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Mysterious Brunette

I had just started at University, the days were long and hectic. Where are the lectures in this big building? And what’s the difference between lectures and tutorials? And a seminar? What the hell does that even mean? I sighed impatiently at the back of the line, waiting to get a photo taken for The I.D Cards. I bit my bottom lip gently, a habit of mine when I got anxiety. I looked around the library. Everyone was so different at University yet all fit in at the same time in their own unique way. It was University, serious education now, if you’re going to be paying this much then you sure as hell aren’t going to slack off. I shuffled forward in the line feeling as if I had been in the queue all day.

‘Um, here’s my driver’s license is that okay for I.D?’ She handed him it but didn’t await an answer. ‘And here’s my confirmation form.’ The brunette smiled gently, she had bright red lipstick and an aura of confidence around her.

‘Just take a seat in the chair.’ The man behind the computer pointed to the chair at the back of the room, surrounded with white screens and a camera in front of it.

‘Ready? One…Two…Thee… ‘ He said and the photo was taken. I could see the screen from where I was standing and it looked like a models photograph. How a girl gets that pretty is beyond me.

She stood up and started to walk away towards the exit of the library. Her bracelets jingled, her boots echoed on the tile floors, and her floral dress swayed back and forth. Before she walked out of the library our eyes met. Not a usual meeting of eyes by strangers, but as if she knew me? A cold shiver ran down my spine. To even acknowledge my existence was a bonus, and now I was filled with curiosity to find out who this mysterious beautiful girl was.


The breeze was chilly, but the sun still shone. I hugged my leather jacket tighter to myself, shivering and taking a drag off my cigarette. My friends hated school, so they wouldn’t be caught dead attending university out of their free will. This caused my first few weeks to be lonely. I went to class, had a cigarette in my breaks and then caught the bus back home. It allowed me to concentrate better on doing my work, but it was lonely sometimes. Since the photo I.D, things at University felt routine now. I knew my way around, having no friends gave me the ability to wander and explore around the campus. My smoke was almost burnt up- I took one last drag and threw in on the ground, stomping it with my converse.

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