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Night Thoughts of An Antebellum Cuckold

He woke up from having had a dream. It was still quite dark. Laying there in the early morning quiet, the dream came back to him with great clarity. He had had similar 'dreams', of course. Even in his waking days, the same sort of thoughts, which fueled his dreams at night, rose up, unbidden, from deepest, most secret part of himself.

Even though, outwardly, no one would have guessed, both in his sl**p, and in his daily rounds, the thought that his wife, Nancy, was carrying on an illicit relationship with another man (and with one of their own male slaves!) was the haunting, motivating impetus that left him in a state of restless, unappeasable, and yet undeniable excitement!

He had been certain of Nancy's dalliance for quite some time. The fact that he did absolutely nothing whatsoever to put a stop to her infidelity (which, as her lawful husband, and now the sole master of his deceased father's large plantation, he could have easily done so!), puzzled him.

When he had uncovered Nancy's secret tryst with Samuel, and he could clearly remember this even months later, he had, at least initially, felt strangely numb. Only later did this change into the curious exhilaration that he now felt in contemplating this situation.

Laying in the darkness of that pre-dawn mid-Spring morning, he let the thoughts of his wife and Samuel, sprawled across the same bed that had been theirs when they had first married(!), simmer in his minds eye. He could picture the contrast between their flesh tones; Nancy's almost alabaster whiteness, and Samuel's deep, dark mahogany! He could picture Samuel's large, strong hands roaming freely over Nancy's petite body (free of any encumbering items of clothing). Thinking this, he felt his pulse starting to surge. Then he pictured Samuel's lips, his large, full lips, kissing Nancy's pert breasts; as well as lightly sucking her large, protruding nipples.

"Oh, Samuel!" He could easily imagine Nancy saying to him, and running her small, slender hands over his well-muscled shoulders and back, and on down to his equally strong and muscular buttocks; all as he (Samuel) continued to explore his master's wife's body; the body she, herself, had given to him—eagerly, and without apparent reservation!

He sat up against the head board, the early light just barely brighter than it had been when he first woke up, and with the thoughts and images of Samuel and Nancy burning hotter than ever in his now fully awake mind, he pushed back the sheet, and raising his night shirt above his waist, there was just enough light to see his erection (such as it was!); and he began lightly stroking it, up, then down, up, then down, and as he did so, his lust-fueled frustrations (the actual motivating source of his late-night dreams of his wife and Samuel!) grew more and more intense, and his need to find even temporary relief, also grew more and more urgent!

It had been over eight months since he had slept in the same bed with his wife; let alone have any sort of husbandly access to his wife's charms. Not since he first suspected that Nancy had a lover, had he 'known' her, in the Biblical sense, that is. So, he did the only thing available to him as a needy, and disregarded, husband (and yes! cuckold, for in truth, this was what he was)!

So, in the slowly growing light of dawn, alone in his bed, he continued to stroke and stroke and stroke his manhood, until, and with a tremendous rush of longing for some sort of surcease, he came!

His semen exploded out of him in jet, after jet, after urgent jet; and he felt the warm, sticky fluid falling across his abdomen in random, haphazard ropey streamers and globs, until, at last, there was nothing more left to give up! It was then, and only then, really, that the deeper frustrations that had driven him to that moment, were (at least momentarily!!) relieved!

He leaned back against the headboard now, feeling that after-glow sensation that always followed an ejaculation; and he remained like that for several moments; savoring the only real release he knew (by now) that he'd likely have. Nancy had made it abundantly clear to him that she had no desire for him, in that husbandly way he had once known her in. There had been arguments, of course. But he had already suspected her of infidelity by then, and he'd also surmised that it was with Samuel that she preferred to spend time with on what had once been their marriage bed.

Again, it puzzled him why he allowed her to defy him in this way, and to flaunt his, as she had said in a sudden outburst of vitriol, "pathetic inadequacy", by which he knew she meant his sexual prowess—as both a husband, as well as a man! Her insult had not angered him, strangely enough.

After mocking his sexual inadequacy, he had merely stood there in silence; and as he did, he knew (but was yet unable to admit to himself, let alone to her) that she was right. He really WAS 'pathetic' and 'inadequate', and especially when it came to satisfying Nancy's deepest, physical, and emotional needs in that regard! So, it had been her mockery, and his (eventual) admission that she was right in being unenthusiastic about him (sexually), that had stayed his hand, and forbade the retribution he could have so very easily brought about, for Samuel, and for Nancy!

After he had cleaned up, and was dressing for the day (which would, once again, concern an excursion into Atlanta on a business matter), he found himself feeling much less frustrated than he had been upon waking. The relieving of his libido had been the perfect way in order to set about his busy day.

After eating a sustaining breakfast, he wrote several letters, and then bid Nancy a goodbye. Once again, for the sake of public gaze, she dutifully, but with no warmth, kissed him on the cheek; and then, after his horse had been brought around to the front of the house, he rode away.

The air felt good flowing over him as the horse galloped along. The air was fresh. As he approached the first row of slave quarters, he saw Samuel standing holding several buckets of water. He nodded to Samuel, and as he passed by, he thought he saw him return the nod.

'You're going to end up in my wife's bed today,' he thought. ' know you are." Of course he would! He had purposefully chosen to go to Atlanta, instead of sending a letter, which would have been perfectly fine; and he had made certain that Nancy knew he was going…so that, so that…Samuel and she could take full advantage of his absence!

Riding along, he was nearly certain that both Nancy, as well as Samuel, had to have known that HE 'knew' what they were up to. He accepted that he was a 'pathetic', and 'inadequate' lover for his wife; but, what he was not, was ignorant! A fool? Perhaps! But he was by no means an ignorant fool! If fool he was, then it was by intention, by choice; deliberately, and with full understanding of it's potentially ultimate implications.

The nod Samuel had returned, was, perhaps, his way (Samuel's way) of acknowledging the—delicate nature— (to say the least!) of the 'triangularity' that existed between the three of them. And, so he chose to believe, as Samuel had returned his nod, he, himself, was agreeing with this.

Throughout the rest of his time in Atlanta, and though he got his business issue taken care of, the thought that Nancy and Samuel were enjoying themselves together (and on the same bed he had once shared with her as a husband) lingered over his mind like a faint shadow; the shadow of awareness. In his dreams, and in his waking life, that 'shadow' (call it what you will) was perennial.

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