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Not Just the Photographer (Part 1 The Invitation)

PART 1 – The Invitation

I’m going back quite a few years with this true story but it is still vivid in my memory for reasons you will perhaps understand.

Mark, Jayne and I (John) were having our usual Friday night drink. I’ve known Mark since our school days. Jayne had been his girlfriend for about a year. At one time she’d come to a photography club session I was involved with and posed for teasingly topless erotic shots – sexy but nothing porno. She has a fantastic figure – a figure to drool over, as most of us did that day. She had long shocking-red hair and always had a naughty glint in her eye.

Towards the end of the evening in the bar Jayne disappeared to the Ladies. Mark said he’d something to show me and reached into his pocket to pull out a couple of photographs. Now I should make it clear that in the pre-digital 70s people were still using film for taking photographs but Polaroid cameras were becoming quite popular. These developed instantly so you could take candid shots, shots that you couldn’t take to the local camera shop to be developed. The quality wasn’t brilliant but you had freedom over the subject matter.

“Take a look at these, John”.

One of the two Polaroid pictures showed Jayne naked and displaying all her wares – leaving nothing to the imagination, the second was of her lips around a large cock – Mark’s I presume.

“What do you think?”

“Very very naughty, even though the photos are naff”

“That’s the problem, John. Jayne and I have talked about this and we know you’re good with your camera, so we were wondering whether you would take some proper shots of us. Shots of us fucking.”

“I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t be there when you two were having sex”

“What? Is this the same person I went to Spain with a couple of years back when we shacked up with those two girls Maria and Ginge whom we fucked morning, noon and night, often in the same room at the same time, sometimes in the same bed, sometimes we changed over, a couple of times we had a threesome with Ginge when Maria fell asleep. Were you with me John or was I dreaming? What about when we went to Greece and ..”

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