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On That Day

Introduction: My first story so tell me what you guys think! On that day… I did something I both equally regret and welcome with both arms. It was a bright and sunny Saturday. The weather was comfortably warm and there was a cool breeze that just seemed to whisper the words Summer Break in my ears. I was lying down on a grassy green hill with a large tree at the very top just looking at the clouds floating by. I counted them and just observed their carefree nature, without a care in the world, aimlessly travelling. As a 17 year old boy, I took pleasure in this. I reveled in it. While most others would go blogging or play video games, Id prefer the idea of just simply doing nothing.
You know what would make this moment better? If I had someone that I cared about to sit beside me.
But sadly, the world is cruel and uncaring. My life has been a very detached one.
I counted each cloud and I told myself that with every 100th cloud I counted, one of my wishes would come true. While I was counting my 99th cloud, my father honked his horn signaling me that I had to get off my ass, go home and do something productive with my life. I was slightly angry that I couldnt count one last cloud before going.
While in the car, he says cheerfully, Son, I have some news to discuss with you when we get home! Oh simply wonderful news!
Oh boy, I replied sarcastically.
After arriving, I walked over to our white leathery couch in our living room and proceeded to wait for the good news.
Henry, Im getting remarried! He ecstatically screamed.
My father, Alex Robinson, is a middle-aged man, in his twenties and had the fire of youth burning in him until after my mothers death. He has been with 3 women. The first was my mother&hellip, My REAL mother. She was beautiful. At least from the pictures she was. I never got to see her in person. She passed away after giving birth to me and it left my father in a sorry-ass state. Due to my father drinking excessively and losing his first job, he has been on a streak of unreliable jobs, we are forced to travel around a lot in order for him to find an actual job. Thats why after the first time, Ive decided to make it my goal not to get too attached with anyone around me. In the end, it only results in suffering and pain. Tears and sad faces. I hate them. The next woman was a friend of my fathers. She comforted him after my mothers death and soon enough, they got together. But then a conclusion was called for when he was found cheating with another woman and then he came to go out with that woman shortly afterward. She was, what you would call a&hellip, Mistress of the Night and that relationship didnt last long either. He has a small inheritance from his grandmother but soon after it runs out, well be completely broke. Now, here we are, in Manchester.
Shes wonderful, I think youll get to like her! Also, youre going to be having a sister soon! Isnt that exciting?
Oh joy&hellip, I said, rolling my eyes.
I pulled out my phone and began looking through my e-mails out of sheer boredom and low expectation. I already had ideas sprouting in my head full of malice. His job wont go well and well have to move. The marriage wont work out and well move to get away from it. I kept thinking of various scenarios, but it seemed like all of them ended in escaping from this place and moving away.
You can come down now sweetie! My father beckoned.
As I slowly looked up, I saw a pleasant and young woman with a gentle look on her face that made me cry a single tear. She was the spitting image of my mother from what I had seen from albums and scrapbooks. I quickly removed the tear from the equation and began a little fa&ccedil,ade of a not-caring attitude. In reality, I wanted this woman to be the living embodiment of my mother. My father described her as the best woman ever and I wished I could be with her and celebrate things like her birthday or Mothers Day. Seeing other kids at school not appreciating their mothers made me bitter and angry. I slowly put away my phone when I saw in the corner of my eye that she had held her hand out for a handshake.
I reluctantly reached out, almost hesitating to complete the gesture. I nearly pulled back my arm, but I went all-in and took her hand and shook it.
My name is Mari. Mari Wright. I also have a daughter. Her names Ray. Shes going to be your younger sister from now on so please take good care of her. I hope we can get along.
Likewise. My name is Henry Robinson.
Alright, I guess Alex can help me drive to the storage unit so we can move our stuff so you can go introduce yourself to Ray and have fun with her while we go out for a bit. Play nice! She chuckled.
Have a safe drive. Tell me when you guys get home so I can help unpack, I said as they left the house.
I closed the door behind them and waved goodbye with a smile on my face. I loved being home alone. It was the greatest thing ever. Usually, I always play this well-mannered fa&ccedil,ade with a fake smile on my face, but when Im alone, only one thing matters. Freedom. I am free to do as I please and I vent all those pent-up emotions within me.
Sometimes I cut. Those times, the pain just catches up to me and I want to replace that mental and emotional pain with physical pain.
Sometimes I play video games. I try to find out what drives people to play them and try to waste time in my miserable life.
Sometimes I masturbate. After all, Im a healthy young boy and a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do.
But today, today was different. I had a step-sister now.
Great. Well, I better not get too attached to her. Ill have to move by the end of the month anyway.
I went upstairs to hear groaning and banging. I was instantly curious. I went up and listened hard to find the source of the sounds coming from my room. I opened the door ajar and peered in. My eyes went wide-eyed instantly.
As my eyes traced the sunlights rays went through the window onto her fair skin, I saw the most beautiful creature ever. Her pale complexion, long flowing black hair, pristine eyes, and petite body all captivated me and overflowed me with feelings of desire and lust, but also of compassion and love at the same time.
Then I was brought down to reality again and I paid more attention to find she was struggling with opening her suitcase.
I backed away and pretended that I wasnt creepily staring at her for the past 5 minutes. I knocked and opened the door.
Ray turned around with a start. The poor girl was startled out of her mind.
Hi! Oh my god, Im sorry for scaring you! I said with a giggle.
Hey&hellip, Oh, where are my manners? Ray replied, as she stood up.
Im Ray. Nice to meet you, she said.
With her hand stretched out for a handshake, I shook it reluctantly.
What if she turns out to be a complete bitch? What if I get too attached to her and leave her because of my father?
All these what ifs questions were plaguing my mind and I almost forgot to introduce myself. I let go of her hand and returned to my senses.
My name is Henry Robinson. Im assuming that we are sharing a room right?
Our current residence at the moment was a modern art studio apartment space. It was sizeable for the price and there was 3 rooms in total. One for my bedroom, the other for my fathers bedroom, and a living room (approximately a bit more than the size of both bedrooms together) with enough space for a small kitchen area, a small table, a bathroom and a work desk. At the moment, one of the futons legs broke at the living room so we are left with the kitchen chairs and Id imagine that would be pretty difficult to sleep on. Then the thought hit me.
Wait, are we going to be sleeping on the same bed together?
Yeah, but dont worry, I can sleep on the floor. I brought something with me to help. I just cant get it out of my bloody suitcase! Ray said as she strained herself to open it again.
I walked over to it and tried to give her a hand with it. The suitcase was crammed to every last inch and the locks were stuck on whatever was inside. With brute force, I used my arms to try and pry the suitcase open since the locks were completely out of the question at this point. It opened, but not before catching me off guard. I underestimated the strength need to open it and the suitcase popped open. I dropped the suitcase on accident and it landed on my feet resulting in immediate pain.
I fell over and brought Ray down with me. I landed on top of her with both my hands on top of her breasts. She yelped with pain. Both of our faces turned a crimson red and I was on her, frozen. Her face turned to the side.
Ummm&hellip, Could you please&hellip, Get off now? She said, trying to avoid eye contact.
Oh crap! I-Im sorry! I yelled.
I immediately got off her and stood up and ran off into the bathroom. I slammed the door behind me and sat in fetal position thinking of what just happened.
I am horrible. Im a terrible person. Wow. But&hellip, Damn&hellip, Her&hellip, tits. They were really&hellip, soft. Wait, NO. I shouldnt be thinking about this. I should properly apologize again.
After a few minutes of contemplating, I heard footsteps and she knocked on the door and started talking.
T-t-thanks for helping m-m-me. I got what I needed from my suitcase&hellip,
I slowly opened the door and went over to her.
I closed my eyes and bowed down and said, I am terribly sorry for that! You can slap me if you want!
W-w-what? No! Why would I want to do that? You seem like a nice guy. I just was&hellip, a little embarrassed. It wasnt your fault!
I was relieved that my apology got through. Attempting to change the subject to reduce the tension and slight awkwardness, I said, So what was in your suitcase that you needed?
Let me show you!
We returned to my room and I saw a bed on the floor.
Isnt it great?
Wow haha I responded, wondering what was so great about an aero-bed.
It was just a mattress filled with air.
Whatever. Ill go along with it for her sake.
I dont have many things, since I lost all of them when our house caught on fire&hellip, But before that, I still didnt really have possessions either since I didnt really want things.
That statement really reminded me of my life and the lack of possessions I had. How I had to migrate every so often&hellip, Her lack of wanting materialistic things reflected my lack of attachment with other people and those same material things.
Ive never really got to sleep on one except for at sleep-overs. It just brings back memories of hanging out with friends and laughing and having a great time. Sorry, I must be crazy arent I?
Now I felt stupid for thinking she was weird.
No I understand, it holds sentimental value. I can see why you hold it so dearly, I reassured her.
I began to take my pillow and sheets and placed it onto her bed.
What are you doing?
Im making your bed more comfortable. Id offer for you to sleep on my bed instead, but you seem to prefer the aero-bed more.
Then I heard the door opening and I began to make my way outside the house. I started picking up boxes and moving them in the house and into my fathers room or living room depending on what was written on the boxes.
It was about to be 5 o clock soon and I wanted to enjoy what was left of the daylight before dinner so I began to head out for my usual hill once again. I didnt bother telling my father nor ask him for a ride there because hed probably be too busy with Mari. As I began putting on my shoes, I saw Ray behind me doing the same.
What are you doing? I questioned her.
What does it look like? Im going to tag along with you if you dont mind&hellip,
Oh, I said.
So we began walking and we talked for a long while. We talked about her life, my life, and everything in between. With every step, with every word, I felt that much closer to her, and I fell that much more in love with her. All her perfections, her imperfections, everything about them drove me crazy.
We made it to the hill and I began my usual routine of finding a different spot to lie on. I always like trying to sit down somewhere different every time hoping that I could find a new perspective on things. The sun was slowly sleeping on the horizon and night was beginning to be born anew. I saw a single cloud in the sky and in my mind, I counted it and deeply wished upon it.
The more I stare at the sky, the more all my troubles just seem to&hellip, float away. Like the clouds, I told Ray.
I know&hellip, its just&hellip, amazing, Ray added.
Like you, I said.
W-w-w-w-what!? Ray said panicking.
I decided to do it. Go all-in. No balls. No worry about the future nor the consequences. Live in the moment.
Ray. You are the most amazing person Ive seen in my life. Your beauty just simply captivates me. Your cute and shy personality makes me want to just hold you, cuddle with you, and protect you. Then other times, you can be so open about certain things and I find that assertiveness sexy. Ray, I know we are related but&hellip, I love you. Ive loved you from my very first glimpse of you. There I said it!
I was completely blushing at this point. I turned on my side in hopes that I dont get to see Ray with a face of disgust or anything like that. I closed my eyes and waited to hear her inevitable reaction of something along the lines of creep or gross or nasty, but instead, I heard nothing. Dead silence, which made me slightly more worried at the same time.
Then I heard the rustling of grass and it sounded like she stood up.
Yup. I knew it. Shes just going to peacefully walk away and return home. Any sane person would do that. Im a creep. Why. Why did I expect anything more than this? I guess Ill just sit here tonight and count the stars and cry all this sadness away.
Then the rustling was getting closer.
Oh wonderful. Shes going to probably slap me in the face.
Then the rustling was really close. Like in my face close.
I dont even know if I should even dare to open my eyes. From the great words of Shakespeare, Fuck it.
I slowly and timidly opened my eyes and saw Rays face right in front of mine with her eyes closed. She pursed her lips and was right in front of my face for a kiss. She was close&hellip, like, millimeters close. I decided to give her some help and I positioned my head a bit closer to her and pretended that I wasnt aware of what was going on. She was so cute in this act of being courageous that I decided to let her take control.
I cant believe this is happening&hellip, I dont know if I should be happy or ashamed of myself. Like, Im ELATED, but shes&hellip, my stepsister. Forget it. I need to stop thinking from now on.
The shy girl was surprisingly bold with her mouth and tongue. Her tongue was doing some fine work in my mouth and I was getting more and more turned on. Time to bust a move. Her mouth parted mine as some saliva left our mouths.
I opened my eyes to see her eyes completely shut off and her face in a deep red. She was covering her face with her hands.
Hey Ray, I need to tell you something secret. I wont tell it to you unless I whisper it so come closer, I said, trying to coax Ray to removing her hands off her face.
She slowly did so and moved her head closer to mine, curious to hear what I was going to say. Instead, I immediately went in for round two of kissing. And this time, she was super surprised. Our lips locked passionately and we kissed for a good few seconds before pulling away for air. This time she was super red and she rolled a foot away with her back facing me.
That was mean of you! She said.
I could only imagine she was playfully pouting in the cutest way right now, and that thought alone was already enough. I slithered on over to her and whispered in her ear.
You are so cute, you know that? Like terrifyingly so, I said, with a little snicker.
I raised my hand and put it on her shoulder. I slowly moved it down and grabbed her hand. The fact that she responded to this by grabbing onto my hand meant she was giving the all-clear sign without having to utter a single word. I went down and started removing her slip-on shoes and then began to unzip her skirt, kissing her back as I did so. I heard soft moaning from her and it only motivated me more. I pulled off her t-shirt and she turned around to face me.
I was awe-struck. Her pale complexion, her perfectly sized breasts, her slender body, her modest waist&hellip, All of it. I wanted all of it to be mine. She removed her socks as I undid her bra. She removed my shirt as I unbuckled my pants. I began to slowly peck at her starting from her neck and slowly moving downward, with my hands following suit. I particularly spent some time on her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were beginning to get erect, much like how I was. I cupped both of them with my hands and began licking them one after the other and making tiny nibbles to which Ray replied with a louder moan.
I started tracing the middle of her body with my tongue, leaving a tiny trail of saliva and wetness. I turned her facing upward and I got over here. I went down and made it to her coveted&hellip, area. She crossed her legs in embarrassment, but I was persistent. I pulled apart her legs and dove in. I licked her clitoris and used my hand to begin fingering her vagina, feeling her sucking my fingers in with every insertion.
Please, take me. I want you inside me. I want you so badly right now. PLEASE! Ray said, begging me.
Who am I to deny her this?
I put her legs on my shoulders and put my hands on her petite waist. I took one last look at Ray. Her eyes were glimmering and the sun almost completely gone as if it took a hint as to what the mood was established as. The stars were reflecting off her eyes and I was star-struck. Those beautiful eyes. They spoke volumes but at the moment, it was clear that it only meant one thing and I was going to give it to her right now.
I slowly began to insert myself into her. The sensation was unlike ANYTHING Ive ever felt before. This blew masturbation clear out of the water. I moved slowly and Ray began to yelp sounds of pain.
Keep going. Please. I want it so bad&hellip, Ray said.
I was practically high off the pleasure this was giving off to me. After a few moments, I was fully inside of her. We were both one with each other. I slowly began to move back and forth inside of her and blood was leaking out. Ray made steady moans periodically which only seemed to get me harder and harder with each passing breath of hers. I couldnt take it anymore. I grabbed Ray by her sides and flipped her over. She was on her fours with her glorious ass pointing to me. I kissed her back and took a deep smell of her flowing hair that smelt like lavender and vanilla. I succumbed to all these emotions rushing in my head and my heart was pounding. I inserted myself into her and this time, I knew she could handle it, so I decide to kick things up a notch. I grabbed onto both of her hands and pulled her whole entire body back to me. With every thrust forward, I pulled her backward. It drove me crazy. She was screaming in ecstasy.
Oh my god yes. Oh yes, please yes! Ray yelled.
Oh Ray, you naughty little girl. Your little pussy is so fucking tight, it just keeps pulling me in for more! I said.
Yes, Im a bad girl. You need to punish me! Take me with that hard dick of yours!
I increased both the speed and strength of each thrust and I felt that much closer to climaxing. Ray pulled away from my hands and turned around to face me. I was slightly confused.
Sh&hellip, Let me, she said seductively.
She pushed me over and I fell onto the grassy floor with a thud. She put her soft hands on my chest and positioned herself. She was hovering over my dick and I had clear view of her whole body. She began to slowly lower herself onto me.
As she did, she was uttering sweet moans, Mhhm&hellip, Yes&hellip, Mhhm&hellip,
I reached for her breasts that were proportioned perfectly for my neglected hands. They were so soft yet her nipples were so hard. I rotated my fingers around them to which Ray replied with a stern moan. After feeling confident in this position, she bounced up and down on me and it felt so god damn amazing. The sight of seeing a beautiful girl naked, on top of me&hellip, This MUST be some sort of dream. I took my hands off her voluptuous breasts and instead went for her tiny and sexy waist. Every time she went up, I pulled her down hard on me and it brought immediate pleasure to both of us. We went at it for a bit until she decided to get off of me.
She positioned herself with her face over my dick and her ass on top of me. She began sucking and stroking me and this sexual act also felt riveting and incredible. Her mouth was small yet she took all of me in her. The warmth of her mouth, her tongue moving back and forth, her saliva lubricating in the middle of all this, everything about this contributed to me getting closer and closer to finishing. With her gorgeous ass hanging over me, I grabbed her by it and began to viciously eat her pussy and finger her ass out. I gave the poor girl no mercy since she was doing the same to me. We were both enveloped in ecstasy.
She began speeding up.
Im cumming! Oh my god Im cumming! Ray yelled out.
Me too! Oh baby yes! I screamed out.
We both began to go as fast as we could on each other. We both groaned out in pleasure as we both came at the same time. All I could see was blindness and my mind went completely blank and all I could think about is just the absolute desire coursing through my body. She fell on top of me but we both mustered the rest of our little strength from that intense section. We crawled over to the tree a few feet ahead of us and I propped myself on it. She faced me and we gave a long hard hug with our bare bodies. She sat on my lap and we kissed and kissed until we grew tired of it. We lied down on the grass one last time and stared at the midnight sky with its stars and all its brilliance.
On that day, my wish came true.

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