in return she licked Mrs Howard to orgasm. Painful but rewarding.  


This time it would be different though, because as well as her normal spanking Mrs Howard will discipline her. Ellie was still spanked by her Mother, but she never hurt. Once the tears started, real or normally feigned, her Mother would consider she had spanked her 16 year old daughter enough and stop. Mrs Howard on the other hand was not so benign. Tears made no difference to her. She went only by the colour of the bottom, and tops of legs for the more severe punishment. She didn’t stop spanking until everything was just as red as she intended it to be. She even mocked Ellie if the tears came too early, telling her not to be so foolish, that she can cry as much as she liked, and that there was an ever such long time to go before the spanking would end.

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