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My Friend May

May was the cousin of a friend of mine who lived in Edinburgh and usually came to my home town for the odd weekend and summer holidays.

She was a truly beautiful girl of sixteen, still at school, fairly tall for her age and had a lovely figure with budding little breasts, longish fair hair and an absolutely devastating smile.

I’d seen her a few times but never really paid any attention to her till I was at the local swing park one day when she walked in. The one thing that stood out about May was thatshe was wearing her school uniform which consisted of a navy blue gymslip, white blouse and white knee-hi socks.

While many may find it odd that May was wearing her school uniformwhen it was summer holidays but, when I was young, it wasn’t unusual for girls to wear school uniform almost all the time which for me, for someone who had one hell of a fascination for navy blue school knickers (and any other colour for that matter)it was like a gift from heaven.

May sat quietly on one of the swings till, after a little while, she smiled innocently and stood up on it, starting to make it go higher and higher. This made her gymslip fly up at the back and front, letting me see she was wearing her navy blue cotton schoolgirl knickers.

Immediately, I could feel my little prick starting to get hard inside my jeans so, when she slowly stopped swinging and sat down again, I suggested that we go into the old Tennis Pavilion and to my immense surprise and great delight she readily agreed.

Once inside, we sat talking about nothing at all till I asked softly, ‘Are your knees ticklish, May?’

Blushing slightly, May replied’, ‘I … I don’t know, but you can find out if you want.’

Wondering just how far May was prepared to let me go, I said, ‘Alright, the right one first.’

I could see my hand was trembling as I reached out and touched her right knee but, getting no reaction, I moved my hand toher left and, again getting no reaction,I almost whispered, ‘Alright, how about the lastone?’

May looked puzzled as she asked nervously, ”What do you mean?’

Happy that I hadn’t upset her, I said softly, ‘You do know you have three knees, don’t you?’

Again, may looked puzzled as she asked, ‘What do you mean?’

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