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my best friend, my lover

it was another cold night, id gone over to my best friend edonas house we were sitting and chatting.we talked about everything from recipes, movies and even sex. i always thought she was amazing looking, large breasts, fine ass and amazing eyes. i always wished i was like her. i was insanely attracted to her and i wished we were more than this. she left the room briefly and just the thought of her made me wet. i couldnt resist i dove into my panties massaging my clit. it felt so good i needed it so bad.


she came back into the room, she was wearing her new bra and pantie set which i thought so was so hot,it was lacy and pink. it made her curves look amazing. she asked me what i thought. i couldnt speak i was lost for words. my mouth was basically on the floor. she came over and stopped me from speaking by pressing her gorgeous soft lips against mine. she look at me in worry, i nodded this is what i wanted. she told me her bra and panties her all for me and i told her they were amazing. she kissed me more passionatly as she threw my top on the floor. my skirt was getting wet cause of my cum. i pulled off my skirt. i took her bra off and began sucking her nipples she gave out a slight moan of pleasure. i pushed one of my fingers into her slit she moaned and moaned. ‘keep going, dont stop, im coming im coming’. ‘dont come yet i want to taste you’ i pushed my face into her clit and darted in and out of her hole. she came all over my face.


she quickly left them room i was schocked she left so quickly she emerged with something new to me a vibrator. i was already wet from cuming everywhere. she threw off my bra and my panties. she lay me down on her couch as she massages my clit with the vibrator i let out an amazing moan. she sucks my nipple as she uses the vibrator on my hole. this is such a pleasure i cum all over the vibrator. she licks my cum off the vibrator as we passionately kiss more. ‘i’m still hungry i wanna eat you some more’. i dive back into her cunt i dart in and out of her hole and gently bite her clit. shes moaning and thursting onto me. we turn to do a 69, sucking each others clits and darting in and out of our holes. we both have an amazing simultaneous orgasm. we shudder as we come back upto sitting position.

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:08 pm
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