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My First Time in a Chastity Belt

I was traveling for work for a few days and got home late Friday evening. After a shower, I was finally getting time to relax but my wife Kendra had other ideas. She walks into the room and comes up and straddles me and starts to kiss my ear. Normally, this sort of advance would get her mauled for a night of incredible sex. Instead, I let out a little grunt and say “Honey, I’m so tired.”

Kendra gets annoyed, crawls off and goes to bed. I finish my show and go up to bed. I’m still a little wound up from travel and can’t sleep. So I get my iPad and find my favorite porn site and start to rub one out to help me relax. As I start to get into it, I don’t notice I woke Kendra up and when I come, I hear, “What the hell, you don’t have time to take care of me and you’re jerking off. Bastard.”

I try to apologize but she gets up in a huff and heads to the basement to sleep. The next morning, I get up and make breakfast for her, something I haven’t done in a long time. She does eat the breakfast but doesn’t say a word until I apologize. I try to explain but I’m cut off.

“How the hell do you think this makes me feel when you turn me down and would rather watch porn? You were probably fantasizing of your assistant Ally too, I know how hot you think she is and she was on the trip with you.”

I try again to cool the situation down a little, but Kendra just ignores me and gets dressed. As she comes down the stairs, she says, “I had the kids all week. You get them today while I go shopping with Sylvia and then tonight, we have girl’s night out.”

I can tell she’s pissed, so I just nod and let her go, hoping the time away will cool her down. I don’t see her for the entire day and I go upstairs and fall asleep around 1 am.

I am sound asleep for about an hour, but then start to wake up as I feel my hands go above my head and something tightens around my wrists. When I wake up enough to get rid of the grogginess, I realize Kendra just cuffed my hands to the headboard as the room is pitch black. A second later, I feel her on the bed and come up and straddle my face.

“Eat my pussy good” she orders as she sits on my face. Since one of my favorite things is to give her oral, I start to lick, suck and worship her pussy. She always loves sitting on my face, but normally, it’s more gentle where she moves to where she wants licked. This time though, she is much more forceful and shoves her pussy hard on my face. For periods of time, I can barely breathe.

As I try and catch my breath, I feel her legs tighten and hear “Lick it Drew, lick it good.” I keep licking as my mouth starts to get sore from the pressure. I’m relieved when Kendra finally tightens up and lets out a huge orgasm all over my face.

She rolls off me and I say “God baby, that was fun, what got into you?” I lay there expecting her to start to suck my cock or get on top for a great fucking but she lays there quietly.

“What’s wrong baby?” I ask.

After a few seconds of silence, she finally says, “I’m still so pissed about last night. I can’t get it out of my head.”

I try to appease her by saying “I’m sorry, it was stupid…”

But she cuts me off, “Well, it was stupid and I’m pissed. I told Sylvia about the situation and she gave me some really good advice.”

The room is still dark as I try to look Kendra in the eyes and ask, “What? You told Sylvia? Why?”

Kendra’s tone changes and barks, “Don’t worry why, it’s my prerogative. It was your prerogative to jack off instead of taking care of your wife. Sylvia gave me an idea and I’m not sure you’re gonna like it that much.”

My cock is still hard from licking her pussy and I ask “What did she say?”

Kendra stays quiet and minutes pass. My hands are still bound above my head and after a few minutes, I feel her hands on my soft cock. Then I feel something start to go on my cock that is tight and not comfortable. “Kendra, what are you doing?” I ask as I look down.

She doesn’t say anything, but I feel a harder tug on my balls. I can tell it’s an indication to stay quiet. I feel her sit on my stomach facing down and flips on a light and then feel more things happening to my cock and balls. I try to figure out what is going on, but really am clueless until Kendra rolls off.

“Well Drew, after talking with Sylvia, I think you need to have some more discipline so you don’t pick jacking off instead of being with me. She told me she had some of the same problems with Cody and had to do something to rectify the situation. She said it has done wonders for them, and I think we need to try it.”

I look at her and say “What did you do?” as I struggle to look down at my cock, still cuffed to the headboard.

“Well, since you can’t control yourself, I think you need to be controlled. I got a male chastity belt for you.”

“What is that? What does it do?” I ask.

She then leans in and starts to kiss and suck my nipples like I love. Normally, I will get rock hard in a second from this. My cock starts to swell like normal, but then stops when it fills the chastity belt. I start to squirm and moan.

She looks at me and says matter of factly, “Your cock can’t get hard with it on and more importantly, you can’t orgasm with it on. Since you can’t control it yourself, I think I should help. I am your wife and this cock should belong to me and my pleasure.”

“But baby,” I plead, “It does belong to you and loves giving you pleasure.”

She smiles me a smile and then says, “I’m glad you say that, because you need to prove it and I think this is a good way.” She goes up and undoes my hands and gives a chance to see the contraption on my cock. I look at it in the mirror trying to figure it out.

She doesn’t give me much time and then says, “You have two choices Drew. I can either take this off and still be pissed at you for what you did and who knows when you will get sex.” After a long pause, she adds “Or you can give me the key to the lock so I control your cock which proves your devotion to me.”

I look at her and say, “Wait, my choice is no sex or no sex, I’m not sure this is fair.”

“Fuck you Drew, was it fair for you to jack off and not take care of me. You got a minute to decide.” She moves in and puts the lock on the belt, but doesn’t lock it. “If you love me and want to prove your devotion, you will lock it and offer me the key. If not, it will be a long few months for you. And I don’t just mean in bed.”

I look at her for a minute and can tell she’s pissed. I fumble with the lock and snap it shut and take the key out and hand it to her.

She doesn’t take it and says, “Is that how you offer it to your wife, your goddess? Do it properly.”

I look a little shocked and then kneel before her as I look up and say “Kendra, I love you so much, I’m so sorry, will you please hold the key?”

She looks down and smiles and says, “Much better” and takes the key. “And while you’re there, you have another job.” She then swings her legs around and pulls my face to her pussy. “Lick me good Drew. Just because you might not get to orgasm, it doesn’t mean I don’t get to.”

She holds my head in between her thighs and looks down as I start to lick her pussy slowly and tenderly. I continue working on her pussy like she likes with my tongue and then use my fingers to work her pussy into a frenzy. She hears me moan more as my cock is struggling to get hard, but can’t. I bring her to orgasm and she rolls on the bed.

I come up and she cuddles with me, her hand playing with my locked up cock. “I think this will be good for you. Sylvia told me it really helped Cody focus on her needs and not worry about getting off so fast.” She rolls over and falls asleep.

I get up the next morning and she’s still asleep. I assume she’s sleeping off the alcohol and go downstairs to make her breakfast. She comes down and smiles and gives me a kiss and pats my cock in the cage. “This is so nice Drew, thank you.”

As she starts to eat her breakfast, she grabs my hand and pulls me to her and says “Time for your breakfast too” and tugs my arm lower. She lifts up her nightshirt and spreads her legs and I go to my knees and start to lick her pussy again. She enjoys breakfast and me licking her pussy at the kitchen table. As she gets close to her climax, she leans back and lets the orgasm race across her body.

I stand up and try to get the blood flowing back to my knees as Kendra reaches in my boxers and plays with the belt. “Mmm, I think this is good, you were so good this morning.” She continues fondling me which normally gets me hard, but again, I can’t. “Honey, I’m running a few errands this morning, can you clean up the house? I’m hosting the Christmas exchange party tonight for the girls.”

I am a little shocked at how she put it and ask, “Wait, you lock my cock up and now want me to be your maid and clean the house?”

She smiles and says “No honey, I’m not ordering you to clean it. I just thought you’d like to make me happy and you were gone all week. Totally up to you baby.”

She gets dressed and goes out. My mind races, wondering what is going on. Is this a game or some kind of test? I want to protest at the command, but decide to do the chores as she is out, hoping it will get this damn belt off me sooner.

The hours pass slowly and Kendra gets home and runs upstairs and starts to get in the shower. She yells down she’s running late and if I could get the drinks ready. I start on that and the doorbell rings and I go and answer it.

It’s Sylvia standing there with a bottle of wine and a present. She looks so hot in a low cut top, showing off her cleavage and a pair of tight pants hugging her hips. She walks in and smiles at me and hands me the wine.

Before I know what happens, she smiles and says “How’s the belt Drew?”

I turn a million shades of red realizing Kendra told her everything. I always thought she might since it was Sylvia’s idea, but this brings it to reality. She adds, “I know it’s tough at first, but after what you did for her, I think it’s the best thing. She was really pissed.”

She comes up and rubs my arm in a flirting way and says, “If I were you Drew, I’d make gestures to Kendra to let her know she’s your priority. It will go much better and you’ll get it off sooner.” As soon as she finishes, Kendra comes down and gives her a hug.

I look at my wife and say “Kendra, would you like me to be your bartender tonight, so you girls can focus on the party?”

I hear her say “That’s a great idea” as she turns around to give me a kiss on the cheek. As she does, I see her in her favorite low cut sweater but this time, I see a new necklace and a little key hanging down in her cleavage.

She smiles as she sees me look at her cleavage. “Sylvia told me I should wear the key proudly of your devotion and wear it somewhere you always look.” She smiles and says “Sylvia wears Cody’s key on an anklet when he’s locked up because he has such a foot fetish.”

I am nervous and ask “But honey, what if someone sees it and asks?”

Sylvia butts in and says, “Well when someone asks me, I tell them it’s the key to a very special present my loving hubby gave me.”

Before long, the girls all come and the party starts. I spend the next several hours serving drinks. The entire evening, my mind races wondering if you told anyone else besides Sylvia. It’s so embarrassing standing there locked up and not knowing when it might come off.

The girls drink an awful lot and many of them are too drunk to drive home and you offer me as their taxi since I’m the sober one. After about 30 minutes, I get back and it’s just Kendra and Sylvia in the house. Kendra calls me to the living room.

“Drew baby, don’t you love Sylvia’s heels, they are so hot.”

She lifts up her heels and I say yes and then she says “What do you see?”

I look down and see a key attached to an anklet. She smiles and says, “Yes Drew, Cody is locked up this week. He came too quickly last weekend and needs to learn control. As a wife, there is nothing sexier than knowing your hubby will do what it takes to please her. If he’s a good boy, he will get it off tomorrow.”

A second later, I hear the doorbell and I go and get it. It’s Cody at the door and says he’s here to take Sylvia home. I can’t look him in the eye as I know he’s locked in the belt and wonder if he knows I am or not. We make small talk and Sylvia thanks Kendra for the party and says “See you tomorrow night for dinner, Cody is cooking his specialty.”

Kendra and I head upstairs and before long she is naked and rips off my clothes. When she’s drunk, she’s normally super horny and I’m expecting the chastity belt will come off. She pushes me back on the bed and straddles my face again and I immediately start licking her pussy. This time, Kendra has an orgasm fairly quickly.

She slides off my face, but quickly turns around in a 69 position. I feel her play with my cock in the cage and hear her giggle. She leans back with her ass in my face and says, “You’re not done licking.”

“Kendra baby, I can’t reach your pussy like this,” I comment.

“That’s right Drew, kiss my ass. Kiss my asshole. If you loved me, you’d do it.”

I pause for a minute since I never have ever licked or kissed her ass like she wants right now. I feel her push back a little and playfully add, “If you want this cage off, you should be a good boy and worship my ass.”

She gets off the bed for a minute, moves around the room a minute and then come backs and gets on the bed on all fours. “In fact Drew, I’m not going to force you, I want you to want to please my ass with your tongue. If you do, it will make me happy.”

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