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New Neighborhood New Fun Ch 1 of 4

Hello, My name is Lisa. I am 34 years old with medium length blond hair. I have a very nice body, in spite of having had two kids. One benefit of the kids is that my boobs have grown from my previous C cups to DD’s. I have a very shapely body and get hit on all of the time. Our family recently moved from one suburb of Dallas to another to be closer to my husband’s work. Even though we left a house and neighbors that I loved, it was fine with me, since we are also closer to my family and that gives me many babysitters for the kids nearby. Right after the move, my parents volunteered to take the kids for a couple of weeks, while we got unpacked and settled in. Jeff went back to work right away, which left me doing all of the unpacking by myself.

The house we moved into has a very secluded backyard and we can’t see any of the neighbors from our patio, but they are within earshot. On the first day of unpacking I heard someone in the neighbor’s pool and since I needed a rest, I went over to introduce myself. I grabbed a tray of glasses and a pitcher lemonade and headed over. They have a nice secluded backyard as well. Their pool is an in ground type surrounded by a very nice patio with a lot of lounge chairs. There was even an outdoor bar that looked like a tiki hut.

When I got over there I noticed that only one person was swimming and he was a teenager of about 16 or 17. He spotted me with the lemonade and climbed out of the pool. I started to introduce myself as their new neighbor, but I’m sure I stuttered a little when he was fully out of the pool. His red suit was clinging tightly to his body and I could see the outline of the biggest cock I have ever seen before. It was hanging down his left leg and was soft, but was already much larger than my husband’s cock. The way the suit was clinging I could see his balls and a huge shaft and his circumcised head was clearly visible. I’m sure I stared at it too long, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. He took a glass of lemonade from the tray and introduced himself as Lee the oldest son of the neighbors Rick and Sue, who were both at work. Lee was about 17 years old and much taller than my five foot four inches. His body was chiseled, but what kept catching my eye was his crotch. I’m sure that he noticed me looking at it, but I couldn’t help myself. We had some idle chat about the other neighbors and moving, before I excused myself and headed back to my unpacking. He thanked me for the lemonade and dove back into the pool as I left.

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