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Muskegon gotta love your home town

Well my name is Rikko Suave. Im 32 single no k**s. About 5൓ 165 lbs blue eyes light brown hair. Im White Native American and Polish. With ten tattoos.
I worked at Mr.Scribs pizza witch is only in Muskegon ,Michigan.. I worked until 4am. So i was working the drive through window that night. Busting my ass like always. So I'm working the drive through. Its around 2:30am. Almost time to close. Next thing you know this sexy ass black Ladies came to the drive through d***k.
They both started flirting with me. They looked like they both left the night club. Kiana had on this sexy ass blue and black dress with stockings a no panties and some black and blue stilleto heels. And the other was named Stacey witch was wearing sexy black and pink dress. With matching stockings and garderbelts and matching high heels. With a matching set of lace pink and black thongs and bra. . So they kept on flirting with me. And asked what time i got off of work. I said around 4am. They said you should come hang out with us at the hotel room after you get out. I said witch one are you at. They said the shoreline inn. They told me with room they were in. And after i gave them their pizza. They slid their room key to me. And i said ill be their. Stacey said just walk in .i said ok. So i was so excited to get out of work. I hurried up after work and hurried up and took a shower.  So i arrived about 30 minutes later. My heart started beating real fast. Like it was trying to jump out of chest. So i slowly walk in to the room. I see the ladies are sitting on the couch in side of the suit . they were sitting their watching porn masterbating and playing with their toys. The porn was 2 black girls were fucking a white pizzaboy. So i leaned in and started kissing Kiana grabbed both of them by the back of their hair. I took turns kissing both of them sliding my tongue deep in their mouth until they kissed me back. I then grabbed both of their hands. And walked them to the bed. So i lay Kiana down on the bed and tell Stacey to sit above her face doggy style so she can taste you. I spread Kianas legs wide apart. And slowly lick up and down her shaved pussy up and down til i split her lips apart with my tongue. I then take my two thumbs and split her lips apart. As I'm licking and sucking on her clit. I slowly slide two fingers deep as i can in Kianas wet pussy. The takemy other hand and Barrie two fingers deep in Stacey's wet pussy . after about five minutes . i say it's my turn. So i lay back on The bed. I got Stacey in 69 position . the harder I suck the harder she sucks. While Kiana is licking and sucking on my balls. I then tell Kiana to hop on. So she slowly slides on my dick. Popping her phat booty up and down on my rock hard cock. While Kiana is riding my shit.. Stacey is sucking on her titties and nibbling on her big hard nipples. I then tell them to get doggy style face down ass up arch your backs so your ass is straight up in the air. so i then take turns  sucking on their pusses. I then grab Kianas hips and slide my cock deep down in her wet pussy . i grab Stacey's dildo and slide it in deep as I'm Fucking Kiana. As Stacey is bucking on her dildo. I'm pile driving Kiana's pussy. I then switch up and slide my rock hard cock deep in Stacey's pussy . I then grab Kiana's dildo and start fucking her with it. While I'm pounding Stacey's pussy. I tell them I'm about to cum. So they both hurry up and get on their knees as i shoot my cum all over their face.  I then lay down and doze off as they both hop in the shower. Then about a hour later i wake up to both of them taking turns sucking my cock until . i cum all down both of their throats.

Updated: December 17, 2016 — 1:35 am
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