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After my mom divorced my dad , my mom was sad for about a year and then she met Mr. Bill. Mr. Bill was good to my mother and he changed our lifestyle when mom and him married. We moved into a new big house and mom got a new car and we lived a fairly normal life. Bill was nice to me and I liked him but I wasnt ready to call him daddy as I had a dad and he was still active in my life. I just figured if it made my mom happy that’s all that mattered as she clearly was happier now that Bill was in our lives.
Mom and Bill’s room was on one end of the hall upstairs and mine was on the other end, when Bill wasn’t home I often laid in bed with my mom small talking and being a spoiled brat. Watching television with my mom, and just spending all my time with my mom. I was an only c***d and I thrived on the attention I got from my parents and now Bill as well. Bill always kissed my mom, hugged her, bought her little gifts and flowers. Most times he would buy me things as well. He was very affectionate with my mom and when he wasnt working they were always up in their room. Going on vacation, or away for the weekend. My mother was in love.
One night mom and Bill were upstairs in their room and I was downstairs in the f****y room watching t.v. I had watched a movie and a few videos and was ready for bed. I turned off the t.v. and the lights downstairs and headed upstairs to my room. As I walked up the stairs I could hear a strange sound sorta like a muffled cry so I got quiet and listened. ‘Oh God Bill! Yessss I love it’ I could hear my mother saying, and I could hear Bill grunting . I tiptoed upstairs and listened by the door. ‘Baby I love this pussy. This is my pussy now. You’re my wife. Fuck your ex your mine now’ says Bill. ‘Yes baby its your pussy’ says mom. I could hear movement behind the door and knew mom and Bill were getting it in.
For some reason hearing mom and Bill fucking turned me on. I could just imagine what they were doing behind that door. Mom sounded like she was loving it and Bill sounded like he was crying and beating something into oblivion. I went to my room and got in the shower and played with my little pussy imagining that I was my mother and Bill was fucking me. I came good and showered and went off to sl**p.
That morning my mom got a call and they told her my grandfather had a stroke and she needed to get down there fast. Bill booked her a flight and gave her some money and told her to go take care of her father and we would be there if she needed us and he would look out for me while she was gone. Mom called off from work and got on the plane and went to check on her dad. I still had school so I stayed back at home and did my regular routine. Bill ran his own successful trucking service and he was gone from 8 am to 8pm so I went to school and came home and made dinner and went in the f****y room to watch t.v.
Bill came home showered and I made him a plate of food and he called my mom and talked to her while he ate dinner. She told him she would probably stay for 2 weeks but she would keep him informed. I had talked to her earlier and she had given me a full description of what was going on and what was expected of me. Which is why I had cooked because she told me to have dinner ready just like she does. After Bill ate he came into the f****y room where I was and sat down next to me on the sofa. He handed me a debit card. ‘This is yours. you can buy your personal items with it and have an allowance for after school every day. I will put $200 on it each month. We will keep track of what you buy. I know you’re a good girl but spend it wisely’ he says.
‘Thanks Bill’ I say as I reach over and hug him. He hugged me back and he smelled so good. ‘Wow, now I can buy all my new clothes for the senior trip’ I say as I snuggle next to Bill. I was greatful. Bill was alright in my eyes. I thought to myself. ‘Well go in the kitchen and get me a glass of ice’ he says, as he walks over to the liquor cabinet and gets a bottle. I get up and get him a glass of ice and I give it to him. he pours him a drink and we watch t.v together. Bill drank 2 drinks and then he pushed his glass back and dozed off to sl**p.
I continued watching the movie, it was interesting and had a lot of sexual content. so when it finally came a sex scene, I was highly aroused. I looked over at Bill and he was asl**p, he was wearing a pajama short set and from the slash in the middle, I could see his balls and his pubic hairs. As he snored I got curious and turned towards him as he slept on the couch. He stirred and moved. He put his hands inside of his pants and shifted his position a little on the couch. When he did this he pulled his penis against his leg and it laid there like a sl**ping snake.
DAMN that was a big dick and it wasn’t even hard. No wonder my mother was in love I laughed to myself. I was no virgin. I had been sexually active since I was fifteen and my mom took me to get on birth control, but since we moved here with Bill I hadn’t had sex regularly. Trying to maintain a long distance relationship with my old boyfriend got tired. We both decided to move on. I was horny and knew better but I threw caution to the wind. I took my two fingers and traced the length of Bill’s penis. When I touched it, it moved and I pulled my hand back. Because it was laying along the length of his leg, and he was wearing shorts I lifted the hem of his pants and I could see the head of his dick.
I pulled the pants back further and I could see the full thickness of it. It was growing right before my eyes. It had grown so much at least 7 inches of it was showing. I took my hand and put it on it and felt the warmth from it. I grasped it and lifted it up. It was heavy and big. ‘Hey! What you doing baby girl’ he says as he sits up and sees me holding his heavy tool in my hand. ‘I just wanted to see it’ I say as I draw my hand away. He stands up and steps out of his shorts and released the monster from his pants. It was long and smooth and hung down by his leg. He sat back on the couch and beckoned me to come to him. He held it in his hand and he began to stroke it. I sat next to him and watched him as he rubbed his hand up and down the length of the shaft.
He turned to me and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back and he picked me up and carried me up to his and my mom’s bedroom. ‘Bill I want you to make love to me like you do my mom’ I say. ‘Gotta be our secret babe can’t let anyone find out’ he says. ‘ I wont tell’ I say, as we step into their bedroom. I was ready to be fucked by Bill. He laid me on the bed and pulled my tank top over my head and pulled my shorts off. I was naked before him and he got on the bed with me. Bill was a big man. He stood about 6’3 and was a bear of a man. Hairy chest, big hands and feet. He picked me up and sat me between his legs on the bed. I could feel his hairy chest on my back as he pulled me close to him. With one hand he cupped my breasts and with the other he squeezed and patted my throbbing young eager pussy.
‘Ooooooooooo. Yesssss’ I say as I snuggle against him. He had magic hands as his finger circled my clit and had me getting wetter and wetter. The way he squeezed my nipples was taking my breath away. I leaned into him and let him have his way with me. ‘Little pussy so wet already’ he says and pulls his fingers out of my pussy and licks his fingers. ‘God damn this pussy tastes good. Turn around and come sit on my face. Let me taste that pussy the right way’ he says. He lays back on the bed and I position myself and lower my hot pussy down to his waiting mouth. He was so strong he held me up with his 2 hands and held me as he lapped up my pussy. ‘ You gonna make me cum. Bill You gonna make me cum’ I keep saying as he feverishly licked and sucked and swallowed all my pussy juices.
‘I don’t give a damn if you cumming I’m gonna fuck you good baby. You about to cum all night’ he says. I came so hard I never came that hard ever. He pulled me off of him and laid over me, and kissed me on the mouth. He licked my nipple and stuck a finger deep into my pussy. He took his big heavy dick and put it to my pussy. ‘Grab that dick and put it in that pussy if you want it. Put it in and I’ll give it to you good’ he says. I look him in his eyes as I kiss him and I grab that big hefty dick and put inside the lips of my pussy and he slowly slid in. ‘ARRRRRRRRRRRRR FUCK ‘ he says as he slides in. He was deep stroking me hitting my pussy deep. He wasnt going fast, just steady, and winding, and pumping and hitting all my walls.
‘OH MY GOD….. I was fucking my step dad. He was fucking me and driving me wild. ‘Bill I love this dick. It’s so good. The best dick I ever had’ I scream as he kept fucking me. ‘Get on your knees’ he says and I turn over and get on my knees. He licks my thighs and runs his finger across my clit back to my tight asshole. Then he started licking my ass. I was making whimpering sounds as he drove me mad, with his tongue skills. He slapped me across the ass twice and then stuck his big dick in my pussy and fucked me doggy style. ‘Got 2 for 1 now. This here my pussy now. You hear me’ he says. ‘Yessss’ I say as he continued to fuck me. ‘Say daddy this is your pussy ‘ he says. ‘Daddy it’s your pussy. It’s yours daddy’ I say as he slammed that big rod in and out of me. ‘Promise me it’s my pussy. Promise you will give it to me whenever I want it’ he says.
‘I promise you its yours’ I say. ‘It’s your pussy daddy’ I say. I could feel that feeling coming and knew I was about to cum when he put his thumb in my ass. ‘OOOO ooooo ooooooo, not there Oh Lord I cant stop Im cummminnnnnng’ I say as he moved his thumb inside my tight asshole and fucked my pussy same time. ‘Cum on that dick. Im gonna cum with you. Pussy so good’ he says. ‘ Daddy I’m cumming’ I scream as I feel myself explode.’Oh shit I’m cummmmmmming too. He pulls out of me and I could feel blobs and blobs of his hot cum as it him my ass and my back. Then he put it back in and I could feel him emptying the rest of that load deep inside of me. He rolled off of me and laid down. ‘Go shower and come back and sl**p with me tonight’ he says.
I kiss him on the mouth and bounce off to the shower. I smile to myself as I had had the greatest experience ever in my life. I felt no guilt. Bill was mine and mom’s now. I loved my new daddy. I hurried and showered so I could crawl into his arms again. I wanted some more of that good dick…. I was gonna enjoy these few days without my mom here. Just me and Bill. MY NEW DADDY…

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