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My time in a PUB part – 2

Hi everyone this is the continuation of My time in a PUB

After that i got up to straighten myself up and when to the toilet and there what i saw was Stella naked on her knees and getting her face creamed by a guy in the toilet. The guy was good looking had big fat cock(BBC). When i came in, i went near her, she was covered in cum and smiling. She got up and came near me with a naughty smiles, seeing this i was getting wet mmmmmm…… she pulled me and give a a deep kiss mmmmmmmmmmmm i could taste the cum in her mouth mmmm tasty mmmm nice……. we were at it for sometime, after that i started to lick the cum on her face clean. Stella was moving her hand all over me and striped my dress of me, she pulled my nipple and bite it and her hand in my pussy mmmmmmmm………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………………. she went down to eat my pussy…..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……..mmmmm….aaaaaaa……it was nice…mmmmmmmm…. her tongue in me mmmmmmmm…….. i start to rub on her face mmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Stella stood up and i kissed her and tasted the taste of my juice.

Then i started to squeeze the tits harder and harder, i played with the nipple and pulled i repeated it again and again. Then i sucked her nipple and bite it and pull it with my teeth. i felt a hand on my ass it was the guy( his name is jack), rubbing over my ass and he moved his hand to my tits and pulled me to him and kissed me from back, i could feel his BBC touching my ass and it felt good. and one of his hand fonding my tits and the other hand on my pussy, he was so good at it and started fingering me. He is so strong, he turned me around and lifted me up side down to eat my pussy. He was devouring me uuuuuuuuu….. it was so good mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………….. and his cock was hitting my face i stated to kiss and lick, i sucked and devoured it as he did to my pussy. it was good so good that i came in his mouth mmmmmmmmm…aaaaaaaaaaaa………… he even licked my ass and eat it, Stella was finger herself seeing this.

He put me straight and rammed his cock in me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…………… all his 11 inch in me one go. he ramped it hard and harder and faster. he pulled it out and let Stella suck it , he put it in again and out ,in and out he is was expanding my pussy. And i was loosing control of my self from the pleasure. When he let me down i came to senses i saw jack and a new guy next to me an couple of guys at Stella, she was sucking them. The new guy next to me was also BBC.

i though i was dreaming till the two cock hit my face i was like a hungry dog after that, i wanked and sucked them mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..
but the new guy(His name is Rony) was interested in my ass he started to eat and finger it. the interesting bit as Jack and Rony are b*****rs and both are strong. after lossening my ass he putts his cock in me wow it is big no it was the biggest cock i ever had 11 and 1/2 inch and i was sucking jack. Both b*****rs are same strong and rough, Rony slapped my ass and Jack slapped my tits and Rony fucking my ass and Jack fucking my mouth.

Jack took his cock out and spit in my mouth and slapped my face and put his cock back in again. while Rony was expanding my ass hole and from his slaps my ass are red. Both of them pulled out and i fell to the floor, Rony grabbed my neck and lifted me up and kissed me mmmmmmmmmmm……………… then both b*****r grabbed each of my ass and started to suck both of my tits and bitting my nipple’s. They lifted me up, Rony at the back and Jack in the friend , i could feel there cock touching my holes. They were rubbing there cock tip on my holes, they dropped me and the to monsters charged into me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………………………………………………….. even though i knew it was coming still it was mind blowing, i was going up and down up and down from all that i came a few times and they came in me, i thought that was it but no they where still fucking me. Rony sat on the floor and me on top of him they still did not pull it out. this time Jack was crushing my both tits and ramping me………. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….oooooooooo……….. now Jack on the floor me on top still fucking and Rony destroying my ass pulling my hair. i was just a piece of meat in there hands, they lifted me up that is when i saw Stella. She was on the floor covered in cum and the two b*****r took me to her, i was in the are on top of Stella then the b*****rs pulled both of there monters out and all the cum in me was falling on Stella. Then thy put me on the floor and cummed on my face and tits, and then i sucked there cock clean and the slapped with it on my face.

Stella moved to me and we started kissing and tasting the cum in our mouth and and licking and eating each other clean. We got dressed up and went back. Vicky was at the bar, we went to join him then the b*****r duo came and interduced them self. Rony was standing between me and Stella but his hand was on our ass fonding and fingering them as well, he was a real ass guy.

This was just the beginning of my weeked……………

to be continued…….

thanks for reading, if you like it please comment.

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