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My Girlfriend Finds Her True Love

We started living together when we were not yet married. I was working nights at a computer processing center as a computer operator. My name is Jim. My girlfriend is Amy. We had met earlier in college and had formed a couple. Our sex life was good for me, but Amy always seemed to have problems cumming. She had been abused by a boyfriend in high school when she first started dating at 16 and she had never seemed to overcome the fears she had of going all out in the sex department.

Since I was working nights mostly we did not really get a chance to have much of a sex life anyway. Mostly on my days off which were erratic. The computer operators changed shifts from time to time to give everyone a chance to have weekends off. It was a little complex and it did interfere with a normal life.

I will say this though. I had collected quite a collection of porn books back then. This was 30 years ago. Long before the internet was putting porn out there for the whole world. We had Playboy and Penthouse and a few other magazines. And some sex shops had pictorial magazines and novels about any kind of sex you could think of. I was more of a verbal person so I bought the sex novels and had accumulated almost 200 of them. I kept them in a bookshelf area in the head board of our bed.

Once I came home early from my shift because a power surge and outage had knocked out all of the computer systems. The technicians were working on them, but our processing was put off for several hours. Long past my quitting time so we were allowed to go home early.

As I walked into the apartment I must have surprised Amy because she quickly hid something she was reading. She put it under her butt. As if I wouldn’t notice! But I passed it off. I was not the inquisitive type. I loved her. She was my girl and I loved her. So I ignored it and just said hello and passed through to change.

I noticed in the bedroom that the doors to the headboard bookshelf were open. So that was it. She was checking out my stash! No problem. I had never hid them but she had expressed a little disdain that I wasted money on such stuff. I had just told her that I had certain needs that she couldn’t fulfill, for whatever reason. But I was fine with our relationship and I loved her.

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