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My Friends House Part 5

I must have been sl**ping, because the next thing I heard was like someone had taken pictures of me. I was afraid to say anything, but thought about what she wanted with pictures. This went on for 5, maybe 10 minutes, and I felt even more humiliated. Then I could feel her climbing in the bed.

The next thing I knew I got a cock in my face.

“Lick it!” I heard this was a guy with a very deep voice. I totally freaked out. “You better behave yourself, or maybe those pictures will be used against you!”

After that, my body was still shaking of fear, but I tried to calm down.

“Good girl!”

MMMmmm…the feeling it gave inside my body when he called me a girl just felt right! He was sticking his cock in my face, and I opened my mouth slowly, feeling the tip off his cock on my tongue. Wow! I’d never tasted a guy before! Right there, he just f***ed his cock in my mouth. Oh my, it was thick. I loved this feeling where I sucked a guy off, and being his little bitch.

“You like that, little sissy, ahh?”

I tried to let out some sort of sound ‘MMmm’ and he just kept on going. He was really fucking my face right now. Oh my, I was being used good! I was still tied up and could not do anything – just lying there being a fuck doll. He took his thick cock out my mouth. My mouth hurt after that treatment.

“You suck cock like a girl!”

Every time he called me something with ‘girl’ my body would twitch. The feeling it gave felt so right. I think he saw ‘me’, because after that he called me girl all the time. Then I heard the camera noises again. This time though, I got so turned on. I started to try posing while I was tied up, but could not move much.

“Oh my lord. My little girl likes this!?”

I twitched again and started moaning like a little girl.

“Arch your feet for me in those pantyhose!”

Wow! He liked pantyhose too? I just did as I was told.

“MMMmmm…good girl. You like being a little pantyhose sissy!”

My moaning got higher. I was so freaking horny.

“Little sissy is getting rock hard I see. Let me take a picture of that cum-covered sissy cock!”

I heard the camera take quite a few pictures. I felt him touching my pantyhose bum.

“Wow! I love your pantyhose-covered ass!”

He ripped a hole in the pantyhose, and then I got scared again. I asked him “Are you gonna fuck me?”

“Yes, I am! I just need a condom!” I heard him sliding a condom on.

“Please don’t, sir. Please!”

Ok, I have fantasized about being taken by a guy in girl clothing, but after all off this, I could not take more.

“Yes. You don't have a choice! See you lying here, being bound up in girl clothing, with a blindfold on, making me all horny…you need this! So you’re gonna be fucked whether you like it or not!”

I was feeling fear and excitement at the same time. “Please do not do this, sir. I beg you. I will suck you off…cum in my mouth. Please don’t fuck me!”

“Shut the fuck up, bitch! You better take it, or the pictures…”

I did not say a word again. Then I felt his cock trying to get inside of me. But my legs were tied up, so he untied my legs. He was holding my legs up by my ankles, and he was trying to push his cock in me. But my hole was not big enough for him and hurt like hell when he tried to f***e his cock in me!

“Wow! All that cum, and still not wet enough for my cock to get in!”

I heard him spit, and felt it in my hole. Then he stuck a finger inside of me. It hurt a bit at first, but when his finger entered me, the sensation was so good! My cock got hard and I started to moan like a little girl.

He pulled his finger out – even that felt nice! He then spat in my sissy ass again. And this time I felt two fingers. God…this felt good! My moaning started getting higher and higher.

“See little slut, I knew you would like it!”

“Yes Sir!”

He was fucking my ass with his fingers. “MMMmmm…yess!”

“And since you like it so much, you are getting my cock too! Ain't you, bitch?”

He pulled out his fingers and I felt him trying to get in – but his cock was too thick. I heard him spit a lot on it, and felt it in my hole too. All wet from his spit, he tried again. It was a painful experience – but he f***ed his way in me – and in it went. He let out a big grunt. Oh, his cock felt so good inside of me, I almost came.

“Are you ready to be fucked in your tiny tiny sissy hole?”

“MMmm! Ohh Yess, Sir. Fuck me!”

He furiously started to fuck me. There was no gentle moment – he just went all in. I screamed like the little sissy slut I was. And he just kept going, and made some noise too.

“Ohh…you love this! I can see it! You like being fucked in pantyhose like a whore! MMMmmm!”

I could feel my cock pumping – I was gonna explode soon. I almost screamed “Yes, Sir…Fuck my tight pussy!!!”

I heard the camera go off again. This made it even more sexy. Oh my, he was taking a lot of pictures!

“You like to jerk off in my mom’s pantyhose?!”

I froze…I did not know what to do! He kept fucking me hard.

“Do you??” He sounded angry.

Just then, my cock was starting to pump out cum. He pulled the blindfold off. He stared into my eyes, and I into his. He kept fucking me. I still had this surprised look on my face. Then he took the camera and took pictures of me showing my face, and all while he fucked me. Then a huge load of cum came flying out of my cock and into my face – and kept cumming while he still took pictures. He laughed so hard when the cum hit my face.

“HA-ha. Oh my…great shot, slut. Now put the cum in your mouth and swallow it, slut!”

I did as he asked of me. He kept on fucking me.

“Please stop, Thomas…please!”

I could hear him get even more aroused. “My best friend is a fucking sissy whore! And stealing my mother's pantyhose…puts them on and licking my mom’s panties too! Eww…fucking filthy sissy!”

I guess he saw everything through the key hole last night while I was in the bathroom.

“I’m so sorry, Thomas. Stop…please!”

He just kept on going fucking my hole. It was so sore by now.

“I knew I should get home from work when I had seen you through the keyhole. I knew you would be doing something naughty!”

He took my pantyhosed-covered feet towards his face and sniffed them. MMMmm…I was feeling my cock come to live again.

“MMmm…Thomas…lick my pantyhose feet would you?”

“No…I will suck them for you!”

He took my pantyhose-covered feet and sucked all over them. I was moaning so much it felt as good as getting fucked in the ass. And I got fucked, and my pantyhose feet sucked.

He held my feet with one hand and took some more pictures with the camera. He was taking selfies with my feet in his mouth.

“I am going to cum, Thomas!!”

I could feel his cock in my ass starting to pump. He then pulled his cock out, and right then, I came on myself – not enough f***e to hit my face, but it went up my stomach and his mom’s bra. He took of the condom and jerked himself off in front of my face.

“Open your mouth, bitch!”

“No Thomas…I’m not going to eat your cum!”

He slapped me hard across my face. “You are a useless little sissy whore that took my mom’s pantyhose and clothes for your own perversion! Now take your punishment like a good little girl!”

I opened my mouth.

“Good Sissy!”

He jerked off faster and faster. I heard him moaning harder and harder.

“You ready, bitch?!”

I did not even get the chance to answer when I felt his hot cum went in. Oh my, did he cum a lot! He was staring intensely into my eyes, and I look at him while he was filling my mouth with cum. He was so getting off of this.

“Shallow it, sissy!”

I really tried to, but I did not like the taste of it! As I kept trying, he was tying my feet up again. I panicked and spilt some of the cum and swallowed the rest. “Eww. What are you doing??”

He saw I had spilt something. He did not answer and kept on tying the other foot down. When he was done tying me up again, he came over and slapped me again.

“Sorry, Thomas!”

He looked at the cum I spilt on my shoulder, looked back at me and said “That not a good girl!” He picked up the cum with his finger, and stuck it in my mouth. “There you go, bitch!”

I swallowed the rest. He then put the blindfold back on.

“Please Thomas, let me out!”

“I am going back to work. Now listen…if you say anything to my mom about this, then these pictures will get out somehow! All of the cum and torn pantyhose? It’s not my problem…it’s yours! You’re gonna find on something to say to her…as long she doesn’t know I was here! You get that, Sissy boy?!”

And now I was back to scared again. “Yes Thomas!” I could feel the tears come again.

“And by the way, you ain't going to come to my house anymore after this…or I will tell on you!”

Now I just wait again. I just wanna go home.

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