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My Wife Cheated….. With My Dad

Introduction: Call it fantasy, call it fiction. Im sure it has happened more than once. A wife, her father-in-law… her husband and her sister… lets read… My Wife Cheated With My Dad

My dad lived in Florida, 800 miles away from where we lived in Texas. Mom had contracted unstoppable breast cancer and had died when dad was just 49, she had been 48. That was around ten years ago.

Carly and I were both 30 at the time and weve been blessed with only one, beautiful, healthy child&hellip, Jessie. Although dad was that far away, he began making a trip to see us every couple of months. We managed to go to Florida twice a year, but (with an active child) it was a much bigger chore than receiving a visit from him.

Dad has always been the hero in Jessies eyes, after all&hellip, it was him who first took her to Dairy Queen, showing her off to all his friends. He insisted on taking her to Walt Disney World when she was six, and again, when she was ten.

Many days they would just go for a ride in the car and, maybe, have a picnic.
He bought her a VW Beetle for her sixteenth birthday, contrary to our wishes. We wanted her to wait until she was half way through her senior year&hellip, too much temptation for a sophomore, but things worked out okay.

His military retirement provided a very good income and hed told us long ago that Jessie would be his beneficiary, once she turned eighteen&hellip, which was last year, five days before she left for college.

Now, at 40, I was still working every day and Carly had begun working for a data processing company, but she did most of her work from home.

Due to a slow amount of orders coming in, my boss told me I could take off early one Friday, so I decided to surprise Carly with some flowers.

Lucy, the girl at the florist, was a flirt and always talked me into spending more than intended, You just never can tell how much a lady will appreciate these, she was showing me a lovely bunch of carnations, some red ones might get you laid, tonight.

Maybe I should buy my favorite Lucy some red carnations, then.
No chance in hell, I thought, but why not give it a shot?

Wellll&hellip, I like pink, myself&hellip, but, were out of those&hellip, maybe next time.
I realized it was her polite way of telling me, No way in hell, you old mother-fucker.

Dads pickup was parked in the driveway, next to Carlys car, so I just parked on the curb. I knew she could see me from the living room and would meet me at the door&hellip, but when I got close, she wasnt coming out, yet.

Hmmm&hellip, they must be out on the patio. Ill slip through the side gate and surprise her with these. I straightened the white paper wrapping and quietly slid the locking bolt back.

As I was about to round the corner, I heard my dads voice, Oh, my God, yes, Carly. God, you sure know how to suck a dick.
I stopped, dead in my tracks. Surely I didnt hear what I thought I heard&hellip, Oh, shit, baby! Oh, yes&hellip, deeper.

Ever so slowly, I peeked around the corner. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. Dad sat on the picnic bench, naked. Carly was naked and on her knees, her mouth full of 59yr old cock. My own shaft began straining in my slacks. As I tried to adjust it for comfort, I realized I had already dropped the flowers on the grass.

Stop now, Honey, I want to cum in your pussy! Carly pulled off his dick and kissed it on the very end. Then she stood and leaned over the table, offering her cunt from the backside. Dad slid inside her pussy&hellip, MY pussy, dammit! He only pumped for a minute or so before unloading his nuts.

OH SHIT! OH&hellip, IM CUMMMINGGggggg&hellip,. Oh, fuck, Honey, you always amaze me with your muscles, milking every last drop, he continued pumping as he talked to my wife&hellip, MY WIFE, dammit! Dons got to be the luckiest mother-fucker on the planet. His mom was damn good, but youre so God-damn amazing.

I knew there would be trouble if they knew I was there, so I picked up the flowers, sneaked back to my car and left, before they got back in the house and saw it parked out front. I had to do some thinking&hellip,

Sue, you busy? I called Carlys sister as soon as I was a block away from the house&hellip,
Just sitting on the patio, getting a tan&hellip, naked. You coming by for a visit?

Sue was an easy piece and many men knew it. She first crawled into my bed when Carly was in the hospital, the night after Jessie was born. She knew Carlys pussy hadnt been available for a few weeks and told me she was going to give me some relief. She relieved me four times that night and three times on each of the following two nights. Over the years, we had sex many times and it was always just a fun time, no strings.

I decided to present the carnations to my luscious sister-in-law and see what the extra show of appreciation would get me, not that she had ever turned down any request I had ever made.

Sue met me at the door and mashed her big tits into my chest as she gave me a big welcome kiss, Don&hellip, those are beautiful! I cant believe you brought me flowers!

I admired her wide ass as she took the bouquet and found a vase. Once the flowers were in water, she returned and gave me another big kiss, Wish Id have found you before Carly did. You know my pussy is much better, my tits are bigger, I can suck your cock better and my asshole loves you. Hmmm, speaking of which, she unzipped my slacks, how some tight booty hole today?

Two of her points were correct, but who was I to argue with free, willing sex, anyway I wanted it? Carly had tighter pussy and drove me nuts when she was sucking me off. I told Sue to lie back on the big sofa so I could suck her nipples as I pounded her shit hole&hellip, ten seconds later we were going full force.

After filling her ass with warm cum, Sue and I took a shower, where we exchanged tongue lashings. We talked about what I had seen with Carly and my dad, Yes, Don, she told me he was crying one day, about three or four months after your mother died. She held his head close to her breasts and wouldnt refuse his advances.
At first, she just felt sorry for him and obliged him by letting him fuck her while you were at work. Then it progressed to full blown, do any fucking thing, anytime we can sex. She told me about it a long time ago. She also said that if you ever asked her about it, she wouldnt lie to you. I think its time we told her about us, too. Hell, the worst that can happen is murder/suicide. Come on, Ill drive over and well figure out what to do.

Carly was in the kitchen when we arrived. She questioned why Sue was there. I greeted her with a kiss, just like every evening for the last twenty years, Wheres Dad? I saw his truck in the driveway.

Last I saw him, he was headed towards the bathroom.

Turn the stove off and lets go out on the patio, Ill get Dad.

When Dad and I got to the sliding glass doors, I saw Carlys hands over her mouth&hellip, Sue had already told her that I had caught them earlier, Oh, here they come. Sit here by me, Roger, we all have some serious talking and thinking to do.

So, Dad, how long have you been fucking Carly?
Dad was speechless so I spoke again, I saw you bend her over this very table this afternoon and shove your cock in her. That was after you bragged on how good her mouth felt on it. So&hellip, how long?

Uh, ten years? Maybe?


Yes, Don. It was right after Mom Parker died. I wont lie to you. Your father still needs sex and he doesnt need to take chances with whores. Hes good for a little while, but I take care of his needs every couple of months. Hes the only one, though. Nobody else has ever been inside my body but you and him.

Hmmm&hellip, alright, then let me tell you this. Sue and I have been doing the same since Jessie was born. She knew I hadnt had any for a few weeks, so she and I fucked ten times in three days, until you came home. Weve never been in love with each other, although I do love her like a sister&hellip, a sister with benefits.
It didnt stop after you came home, though, theres been a few times when you were gone, or when you were sick with that hormone imbalance. Truthfully, I absolutely love fucking Sue, nearly as much as you.

Sue, the only not-guilty one in the bunch, spoke up, Now thats its all out in the open, I have a suggestion. Roger, why dont you pack your toothbrush and come home with me for the night? I have plenty of room. Don and Carly need to do some talking and I think it would be better if we werent here to interfere.

Sue is an advocate for an attorneys office and a very smart woman. She always knows the right things to say, and how to say them. Dad grabbed a handful of things and left. Just before stepping out the door, he turned to me and said, Son, if youre pissed at me, Im sorry. Next to Jessie, you and Carly mean more than anything to me.

They drove off and I faced my wife, All I can say, Honey, is that it shocked me this afternoon. After I had a talk with Sue, she set my mind straight that it was no different than what she and I have been doing. Do you really like having sex with Dad, or are you just doing it to help him out?

First, Don, I love you more than life itself. If you want me to stop with Dad, I will.
Second, I love that man and I do really enjoy sex with him. He makes me feel special, always bragging on how good I am. His dick is almost identical to yours, too.
Third, Im sorry weve been doing this behind your back for so long. I thought you would, probably, accept it after thinking about it seriously. Youll never know how many times Ive thought a threesome with you, both.
Last&hellip, what do we do now?

What Id like to do right now is bend you over this table like he did today and fuck you hard and fast.

No sooner than the words were out of my mouth than Carly dropped her shorts and stuck her ass in the air. I couldnt get the picture of her and Dad out of my mind as I kept jerking her waist, slamming my full seven inches into her for the next fifteen minutes.

Even though she had to be uncomfortable across the table, Carly had three orgasms before my ass started clenching and balls began to spasm. I was surprised that I still had as much cum in me as I did, after emptying into Sue twice, earlier. I filled her cunt with my load and led her to the hot tub. We held each other and kissed until she made me hard again… Her mouth took care of that.

The next morning, Carly and I drove to Sues place. We found her and Dad in the kitchen, naked, eating a late breakfast.

I asked Sue why we even needed to get dressed, Dad stood and pulled a chair out for Carly, his dick about half hard, After last night, everybody here has seen everything, anyway. In fact, if the two of you would like to get more comfortable it will be fine with us.

The thought of Carlys and Sues bare bodies in the same room with me and Dad made my cock hard, instantly. I gave a questioning nod to my wife and she returned a positive one.
We stripped.

This is so fucking crazy, I said, I cant believe how open things have become in less than a day. Youve been fucking Carly, Ive been fucking Sue, Carly wants to try a threesome with double penetration, I want the same with Sues ass on my cock and Carlys pussy in my face. Its all just so, so fucking crazy.
You got some sugar for this coffee?

Its gonna get crazier, too, son. Sue and I are going to get married.


Yep&hellip, Jessie is my insurance beneficiary, but since I dont have a wife, nobody qualifies to receive my retirement benefits once Im gone. I cant think of another woman&hellip, other than Carly, of course, that would be willing to take on the job of fucking me and making me happy for the rest of my days.
And that may not be long, either. I told Sue that I was diagnosed with mesothelioma in my lungs. It was all that damn asbestos insulation in the ships I was on. I have ten years at the most, son, but Im damn sure gonna enjoy myself for as long as I can.
Now what was that you said about Carly wanting a threesome??

Within minutes, I was on my back on Sues king size bed. My cock was buried in my wifes cunt while she lay forward on my chest, her ass inviting Dad.
He accepted the invitation.

While we filled Carlys holes, Sue made herself useful&hellip, her head between all those legs, licking balls and pussy during the whole process.
As soon as we pumped Carly full of cum, Sue sucked all of us clean while dad ate her pussy.
It was a day to remember.

Dad moved to Texas and into Sues home. Needless to say, the next six years were filled with more sex than any one of us had anticipated. Once dads health started getting bad enough that he would lose his breath during a good fuck session, he simply went to the lake one day, fell out of his boat, and drowned.
We knew he had done it to keep from suffering through years of declining health. The insurance company ruled it as accidental and his policy paid Jessie double indemnity.. about three million dollars.

After his death, Sue moved in with Carly and I. The three of us still enjoy full blown sex as much as possible.
Jessie knows, but stays away from the subject.

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