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My wet night with Layla

In high school I was quite popular and had a lot of friends. I danced and because of my dancing my ass was tight and round and all the boys could not keep their eyes off of it. My names Bailey, I have long brown curly hair, unique one brown eye and one green eye, i’m 5’6 and 115 pounds with full C breasts. As I was saying, I had lots of friends in high school but I had my best friend, Layla… Laya was so sexy. And everyone knew it, especially her. She’s 5’8 120 pounds with sexy blonde hair and bright blue eyes and the fullest, plumpest lips that I just want to suck on every time I see them.

Layla and I did everything together. Up until one day though Layla and I had only ever made out, drunkenly, as a dare. But we were attracted to each other and we both knew it. During the hot summers when my parents would be away in France Layla and I would be laying naked poolside rubbing body oil into each others bodies. When she rubbed that oil into me it made me so wet, my pussy always ached for her touch, and by the look on her face when she bit her lip and slightly moaned I knew that her pussy ached for my touch.

One day we were at my house on a rainy day. We had just gotten home on a friday from dance practice and we stripped off all our clothes and jumped into my sauna. We sat in the steaming room naked. Layla looked beautiful her skin was flushed and little droplets of sweat trailed down her nipples down to her pussy. She must have seen me admiring her because she looked at me and asked me what I was looking at with a suggestive smile. I bit my lip and boldly ran my hand up her leg and whispered into her ear ‘I want to eat your pussy so badly’. Layla then grabbed me by the back of my neck and started making out with me. I was so happy that we could be making out again finally. I ran my hands up and down her body, and I could feel her wet, warm, pussy grinding against my leg.

We jumped out of the sauna and into my bed. I laid her on her back and kissed all down her body. She moaned ‘Oh baby I want you so badly, I want you to lick my tight little pussy Bailey’ I eagerly kissed around her legs and then opened her lips and ran my fingers back and forth. I stuck one finger her and she moaned, then I started flicking my tongue over her clit. I sucked on it and ran my tongue in circular motions. 

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:11 pm
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