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My Naughty Dream

On nights like these when I’m horny and all alone, I’ll find my cutest skirt and top, my favorite toys, and sometimes a nice naughty online video. I’ll sit back, close my eyes, and work myself up…..touching and rubbing all over. I’ll slowly massage a finger tip of lube into the very outer edge of my tight hole. Gently I’ll work it in so that my fingers eventually slide deep inside. I get to the point where I absolutely need to feel someone or something deep in me, fucking me hard while I submit my entire body to my passionate lover. But then sadly, I hear a noise and my eyes open. I think to myself ‘fuck, I’m not envisioning a hot scenario’. So I lay on my back and spread my legs. I close my eyes and begin to dream………….

It’s about 10:00 at night. My wife and I spent the last hour or so getting super cute. Tonight we are going out to simply get laid! Fast forward to the club and bar…..we go in together and walk up to the bar. It’s not even 5 minutes and a hot guy instantly spots my wife’s beautiful full ass and super sexy long hair. He approachs us and gets to chatting with her. This bar is trans/bi/gay/straight friendly all around, so he knows that I’m a special gurl. But I’m not what he’s looking for. He and my wife chat some more and really seem to be hitting it off well. She turns to me and cuffs my ears with her hands. She says to me ‘I really want to get d***k and fuck this guy’. I tell her to go dance with him and to see if she can get him worked up to that point. As she strutted off, I yelled to her ‘I’ll be alright here’. Alone I sit wearing my tight strapless dress. As I sit in my chair, the bottom of my dress rises just enough to wear my panties are sneaking a view for everyone to see. I keep crossing my legs and holding them tight, as if I’m embarrassed and basically self conscious about the whole situation. I call the bartender over to order a drink. Just as I’m about to speak, I’m interrupted…..’I’ll have a shot of Jack……and how about you?’ at this point I’m a little irritated but then quickly realise he’s talking to me. So insecurly I ask ‘Who me?’ He tells me yes, and I tell the bartender to make me a Jack and coke….with 2 shots of tequila ,-) ‘So I’m Katie!’ I say eagerly, hoping that this conversation kicks off great. We chat, almost meaninglessly but it’s just what’s needed to set the mood. The entire time I can see him looking over each part of my body. As he licks his lips slightly, I can tell that he wants to fuck me. He places his hand on my leg and starts telling me about his friend. You see his friend just happens to be the same guy currently rubbing up on my wife from the back, while they grind and dance out on the floor. The flirting continues and I tell him that I want him and his buddy to fuck my wife and I. He takes my hand and we walk out to the dance floor where his buddy and my wife are. We all start grinding together and then things get a little naughty, and a little handsy. He starts putting his hand up my dress, and starts barely rubbing my clitty. I start to get wet and hard right there in front of everyone. I can’t take it anymore and tell my wife that We need to go fuck. We agree that we want to do this one separately. My wife will have her guy, and mine will take me back to his place.

When We get there, he walks me right into his room. As I turn around, he grabs me by the waist and pulls me in close. He places his hand on the back of my head, and starts to kiss me. I push my body closer, and start rubbing his cock with my hand. He huge me tighter and kisses me harder. Without even noticing, I realise that I’m full on stroking him…..but when I do realise, I pull back and look down at it. I smile gladly with such a bad gurl look. His smerk back tells me he knows what kind of gurl I am, and what I’m about to do next. Just to flirt a little more, I bend at the waist forward so my booty sticks out, and I yank down his pants. His cock flops out huge and hard, and I immediately drop down to my knees. I look up into his eyes and swallow the whole thing. As I pull it back out, I tense my lips. I like to suck cock like it’s a lollipop. When I pop it out, I start licking the tip with the end of my tounge. I’m licking up all the juices like it’s a wet yummy sucker. I close my eyes, and attempt to pump my mouth deep with his cock. I gag myself once and pull out hard. As I gasp a little for air, he grabs the back of my head and f***es it back onto his dick. I was really hoping he would do this, and as I start gagging on him, my clitty leaks out a little squirt. As he notices this, he lifts my ass up so he can play with me. Seeing me squirt makes him feel dominate, and he gives me a little love slap just to remind me that I’m his bitch right now. He grabs the lube, and drips it onto my lower back just at the crack. He starts rubbing his fingers slowly down the middle, all the way down to my hole. I start sucking him harder…..he rubs my hole vigorously and then without warning, shoves his fingers deep in me. My hole gladly accepts and instantly relaxes.

After a couple more minutes, I can tell that he’s reaching his peak, and he is incredibly horny. He completely takes control and flips me over onto the bed. He raises my ass in a quick jerk, and thrusts himself right into me. I wasn’t expecting this……I feel his dick all the way up into mine. Its like he’s fucking me right thru me! And it’s extremly wide also. In that moment, I let out a huge uncontrollable squirt followed up with a loud moan. My eyes rolled back and I gave in. I arched my back more and relaxed my entire ass so that he could fuck me how he needed to. I was completely submissive! He started to moan loud and I felt his cock expanding bigger. I could tell he was about to cum…….. As I open my eyes, I remember where I was and what I was doing. Alone in my bed, with my toys but this time I’m not distracted. I’m so horny and I can feel that I’m close to squirting. I continue to toy my ass…..I close my eyes and think back to just as he was cuming. My clitty is rock hard and I’m almost there. Just then, I feel him blast his massive load into my boi pussy. I touch myself just on the tip and I lose control. I cum all over the bed……his hot fresh cum, dripping out of me and down my front. And then I cum for real. My entire body tenses up, my eyes roll back hard, and I can’t even moan. The feeling is so amazing and last for so long. I feel like my entire gurl clit explodes right off of me. I stop pumping my ass and begin the breath hard. As I lie there with my cum all over my stomach, I’m too tired to stay awake. So relaxed and worn out, I fall asl**p and dream some more ":-)"

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