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One Day only

Sliding my hands down my body, I feel the beginnings of a slight tremble. Do I have time? A quick glance at my watch confirms that I do, but should I? Why not. Feeling the slow pathway my fingers take to strip my body of all clothing, throwing them on a chair behind me, I laugh for the freedom. Everything but the polished black stilettos, they can stay.

Standing there in front of the full length mirror, twisting and turning, studying my figure. ‘Not bad.’ I’m not bad at all, for a mother of two. Bringing my hands up to cup my breasts, enjoying how they over fill my hands. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones. When the breasts kept their firmness after all the breastfeeding. Rolling my fingers around the soft pink nipples, there is no hiding my fair complexion. But I truly love my breasts. I feel so sexy when I tug and play with them.

Sensually, I sway my body in slow movements to the romantic song playing on the sound system. Ah, the music, the champagne on ice and the little extras that I had ordered. This hotel seems to cater well for one’s needs.

Slipping my hand further down, feeling the softness of my abdomen skin. Creamy white, soft and delicate to touch. The ache within me to fill myself becomes more demanding. Anticipation ripples through my body, oh how I love this feeling. The tempo of the music changes and so does my body.

No longer swaying, but moving in more fluid motions as if I am wrapping myself around you, sliding up and down your body with my naked one. I slowly smooth my hands down the silky skin of my thighs to my bending knees, only to fondle my way back up to my ass, as my legs straighten in a faster movement. Flawless: a sexy move, one I perfected a long time ago, and a great way to showing off one’s butt, even if only for the mirror.

Curling my hand around my rear cheeks, I squeeze hard before gently rubbing. Hmm, it’s a shapely ass. Not perfect by any means, but the cheeks are full and firm. Being so means they feel pressure easy. I do hope you are gentle with me. I wonder what it will feel like to be spanked. I try and hear the loud slap, my body rippling under the sting. Ow… Not so sure about that one, I surmise while I watch the red hand print gradually disappear.

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