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My latest Salem glory hole visit

It had been a few months since my last visit to my favorite place. As a matter of fact it was in November that I last went to an ABS.

I was on my way home from Mac and decided to take a detour to Salem. I got to the ABS right around 4 in the afternoon and was hoping that I could catch the “just got off work crowd.”
I went in a found my favorite booth and fed a few singles into the machine. As I was scanning through the channels someone came in next door. I saw him look through the hole then he left. I was still standing while I scanned the channels and had not had time to do anything else yet. Once I found my channel I sat down, unzipped and started stroking myself. After several minutes I had to feed the machine again and was beginning to think that I’d wouldn’t find a single cock today. I stroked some more and was almost ready to cum when I heard someone come in next door. I stopped stroking and took a look through the hole. The guy was feeding the machine. Once he settled on a channel he pulled down his pants and started stroking. When he was hard I liked the look of his hard cock so I put my finger in the hole. He shoved his hard cock through and I started stroking his nice 5 or 6 inch hard cock. I took his cock head in my mouth and started sucking it. He tasted pretty good. I bobbed and sucked and stroked his hard cock for a few minutes and then reached in and pulled his balls through the hole as well. Now when I suck cock I like to lick the balls at the same time if the cock isn’t too long. The guys seem to enjoy it when I do this. After a few more minutes he tapped on the wall and I knew I was fixing to get a tasty treat. I held his cock head in my mouth and stroked him. About half a minute later I got his first heavy spurt. It was followed my 2 more small ones. After I swallowed I took his whole cock back down my throat and held him there until he softened and pulled back. As he was stuffing his now soft cock back in his pants I noticed he had a wedding ring on. Then he left.
I had to feed the machine again. It had been 20 minutes since I arrived and I had only sucked one cock so far. I thought to myself that it was going to be a slow visit and was thinking that I should leave and come back later rather than waste money in the machine waiting. About that time I heard footsteps and someone came in the booth. He fed money to the machine and took out his cock. I didn’t feel like waiting so my finger was in the hole before he got hard. He pushed his soft cock through and I took it in my mouth. He started to get hard and the more I sucked and bobbed him the harder he got until he was sporting a good 7 inch boner. I like starting when the cock is soft and sucking it hard. The feel of it growing is great as it slowly inches down your throat. I sucked, bobbed and stoked him for several more minutes. His cock tasted and felt really good as it slid down my throat. I was sucking his cock head when I felt his first spurt of warm cum. I just held his cock in my mouth and felt 3 more spurts. I savored each tangy spurt and finally swallowed a mouthful. I held him in my mouth until he was fully soft and then he pulled out. He also wore a wedding ring.
About the same time I had to feed the machine or leave. I decided I’d feed the machine one more time. No sooner than I had finished doing that that someone else came in. He started stoking and soon he was feeding his 6 incher through the hole right into my mouth. It was a fat one! I could barely fit into my mouth. I sucked and stroked him for a few minutes when I actually heard him grunt. With spurt after tasty spurt he filled my mouth twice. Once he’d finished he pulled his cock back and left.
There must have been a line because almost immediately another cock was sliding through the hole. This was thin and long. I sucked on him for a few minutes. He was thin enough where I had no trouble swallowing his whole 8 inches. When he started to cum he was down my throat so I just felt his cock spasms as he unloaded. Don’t know what he tasted like except the last dribbles and that wasn’t enough to know. He pulled out when he finished and left.
My machine needed to be fed again and I felt this was a good time to leave. I fixed my clothes and walked out the door. To my surprise there wasn’t anyone else waiting.

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