Our Adventure, So It Begins

Everyone sees me as this ‘good girl’ type, but no one knows what I’m truly like. I come to this park every day and read my book. It’s Stephen King’s classic, Misery, I’ve read it a few times, though no one knows this. However today, I’m having a hard time focusing on my reading. I’ve been people watching most of the afternoon.

It’s your typical afternoon here: nannies are here with their kids, a few guys playing catch football and, of course, the joggers, walkers, and runners are in full swing. Even though I’m here watching others, I have this odd sense someone else is watching me.

I’ve had this feeling for about two weeks now. I am here every day at the same time and it’s weird to suddenly get this feeling now. I don’t feel like it’s a bad thing, just an odd thing. Does that even make sense? I check around and it doesn’t look like anyone is watching me. Maybe they are better at people watching than me.

I close my book and head home knowing I’ve overstayed my time at the park. I have lots to do, and still, want to play before I get going with the everyday stuff. When I arrive home, I toss my book and bag on the sofa before going to my computer. I fire it up and quickly find a dirty site. I want to come hard, it’s been ages since I’ve been with a man.

Scrolling through the choices, I decide on this couple fucking in their backyard. It has a peeping tom watching from over the fence, masturbating to what he sees. It almost reminds me of the park, so it turns me on. I unbutton my jeans and slide my hand down into my pink panties. My pussy is already getting wet.

I slowly bite my lip as I begin to work my clit, grinding lightly in my chair. I imagine this scene happening to me, being watched by others. I watch as the man fucks her from behind. She’s bent over the lounge chair, her arse up and he’s taking her deep. The guy behind the fence is jerking so fast as if he’s matching the beat to the man fucking the girl. God, this is so hot.

My moans grow, biting my lip a little harder, I know I’ll come soon. I turn up my sound a little, listening to the moans of all three of the actors on my computer screen, and fuck myself faster. I begin to come hard, wishing more than ever it was me. I feel my whole body convulse, loving the way my body rocks with pleasure.

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