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Nina Humbled

Nina knew she had the spanking coming, had engineered it in fact. 38 years old. Hands on her head. Nose touching the wall. Toes right up against the wall as well. Her skirt removed. Her knickers removed. Her smooth bare bottom staring out in to the room. Her 15 minutes on the naughty spot was going slowly, as it always did, and her arms ached, waiting to be told it was time for her punishment proper to start.

In retrospect she knew she had gone too far, but she had so been looking forward to sleeping over with Lucy and her Mum. 38 year old Nina might be 23 year old Lucy’s boss at work but at home they both received their respective Mum’s discipline when needed, including being put across their laps and spanked until they cried, but then would go to their bedrooms when alone and bring themselves to multiple orgasms. Nina had been subject to her Mum’s discipline the whole of her life, but for Lucy it had only been a few weeks since she had agreed to accept her Mum’s discipline but had been spanked time and again since then. Lucy and Nina were also more than just boss and assistant at the office now as since that first spanking they had received together, both across the laps of their respective Mums, they had also been lovers, their age difference of no consequence.

Lucy had suggested it, that Nina should find out which Mum she thought spanked harder. Lucy had already been spanked by both Mum’s and decided Nina’s Mum spanked the harder, but after all these weeks Lucy said her Mum’s spankings had become much more severe and it was a close run thing.

Nina had overstepped the mark though. She wanted to make sure it was a proper spanking but even Nina should have realised Lucy’s Mum Sandra was getting annoyed, more and more annoyed the more Nina answered her back so rudely. Lucy tried to calm Nina down but the 38 year old just wanted to make sure she got the spanking. Well she was going to be spanked now, and good and proper.

Nina knew as soon as she was ordered to face the wall. “Move or speak and you will get 24 with the long handled wooden bath brush before we start young lady” was the threat. Nina was well aware that neither her Mum nor Lucy’s Mum ever issued an empty threat so the fact it was made meant it would most certainly be given. 24 spanks with a bath brush was not what Nina had in mind. She obeyed every letter of Sandra’s instruction just to make sure particularly as Sandra had waved the very brush she would use in her face, and it looked solid and wicked. Nina was surprised how forceful Sandra had become, but she didn’t want to test her any more than she had already. Sandra is 48 years old but the age difference didn’t matter. A spanking was a spanking whilst it was happening. Whether you were spanked by someone older or younger than herself, and Nina had been spanked by women both much older and much younger than herself, she knew only too well when your bottom stung and the tears flowed you weren’t thinking age, just how much it hurts.

Nina was concentrating on standing very still when she heard voices. Several male voices and a woman’s. Next moment she heard one of the male voices say “no way” and Lucy said “don’t, its not funny Carl.” Nina knew Carl is Lucy’s brother.

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