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My Friends House Part 1

Well this story starts a long time ago. Can't remember what age I was, but I think it was around 18.

This one time I slept over with a friend of mine. We watched a movie, played games, etc. Then his mom knocked on the door and told us it was time for bed, because my friend had to get up for work.

I saw his mom stand in black nylons with short cowboy jeans on. I kept staring at her feet, and my cock started to get aroused. She was a tall lady and had pretty big feet for a woman, but still they looked so nice. I saw my friend looking at me, and I stared down the floor, hoping he did not see that I looked at his mom’s feet. He said nothing, but I am sure he saw my cock getting hard. We said ‘goodnight’ and went to bed.

I always have had trouble sl**ping over with others. So I guess I slept for an hour or 2, and went to the bathroom. I did not see his mom up, so I was sure she was sl**ping too. I walked into the bathroom to take a pee. And there on the bathroom floor I saw some black nylon pantyhose on the floor. I got instantly aroused.

My body was shaking all over. I picked up the nylons and saw it was black Wolford’s, and under them there was a white thong. I took the thong up to my face, and took some big sniffs. Ooh boy, I could have exploded just there, but luckily I did not! I was so freaking horny and started licking the thong all over. Her sweet pussy juice just tasted so great. I then bent down to take the pantyhose and smelled them too. Again, I inhaled the odour from her toes. Oh my god, this women had the smell of an angel! I put the pantyhose on; they felt so amazing against my skin, just knowing she had them on 2/3 hours ago! I started to arch my feet and I felt so sexy and sissy like I loved every minute of it! I began moaning; I did not know I was so loud, because just then I heard a knock on the door. It was my friend.

He asked “What are you doing in there? Are you OK?”

I choked on my own words. “Ehmm…yes…I am OK! Just needed some air!”

I knew he knew that I was lying. I kept stroking my hard sissy cock. When I heard the door trying to open, I told him “I’ll be right out! Just give me five!”


I heard him doing something with the door. But I was in a whole other place and did not realize that he had pushed the key out of the keyhole because there was a mat in front of the door.

“I'm going to bed again!” he said.

I did not answer. I then started moaning again, just a little quieter. It felt so good, stroking my hard cock and almost getting caught. I came so hard and never seen myself cum that much. The bad thing was that I spilled my cum on his mom's pantyhose! I panicked, took them off and laid them down the same spot as I found them. I washed my hands and tried to unlock the door, but I realized there was no key. I saw it on ground. Hmmmm?? I unlocked the door and heard someone running away. I went back his room.

When I entered the room, he pretended to be asl**p and the blanket was not covering him all over – and I saw his cock – hard. Had he being staring at me through the keyhole, and had become hard over me? When I was in his mother's pantyhose?

I tried touching his cock, but he turned around and snored. I laid back in bed and fell asl**p like a baby.

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