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Nightshift Compensations

She knew she shouldn’t be doing it as she crept towards their bedroom but with her daughter at school and Tony deep in the arms of Morpheus it was a too good a chance to miss.  Stealthily she moved, careful not to make a sound.  She wasn’t sure what would happen once she reached the edge of the bed.  Katherine knew exactly what she wanted, but she had no idea what his reaction would be to her presence and the thought of being rejected absolutely terrified her, but she was willing to take the chance after all they had joked about it during their quiet moments together but now pausing to collect herself she realised that, unlike the breathing of the ‘boy’ she was about to seduce, her own breath was labouring under the stress of her trepidation.  She was more afraid than she’d ever been, yet she was excited as well.  Compulsively a hand wandered up to a breast, where she found its nipple taut and partially extended, thinking of things to come she caressed it lightly through the lacy fabric of her bra.

She soon felt her body begin to respond, “Oh fuck, why am I doing this,” she heard herself say as she became acutely aware of the dampness forming between her thighs.  On impulse, she reached down inside her knickers, slid her fingers through her curly bush then dipped her finger into the puffy folds of her aroused womanhood before pulling her hand out then wafting it under her nose.

She could just make him out sleeping on his back as he lay in the darkened room, thankfully his head was turned away from the door and there was plenty of room on her side to slip in.  Now stood alongside Katherine denuded herself of her knickers and bra, for a woman in her forties these would have been her last bastion of defence but today her role was that of a seductress, slowly she raised the duvet then very, very gently slid into the bed, knowing that if her movements didn’t wake him, the shaking of her body or touch of her cold feet surely would.  She settled down beside him, like most men he gave a slight grunt of awareness then continued with his sleep, very gently our seductress placed a nervous hand on his bare chest, again she feared some response but none came.

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